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Read how Mumsnet users make their Christmas magical

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AbbiCMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Nov-19 09:48:46

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From picking out the perfect Christmas tree and hanging mistletoe above the door, to tracking Santa on NORAD, the Christmas period is full of magical moments for both parents and children alike. Whether you have certain traditions you do every year, or you want to try out something new this time around, IKEA want to hear the ways you make Christmas magical.

Here’s what IKEA have to say: “This season is about gathering your loved ones, being cosy and enjoying time together. Everyone has their own way of celebrating. Whether you put up a tree or simply light a candle, it’s easy to create a home that is designed for magical moments.
We love offering solutions to make it easier and more fun to interact at home, whether sharing a meal, playing games, or just having a chat. When guests are visiting there’s nothing like lighting candles to get the festive mood just right. Try some Christmas scented candles (out of reach from little ones), with the winter spices ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg, to help you create a welcoming feeling of warmth and cosiness.”

Which Christmas moments do your children love the most? Do you write letters to and leave treats out for Father Christmas and the reindeer? How do you keep the magic alive as your children get older? Which magical Christmas moments were your favourite when you were a child, and have you tried to recreate them with your own children?

Share how you make Christmas magical on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw where 1x MNer will win a £300 IKEA e-gift card.

Thanks and good luck!

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EagleVisionSquirrelWork Wed 20-Nov-19 13:25:12

We totally lock down over Christmas. We're self-employed and it's the only time of year when the emails and phone calls stop for a brief period. The kids are older now and I give them money instead of presents, but everyone gets a stash of holiday reading and a stash of Christmas chocolate, and then we just chillax for a week or so, catch up on reading, watch telly, listen to music, eat and drink our favourite things, play board games, go for walks and talk. I'm happy for people to rock up and join us, but I totally refuse to go anywhere else or drive at all. It's a complete oasis of calm and relaxation in what are very busy lives for all of us. I've worried at times that the kids might find it a bit boring, but one of them told me last year that he thinks our Christmases are fantastic and his friends are all envious, so we must be doing something right!

cravingmilkshake Wed 20-Nov-19 14:05:21

We don't get to see our family much, so when it's Christmas it is lovely.

We start with a 6 mile walk to a pub, then walk back via lovely woods in Surrey hills. Then go back to family's lovely country home and enjoy the log fire whilst listening to Christmas music and playing games. We put the carrot and a beer out for Father Christmas and the children go to bed where the adults chat and do the preparations for Christmas Day. ❤️

HuntersMammy Wed 20-Nov-19 16:23:43

This year I have became a first time mammy to my little boy Hunter who will be 5 months on Christmas Day! His daddy is in the military and is currently deployed in Poland for 6 months therefore won't be able to see him for his first Christmas. With that in mind, he has been granted his 2 weeks R&R period from 1/12-14/12 so we will be celebrating our Christmas Day early with our little boy.

To make it magical for them both, as they haven't really seen each other (only a few weeks together) before Poland, I am going to put our Christmas tree and decorations up early so Hunter can watch all the Twinkling lights. I have him a little 'Daddy is my hero' outfit for when we pick him up at the airport and lots of Christmas themed outfits for through the 2 weeks. We are going to have an early Christmas Dinner, open presents and watch hunter have lots of memories with his daddy while he can before he leaves us again for another 4/5 months returning at the end of April, beginning of May 2020.

This will be a magical time for us both as I am a first time Mam and have found it not the easiest to cope with juggling a baby, 2 dogs and the house. When daddy deploys again we will then spend proper Christmas at my parents house and watch my little 11 year old sister enjoy the magic of Santa and Christmas Day.

Lauren xxx

torthecatlady Wed 20-Nov-19 16:26:00

We like to keep things simple. Not too many decorations up other than a tree with white lights and traditional decorations (must be decorated with Christmas music playing). We also hang Christmas bunting, light candles and dress the table for a couple of weeks over Christmas.

Although we are trying to consume much less as a family, we enjoy the special foodie treats at Christmas and advent calendars, wrapping thoughtful gifts and a large glass of
Cava Champagne with breakfast blush

A couple of traditions we have are to watch plenty of Christmas films wrapped up in blankets and family board games. Ds likes to write his letter to Father Christmas and we post it. There's always a mince pie, glass of Port and a carrot left out on Christmas
Eve of course smile

Asuwere Wed 20-Nov-19 16:36:56

I enjoy snuggling together on the sofa, eating popcorn and watching Elf. Usually do it the first week of December to get in the Christmas spirit. fgrin

Spotsbeforemyeyes Wed 20-Nov-19 18:25:43

We always go to our cathedral on Christmas Eve to light candles for the kids grandparents, they write notes and tie them on the tree inside the cathedral.

Back home it's party food and our Christmas Eve box. This year our eldest DD will be with us as she and her do wait for their house sale to go through. They're expecting their first baby in early Feb so it'll be the last as this generation. Christmas movie, hot chocolate gin, chocolate.

Christmas day is man in red pressies on waking then early lunch for us at 1pm. DH always makes a speech, everyone looks forward to it and last year 21yr DS made his first Christmas lunch speech and reduced us all to tears.

Love Christmas, after lunch we have tree presents and gifts to one another then more luxury food and drinks. We always play a board game for the whole family then adult board games later when young DC in bed.

m0jit0 Wed 20-Nov-19 18:33:09

Our dd is 2 so is starting to get a bit more aware of Christmas so we are starting to make our own traditions as a family. Lots of food, Christmas movies etc are essential

BristolMum96 Wed 20-Nov-19 18:33:47

Putting the christmas tree up as a family is my most magical moment

nigelh66 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:21:22

We do not open all the presents on Christmas Day.Keep at least one ' big ' present to open on Boxing Day so that you keep the magic going longer smile

rachelmccraith Wed 20-Nov-19 19:22:17

Leaving out treats for santa and the reindeer is always a highlight. We bake our own mince pies, and leave one out for him. And then make our own reindeer food.

janeyf1 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:25:26

We all get up early Christmas Day to open the presents because everyone is too excited to sleep. We always have a Christmas tree and lights throughout the festive period which we love. We also have a long walk together Christmas Day and feed the ducks before going back for a feast

youkiddingme Wed 20-Nov-19 19:25:30

We have stocking Christmas eve before bed. We pick up family members and sig carols n the morning. Then a big Christmas dinner followed by pressies from under the tree. Family games in the afternoon then Christmas films in the evening.

sarah861421 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:26:38

routine, and make sure that there is something for everyone. make some things compulsary, some things optional. and free time for everyone

Catmadroo Wed 20-Nov-19 19:27:32

We decorate the tree together, put snacks out for father christmas and reindeer, and have our pjs on most of christmas day, as my son has special needs I try and keep christmas day as chilled as possible, just letting him play and watch tv

IonaAilidh11 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:30:09

snuggled on sofa watching the grinch

Bimbleberries Wed 20-Nov-19 19:30:42

Making handmade chocolates as a family to give to others as presents, making my own christmas cards, lovely christmas stollen for breakfast, a few surprise gifts that nobody has asked for, silly games after dinner, all part of the magic - even the arguments!

eloisemummy Wed 20-Nov-19 19:33:27

We have a lot of our own traditions like Xmas eve movie night. Christmas eve boxes and boxing day family board game time but I'd actually love to build a Santa's grotto in the living room from cardboard boxes and bits and bobs, the look on my kids faces would be priceless!

pusinky Wed 20-Nov-19 19:35:43

baking Christmas cookies with my mum singing along to cheesy Christmas songs.

towser44 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:39:13

We've been doing the local Parkrun on Christmas Day morning for the last 2-3 years. It's lovely to get out after opening presents etc and enjoy a walk around with the dog and they have mince pies and mulled wine at the finish and lots adorn fancy dress too :-)

hiddenmichelle Wed 20-Nov-19 19:40:30

Got to be Christmas dinner - love pulling crackers with them and telling the silly jokes. We now also put lottery scratch cards inside which is always good fun. Also love playing board games after dinner instead of screens coming out!

SSCRASE123 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:40:43

The one thing I love the most is on Xmas Eve when I have both the kids and my wife sat around ready for bed (very excited) and we read the Night Before Christmas together, just priceless for me.

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Wed 20-Nov-19 19:51:15

The count down really starts when I start on the candied peel and the whole house smells of orange and lemon and trays of it sit drying and crystalising around the house.

We don't decorate until yule really so from then on it races forwards with garlands of greenery and the tree. Then I use the candied peel to make Florentines and as a rebellion from a childhood spent only being allowed one when my aunt got the tin out and waiting all Christmas for that special moment we eat as many as we want and bask in the decadence.

andywedge Wed 20-Nov-19 19:53:59

My youngest daughter always writes to Father Christmas. She generally gives me a list and Father Christmas a list and they contain different toys/presents - she argues that as Santa makes his presents with Elves that the price doesn't matter. EEEK

mummyuk86 Wed 20-Nov-19 19:54:52

My cherished Christmas moment from childhood is reading 'Twas the nightmare before Christmas' every Christmas Eve. I now do this with my own children and it means the World to me.

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