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What are your top tips for getting your child to sleep? Share to win a £300 voucher + toys from Hasbro’s new Moon and Me range!

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YanaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Jul-19 10:48:36

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Getting your DC to sleep can be a challenge worthy of an award. It can be especially difficult when your children change the way they respond to toys, songs, or any other sleep aids you have in your parental arsenal. To celebrate the launch of their new Moon and Me Toy range, Hasbro would like you to share your tips for how you succeed in getting your child to sleep or what has helped you manage your child’s sleeping habits in the past.

Here’s what Hasbro has to say about their Moon and Me toys:
“Our lovable new toy range features favourite characters from the magical world of Moon and Me. From figures and play-sets that are perfect for playtime to soft plush that little ones will love snuggling with at bedtime! “

What are your tips and tricks for getting your children to sleep? Have you worked out a magic routine, or do you have a favourite sleep toy? Do you rely on sleep songs or other comforters to help you? Does TV make up a part of your child’s sleep routine? Who has a bigger say in picking up a sleep toy - you or your children? Does your DC already have a preferred sleep aid?

Please share your tips for getting your child to sleep below and you will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher of your choice (from a list) and a toy bundle from the new Moon and Me toy range.

Thanks and good luck!


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PomDeNlume Fri 16-Aug-19 17:13:42

Following my toddler's lead as to when he is tired works for us - we tried to "force" an earlier bedtime but he has just always been a bit of a night owl. When he is tired he gets his vitamins and teeth brushed, then a story and cuddle before falling asleep. Works for now!

SylvanianFrenemies Fri 16-Aug-19 17:23:32

Having a set routine and never counting your chickens and assuming they are about to drop off!

I am the preferred sleep aid confused, but they like to cuddle each other and whatever you is in favour too.

Withington Fri 16-Aug-19 20:04:46

A sheepskin rug in the cot seemed to work, along with patting their bum repetitively for a long time.

DitaFajitaJones Fri 16-Aug-19 20:18:04

Routine. We have alexa remind her its coming up to bed time 30 minutes before. That way she can have a little time reading, or an audiobook as she continues to play with her toys a little longer. Then shes ready and prepared to get ready for bed and sleep, no fuss smile

LittenKitten Sat 17-Aug-19 12:59:37

A lovely bath with Epsom salts and lavender oil.

Reading a book together.

My eldest DS is 8 now but quite an anxious boy. We’ve found some yoga nidra and sleep meditations on Spotify that he loves to listen to and they normally send him right off to sleep.

Sandybval Sun 18-Aug-19 20:32:52

We read a story but encorporate her favourite cuddly (a rather tatty now sheep) into each one, she guesses what he will be up to in the story tonight. I think the combination of listening and thinking about where sheepie is going to pop up tires her out grin

alem17 Sun 18-Aug-19 22:44:52

Lullabies and mobiles

LucyBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Nov-19 17:15:49

Thank you to everyone who took part in this discussion. The winner of the prize draw is @custardcream1000 smile Congrats!

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