Choose an item from Boden that will see you through the Festive season- £300 voucher to be won

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GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Oct-21 12:56:23

Created for Boden

It’s no secret that Mumsnetters love Boden, and with Christmas on the horizon, you’ve been snapping up the latest styles in time for the festive season. So, Boden is asking Mumsnet users to share their favourite festive items and why they’d recommend them.

- Share your item from Boden in the thread below to be entered into a prize draw.
- One lucky MNer will win a £300 Boden voucher.

Here’s what Boden has to say:
“Special occasion in the diary? Turn to our women's partywear, from elegant going-out dresses to drapey skirts in refined fabrics. Embellishments (think bold embroidery) put a luxurious spin on these party outfits. Complete eveningwear looks with statement heels and bold clutches. We would love to hear what your favourite pieces from our partywear range are, for a chance to win a gift card with us.”

And here are a couple of Mumsnetter favourites to look out for:

Abigail Velvet Dress

Rosebury Velvet Belted Blazer

Mila Flats - Dalmatian

Thanks and good luck!


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GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Nov-21 10:37:55

Thanks everyone for all of these amazing recommendations and congratulations to @saltedcaramelhotchoc who is the winner of the prize draw! smile

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voyager50 Wed 24-Nov-21 13:41:31

I just love this long puffa jacket - so warm and smrt and will really keep me snug in the col weather.

leafygarden42 Wed 24-Nov-21 07:53:42


CatflapFlapjack Tue 23-Nov-21 21:19:19

I love this jumper because it’s the sort of thing that would be comfy to wear in the house at Christmas but looks dressed up too

RandomCatGenerator Tue 23-Nov-21 18:00:25

These are so INCREDIBLy fabulous.

burwellmum Tue 23-Nov-21 16:37:48
simple and warm


MissMay89 Tue 23-Nov-21 00:20:10

This is my favourite from the partywear range! It's beautiful and unusual, there's not too much bling but enough to make it special and it'd go with alot of different outfits.

mrshoho Mon 22-Nov-21 22:12:12

I like these little boots.

LarkspurLane Mon 22-Nov-21 13:57:22

Christmas pyjama bottoms. The most enjoyable times are cosy evenings at home!

DidYouFindYourCrumpetHoles Sun 14-Nov-21 10:59:13

This gorgeous bag, perfect for Christmas parties!

MadamElderfield Thu 11-Nov-21 15:11:57

Wow I wish I looked like the model in this! Such a beautiful cut.

feejee Wed 10-Nov-21 22:00:35

This dress would be lovely for work and an evening out:

catmum789 Wed 10-Nov-21 20:11:28

I am in love with this, would look amazing with a pinafore dress, black tights and bootsgrin

TiredThursday Wed 10-Nov-21 19:04:04

Love the colours of this fair isle knit...

CleansUpPenguinPoo Wed 10-Nov-21 12:17:27

This will see me through the hols and beyond, will take a chunky necklace, velvet jacket or even a sparkly scarf very nicely, lots of different looks while staying comfy and relaxed

GloriaSicTransitMundi Wed 10-Nov-21 12:10:28

I love this, can be teamed with different tops for a completely different look, easy packing for going away over xmas and new year.

MargosKaftan Wed 10-Nov-21 09:59:05

Side button knitted dress looks fabulous in cream. Thinking with chunky black boots or heeled brown knee highs for nicer look. I know not a party dress though. But cost per wear more worth it.

MargosKaftan Wed 10-Nov-21 09:51:47

Oooh, the new in dresses- that's more like boden. There seems to be several i could wear.

tulips27 Wed 10-Nov-21 00:12:14


Because honestly I don't wear high heels anymore, I'd wear these with skirts and dresses all through winter grin

CasparsWineBar Tue 09-Nov-21 22:45:04

This pink wool coat - a fabulous colour and would brighten up my mostly black and grey wardrobe!

Q123R Tue 09-Nov-21 22:27:30

These shoes are fantastic! Will go with both my party dress and jeans.

JackieWeaversZoomAc Tue 09-Nov-21 20:37:46

A cashmere fairisle jumper - what's not to love?

saladfingers Tue 09-Nov-21 19:27:49

Love This dress

Daisymaybe60 Tue 09-Nov-21 15:51:07

It would just be the festive earrings for me. I've more than enough Christmas dresses/jumpers/tops gathered over the years, but these would set the lot off nicely. Shame my favourites are out of stock already!

shewhomustbeEbayed Tue 09-Nov-21 10:56:11

Anna cashmere fairisle jumper, what’s not to love ? Cashmere and the current trend of fairisle and in such a vibrant colour.

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