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GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 28-Oct-21 12:56:23

Created for Boden

It’s no secret that Mumsnetters love Boden, and with Christmas on the horizon, you’ve been snapping up the latest styles in time for the festive season. So, Boden is asking Mumsnet users to share their favourite festive items and why they’d recommend them.

- Share your item from Boden in the thread below to be entered into a prize draw.
- One lucky MNer will win a £300 Boden voucher.

Here’s what Boden has to say:
“Special occasion in the diary? Turn to our women's partywear, from elegant going-out dresses to drapey skirts in refined fabrics. Embellishments (think bold embroidery) put a luxurious spin on these party outfits. Complete eveningwear looks with statement heels and bold clutches. We would love to hear what your favourite pieces from our partywear range are, for a chance to win a gift card with us.”

And here are a couple of Mumsnetter favourites to look out for:

Abigail Velvet Dress

Rosebury Velvet Belted Blazer

Mila Flats - Dalmatian

Thanks and good luck!


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DirtyDancing Thu 28-Oct-21 22:08:55

It has to be the beautiful Vanessa Bow Shoes for me

After a long period in my slippers working from home, these eye catching, gorgeous party shoes are perfect for the festive season without compromising on comfort.

lisaandalan Thu 28-Oct-21 22:09:18
Would love this. X

BoobsOnTheMoon Thu 28-Oct-21 22:12:03

This cashmere jumper, it's the jumper of my actual dreams 😍

HulaHoopingallovertheWorld Thu 28-Oct-21 22:12:53

I love this but not in my size. Please restock Boden 🙏

kitemightflightalright Thu 28-Oct-21 22:13:32

Absolutely love these!

LorenzoVonMatterhorn Thu 28-Oct-21 22:18:25

I love everything about this outfit and think it would suit so many occasions!


Cismyfatarse Thu 28-Oct-21 22:27:06

This is gorgeous. We are planning on going out straight from work so this will work for a posh day of teaching and then take me into the night.

After the classroom for the last 18 months (or my dining room) I desperately need a night out.

Looking the part will help me remember the going out thing again.

toffeeshock Thu 28-Oct-21 22:34:08

I love this because it’s fun and my festive season will be spent at home with the children!

SparklingLime Thu 28-Oct-21 22:39:06


I love this and very versatile.
@SparklingLime I don’t think you’ll win grinwink

True, but that’s invaluable feedback for Boden wink

Riverlee Thu 28-Oct-21 22:42:58


I’m looking forward to putting on this cardigan for a post Christmas dinner walk. It looks so cosy and warm.

Dashie Thu 28-Oct-21 23:01:07

The Amelia maxi dress is stunning, so elegant. It’s the gorgeous deep green colour that caught my eye.
I can see myself wearing it dressed up for Christmas Day, with boots for a lunch date with friends, or evening on New Year’s Eve.
I love it!

CeeceeBloomingdale Thu 28-Oct-21 23:04:47

This coat. Love the shape, the fact it has a hood and most of all it's green! 💚

CeeceeBloomingdale Thu 28-Oct-21 23:06:55

(I'm oop north, it rains a lot, need to cover the partywear)

Thirder Thu 28-Oct-21 23:09:52

This Elizabeth coat. A velvet coat which works as a dress coat but looks brilliant with jeans too with its navy base colour. I love the luxurious feel and warmth.

Cotswoldmama Thu 28-Oct-21 23:11:31

Love these boots they could be dressed up or down and would definitely see you though the Xmas season

dandm12 Thu 28-Oct-21 23:11:43

I love these boots. So festive and perfect fir a Christmas gathering!

JaneG23 Thu 28-Oct-21 23:19:11

So many options to dress up or down. I'd wear this with jeans or even over the top of an evening dress

waddlingthroughdorset Thu 28-Oct-21 23:24:03

😍 adore the shape of this dress, AND breastfeeding friendly!

rorylouis Thu 28-Oct-21 23:26:43

I dream of cashmere jumpers in the winter and this is just to die for ❤️

detachablehoof Thu 28-Oct-21 23:46:22

Given the amount of anti-Boden threads there have been recently, the OP did make me snigger

DillieDoily Thu 28-Oct-21 23:49:27

Love this dress- the green is festive enough to be Christmassy but would also be great year round

CinemaPantomime Thu 28-Oct-21 23:54:38

Pyjamas for me - sooner I can put them on and lay on the sofa with Quality Street the bettergrin

Chisontoast Fri 29-Oct-21 00:05:27

I’d absolutely love these - they’d remind me of sunshine on those cloudy winter mornings

68degreesnorth Fri 29-Oct-21 00:10:32

Love this in Wild Meadow, looks so soft and cozy - the perfect Christmas outfit 🎄

BeaLola Fri 29-Oct-21 00:15:33

Perfection to see me through:

Cashmere - what's not to love ?
Stunning colour (&Christmasy) smile
Wear to work for festive drinks, on over a silk top for going out ,pants trip, Christmas lights, visiting relatives, basically everything including over pjs on Christmas Day with a champagne cocktail wink

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