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Share your nutrition and health tips with Premier Global NASM - Nutrition Coach course plus £300 voucher to be won

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 19-Mar-20 11:52:02

Balancing staying healthy with the demands of busy work and family life can be tough. With that in mind, Premier Global NASM - who offer training courses, supported by their unique 'live learning through digital technology' methodology, in fitness, personal training and nutrition - would like to hear your tips for nutrition and staying healthy.

Here’s what Premier Global NASM has to say: “Our Certified Nutrition Coach programme was created in response to the need for scientifically proven and validated nutrition information. Our aim is to empower as many people as possible with the right nutritional information suited to them – as opposed to following the latest celebrity diet trend.

Combining this need with a holistic approach that takes into consideration clients’ various fitness levels, backgrounds, religions, and other circumstances, ensures our Nutrition Certification, unlike others in the market, isn’t just a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

We spent years developing the most comprehensive Nutrition Certification available today, working with over 20 experts in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, physiology, psychology, behaviour sciences, and more to create and validate every aspect of the course.”

Do you make sure you have healthy snacks like fruit or nuts on your desk at work to prevent the call of the shared biscuits? What are your go-to ‘emergency snacks’ for when hunger or hanger strikes away from meal time? If you’ve experienced pregnancy cravings, how have you managed these while ensuring you get the nutrients you need?

Whatever your tips for nutrition and staying healthy below will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list) as well as the Premier Global NASM Certified Nutrition Coach programme (worth £749).

Thanks and good luck!


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MrsFrTedCrilly Thu 19-Mar-20 18:20:39

Well I’d thoroughly recommend ignoring most instagram feeds and only taking nutrition advice from accredited nutrition professionals who actually are registered and regulated by HCPC

FlyFishingg Thu 19-Mar-20 18:59:26

We are mainlining smoothies at the moment!

voyager50 Sat 21-Mar-20 13:23:12

I always take lots of fruit in to work but I also have chocolate and other unhealthy snacks too.

Montydoo Mon 23-Mar-20 09:07:03

Do you make sure you have healthy snacks like fruit or nuts on your desk at work to prevent the call of the shared biscuits?

Dried apricots work for me, along with dried banana pieces.

What are your go-to ‘emergency snacks’ for when hunger or hanger strikes away from meal time?

I make a healthy flapjack at home with oats, dried apricot, honey - cut this in to slices, and as I use waxed paper I can take a new piece every day, I will eat this around 11 and this will suppress any more cravings til 1.

If you’ve experienced pregnancy cravings, how have you managed these while ensuring you get the nutrients you need?

Banana and fruit smoothies with oats - does the trick, If I feel I need a sugar hit - I'll put in a teaspoon of Manuka honey.

blackleggingsandatshirt Mon 23-Mar-20 12:41:20

I am a massive organic and 'gut health' fan, so kefir, pro-biotic drinks, smoothies. If I need an emergency snack it's sourdough toast with peanut butter. For a vitamin boost -orange, carrot and celery smoothie.

BristolMum96 Mon 23-Mar-20 12:44:04

Bags of plain mixed nuts are my usual snack. Not particularly exciting but no sugar and salt and fill you up. I like fresh fruit but avoid dried as can be terrible for teeth.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Mon 23-Mar-20 20:15:39

Being prepared. I've always got something reasonably healthy in my bag to snack on, should the need arise, to avoid falling into the trap of being hungry with only junk food available. There's almost always a small Tupperware box of nuts or seeds and a banana in a banana guard somewhere in my bag.

Asuwere Mon 23-Mar-20 20:21:17

I find avoiding snacks completely is the best tactic. Eating healthy, balanced and filling meals gives me enough to last till the next meal. Everyone seems a bit too obsessed with snacks these days when they really aren't necessary.

ifigoup Tue 24-Mar-20 06:33:17

While stuck at home we are making lots of sugar-free jelly with cut-up fruit in it!

lovemyflipflops Tue 24-Mar-20 13:26:04

Do you make sure you have healthy snacks like fruit or nuts on your desk at work to prevent the call of the shared biscuits?

Yes, I have banana's, and easy peel oranges.

What are your go-to ‘emergency snacks’ for when hunger or hanger strikes away from meal time? I

A protein bar.

if you’ve experienced pregnancy cravings, how have you managed these while ensuring you get the nutrients you need?

My pregnancy cravings were boiled new potatoes - could not get enough of them - (I cooked them, added a knob of butter and let them cool- and munched them through the day)

CynthiaRothrock Tue 24-Mar-20 19:09:47

Smoothies are my go to at home fix.lots of greens with a small handful of fruit for a sugar fix. At work it's cashew nuts, cranberries and Greek yoghurt with honey.
I'm not a massive chocolate fan, unless it 85% dark. You can't eat alot of it at once!

In pregnancy I craved sweet chilli, on everything. I used to dip apple slices and pineapple fingers into it!

I try to eat a healthy balanced diet to avoid snacking but have a job that burns alot of calories so I try to stick to the fruit and nuts!

emphasisofmatter Tue 24-Mar-20 20:41:33

I find meal planning the most useful thing for keeping to a healthy diet. And actually sticking to it! I do a plan before going shopping and try and stick to it for the week and make sure it's a balanced diet.

MumC2141 Tue 24-Mar-20 20:42:13

Try not to snack but make sure I have some healthier options around like fruit or nuts if do feel the need.

torthecatlady Tue 24-Mar-20 21:16:02

I unfollowed all the delicious food pages on facebook. The kind that show you hot pasta being swished around in a giant wheel of cheese blush

Also, everyday I take a multi vitamin, vit d and folic acid. I drink loads of water and make sure I get at least 5 portions of fruit or veg a day. I find the busier I am, the less likely I am to snack on unhealthy foods.

If the weather is nice I normally try and get a short walk in, just enough to get the heart going! grin

But I'm still overweight because I like cake.

PenguinsCantFly Wed 25-Mar-20 07:00:18

I've found an easy way to make my meals healthier is making my own tomato based sauce for pasta, pizza, casseroles etc. and making my own soups.

I bought a soup maker a few years ago and use it twice a week.

Tomato base: stock, passata, water, onion and veg (usually carrots and peppers - but whatever is starting to go a bit soft goes in!). Bung it all in the soup maker and 21 minutes later I've got 750ml of sauce.

Soup: whatever veg needs using up!

wellingtonsandwaffles Wed 25-Mar-20 21:37:50

Meal plan, batch cook, big portions of the right thing means you’re full, with lots of easy to access fruit etc snacks and only buying unhealthy things as one off treats instead of always having a supply in that you need to show huge self control not to inhale at once!

1moreRep Thu 26-Mar-20 07:11:07

for me knowledge is power, track your calories through my fitness pal and ensure you hit a healthy ratio of macros.

nutrition is the way to a 6 pack, not exercise.

ensure you up your steps and then do one exercise session as a minimum per day

Lifesbetterwithwine Thu 26-Mar-20 09:03:31

I try to eat at mealtimes only and avoid snacking as much as possible. I don’t take snacks to work, but If I do reach for a snack at home it’s usually nuts or olives. I find that snacking on fruit makes me hungry.

PaulinePetrovaPosey Thu 26-Mar-20 20:51:29

In the words of Michael food, mainly plants, not too much.

kateandme Thu 26-Mar-20 21:35:19

warm drinks.
cucumber sticks
stop listening to people who can call them selves nutritionist when thats very different to being trained you have to read their smallprint.
dont let other guilt you.everyone can eat differently and it effect them completely differently.
stay out of work competing non eating!
love big in huge!
if you dny yourself you will want it

jaxgreen74 Fri 27-Mar-20 10:35:23

Keep a fruit bowl and water on your desk with already washed fruit so you aren't tempted to go and find snacks.
Keep a tick list of how much water and fruit you've eaten so you can see how well you're doing eating and drinking healthily.
Make lunch the night before, keep a few ' quick' things in for when you don't have time like a small can of tuna, beetroot, seeds, tomatoes that you can throw together at work.

Isitandwatchastearsgoby Sat 28-Mar-20 07:56:25

I try to eat healthy snacks at work but do struggle to step away from the cakes!

Timmington Sun 29-Mar-20 08:22:29

It’s not rocket science but a great way for me to get loads of veg into my kids and my wife and me is to steam various veg and blend with a little water and then add it to home made pasta sauce or other sauces. Most kids love pasta and with tinned tomatos, garlic and a few herbs the kids are completely unaware there’s 3 or 4 of their 5 a day in this lovely sauce. I will often add some soft cheese at the end also to make it a little more creamy.
Also try blackening a red pepper and blending that in too. Aubergines and caugettes are great for the sauce, as is brocolli and carrots.

MakeTeaNotWar Mon 30-Mar-20 12:08:19

I don't snack - there is no need if I eat a proper breakfast and lunch. I stay hydrated and drink lots of water and herbal teas.

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