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Mumsnet users discuss getting their child’s first mobile phone with musicMagpie

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Dec-18 11:50:17

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Buying your child their first mobile phone can feel like a big milestone; it’s one of their first steps to becoming a little more independent. With so many different types of phones out there and with a lot of information to sift through on when and how to go about getting your DC their first phone, whether you hand them down their siblings old one, buy a refurbished phone or even get a new one, musicMagpie would love to know your tips, experiences and thoughts on buying your child their first phone.

Here’s what musicMagpie has to say: “With the latest smartphones costing up to £1,000 or more each year, it’s not feasible for many families to be able to afford the latest Tech. You can still get your kids great quality phones without the hefty bill when you buy certified refurbished mobile phones from musicMagpie. You can literally save hundreds of pounds! For example, you could pay £449 for a brand new iPhone 7 or you could save over £170 for a very good condition iPhone 7 with musicMagpie. It’s not just the price – all of our phones comes with a 12 month warranty and go through a thorough 70 point check to make sure they’re in full working order. Here’s how we refurbish our phones. Keep the kids happy and save money… why wouldn’t you?”

What age did you decide to give your child their first phone? Or was it more about them starting secondary school or walking places by themselves that was the deciding factor? Have you/did you ever consider getting them a second hand/refurbished phone? If you did was it a hand-me-down phone from yourself or did you purchase a refurbished one? How did decide which phone was best and what type of package did you get e.g. pay-as-you-go or contract? Have you put any rules in place surrounding the use of their phone? Do you have any tips on where to shop for their first phone?

Whatever your thoughts, tips and/or experiences are, comment them on the thread below and all MNers that do will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!

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Amber0685 Thu 06-Dec-18 11:09:19

I bought refurbished phone and have been very pleased with it.

Bumblebeans Thu 06-Dec-18 13:39:47

DD is only 3 so she will not be getting a mobile anytime soon. But I think a refurbished one would be fine for her. I have a refurbished one myself and am very happy with it and the service I received.

BeeMyBaby Thu 06-Dec-18 15:39:05

My friend gave me her old mobile - a smartphone which would cost about £20 refurbished, so if my DD1 broke it, it would not be a big deal. She got it at 9yo as we felt the activities she was doing meant that having a phone was necessary so that she could contact us in emergencies.

Montydoo Thu 06-Dec-18 16:09:30

My son was 11 when he got his first smart phone, it was my old phone which was out of contract, I got a £5.00 per month contract sim which gave me peace of mind with the number of minutes and texts - but limited data, which is what I wanted.

Belmo Thu 06-Dec-18 16:20:23

My dd is 7 and I’ve got a bit over a year left on the contract for my iPhone. I think I’ll probably give it to her when the contract runs out, she’ll be 8 and a half.

jacqui5366 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:21:06

What age did you decide to give your child their first phone? Or was it more about them starting secondary school or walking places by themselves that was the deciding factor?

It was when he was 9 - mainly because he did a lot of OOSH clubs, and I needed to know when they finished so I could pick him up. It was handed into the teacher and given back at the end of school, which I was pleased about. (I had to fill a form in giving the reason for him needing a mobile phone)

Have you/did you ever consider getting them a second hand/refurbished phone?

Yes I gave a second hand phone, (I felt it was less a target for theft, and if it was lost/broken it was not too much of an issue.

If you did was it a hand-me-down phone from yourself or did you purchase a refurbished one?

It was a refurbished one - it had a new battery which was the main factor for me.

How did decide which phone was best and what type of package did you get e.g. pay-as-you-go or contract?

I bought a contract sim £10 per month - which I thought was good value.

Have you put any rules in place surrounding the use of their phone?

Keep it charged, and don't use it at the dinner table.

Do you have any tips on where to shop for their first phone?

I looked for the good reviews from previous customers who had a good reputation of providing quality used phones, and had a good customer service feedback. MusicMagpie was way up there I have to admit.

daniel1996 Thu 06-Dec-18 16:27:22

I bought my DD a refurbished IPhone from EBay and put a PAYG sim in, with a top-up of £10.00 per month . I decided on one, mainly because friends were all getting one, and I wanted to be able to contact if the there were any issues with getting home from school. (peace of mind really).
My tips would be after constantly topping up would be to get a contract sim - they work out much cheaper.
The rules are DON'T LOOSE IT, and keep it charged. (the no table use rule is a said already as older DD's already do this)

Goingovertosusanshouse Thu 06-Dec-18 17:12:47

I’m not planning on getting them one until around 10 years old, this will be for the walk to and from school, knowing they are safe with their growing independence. I would most probably buy a refurbished phone, far too pricey otherwise.

Anythingforacatslife Thu 06-Dec-18 17:24:55

We’ve used hand-me-down phones as first phones, and have bought refurbished ones as replacements. We gave them to them when they started being left at places without us staying eg extra curricular activities.

KaitlynRep Thu 06-Dec-18 17:34:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BristolMum96 Thu 06-Dec-18 18:14:55

I'll get her a phone when her friends get one or when she needs to go places alone. I would get a contract one as I don't need to worry about credit and I can still sell on the old model later

hiddenmichelle Thu 06-Dec-18 18:32:56

Ours had them for starting secondary school, so were 11 before their first smartphone. Both kids had second hand off ebay as far better value and not such a disaster if they lose or damage them (although damage was unlikely as they were in sturdy cases.

Both had apple iphones but not the latest models, and have PAYG rather than a contract.

No strict rules in our house other than usual internet safety.

We find ebay good, but my tip would be "If it seems to good to be is!" But hey ebay protect you from scams, as does paypal.

sarat1 Thu 06-Dec-18 18:40:33

Baby only a year old but would comment that hoping not to buy one (pay as you go) when they turn 13...

Mewithane Thu 06-Dec-18 18:53:09

My DD will be getting my old phone on a restricted sim only contract that won't allow her to go over the monthly cost. She will get it when she starts secondary and not a day before, even though she is constantly asking for one!

Gazelda Thu 06-Dec-18 18:56:24

Were giving DD (11) an old phone for Christmas, with a sim contract.
When she learns how not to use all the data on the first day of each month, we'll consider upgrading.
My main concern is how to restrict the data and apps she can access.

LupinsNotBluebells Thu 06-Dec-18 19:11:30

My oldest is 9 and doesn't yet have a mobile phone. We'll look at a basic phone when he's at secondary school as he'll be a train ride away but not until then. I'd rather he didn't have unsupervised internet access until he's older so can use our tablet for internet access.

Cotswoldmama Thu 06-Dec-18 19:17:29

My eldest is nearly 6 and I’m already thinking about when I’ll get him a phone. We have a shop that is not too far away and a park. I think once he’s 10 I’ll trust him enough to go to either place with a friend but I’d want him to have a phone so I could contact him and he could me. I wouldn’t allow a smart phone though just one to make calls. I guess I would allow a cheap smart phone once he was as secondary school or maybe for a 13th birthday present but it would be carefully monitored.

Justbackfromnewwine Thu 06-Dec-18 19:23:38

My eldest will be getting her first phone in a few months when she turns 11. She has started to go the odd place independently eg. youth club so it would be handy for her to be able to text me that she’s arrived safely. I also wanted her to get used to it before secondary when she will need one because of travelling by bus.
She definitely wouldn’t have a new smart phone - am swinging between giving her an old iPhone of ours or buying her a new basic one that’s just for phoning and texting so she’s less likely to while away the hours on it. Hasn’t thought of refurbished though so that could be another option. Just don’t want her to be a target for thieves or for it to be too expensive to replace if it gets lost or broken.

Theimpossiblegirl Thu 06-Dec-18 19:45:50

My DDs had phones for the start of middle school (year 5) as we live in a rural area and they got the bus from that age. New phones but not smart phones to start (but maybe that was because they were less widely available 8 years ago).
Now they have better phones than me, albeit with cracked screens (as do all of their friends).

PhilomenaSnowflakeButterfly Thu 06-Dec-18 19:48:40

DD 11 had my aunt's old phone. It's so she can walk to primary school and back. Unfortunately, it's MIA somewhere in her room, turned off, so no way to find it. hmm

SoftBlocks Thu 06-Dec-18 19:53:04

I’ve said DD can get one when she’s ten. I’ll probably give her a handed down old one (iPhone) of mine but the a refurbished one sounds like a great idea as well. I’d be very reluctant to by a new phone for a ten year old! I’ll put a PAYG sim in it.

MrsKCastle Thu 06-Dec-18 20:33:51

We gave DD1 her first phone on her tenth birthday in the summer. We decided we wanted her to get used to having her own phone before she goes to secondary school next september. My husband chose it; he chooses all our technology as I have no interest! We just got DD a fairly basic pay-as-you-go. As it turned out, we were really glad that we got it for her, as soon after her birthday we had a family emergency and both our daughters spent some unexpected time away from us, staying with other family members. It was really nice that they could text us and keep in touch.

motherstongue Thu 06-Dec-18 20:50:37

DS got a hand-me-down iPhone from my DH when he was 14 and starting boarding school. Up until then he hadn't needed or wanted a phone. Once he got a phone though he soon wanted an upgrade so he got a new phone for his Christmas, on a contract that same year as he had shown he could be trusted and look after it. He's upgraded a couple of times since, all new.

DD got her. 1st phone in year 8. She was much more desperate for a phone and got another hand me down phone to start off with but got a new phone for her Christmas when she was 13. She was so happy when she opened her present and it was an iPhone that she cried! She takes phenomenal care of it.

My phone, on the other hand, is an ancient old Nokia, as I can't be trusted with anything better. I've lost 2, dropped 2 in the loo and broke another. They all despair of me. I've had refurbished phones.

WibbleDribble Thu 06-Dec-18 21:08:34

I didn't want either of our kids to have phones so early in their lives but it was my husband who granted their wishes. I feel like Pandora's box has been opened..... The eldest was 12 and was just about to start secondary school, the other was 10. Ironically, the youngest seems to understand the concept of a phone being used as a means of a communication much better than the older one. We considered getting them second hand phones, but as we already had a contract with Tesco, we just added them for an extra £20 a month. None of us have iPhones (or are ever likely to have such an extravagant phone!) We went for the cheapest, most functional phones and Tesco seemed to provide what we were looking for at a competative price. At the time we didn't know MusicMagpie could have been a viable alternative. Phones (and other screens) are banned at meal times and must be downstairs before bed time for charging and to ensure no distractions during valuable sleep time.

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