Which stains do you worry about most? Find out what Mumsnet users told Fairy Non Bio

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 22-Jun-18 10:02:56


It’s inevitable that clothes sometimes end up dirty and stained, and though you may have handy tips and tricks for removing stains, there might be some that fill you with dread. Fairy Non Bio would like to hear about the stains that you’re most scared of.

Here’s what Fairy Non Bio has to say: “We never want people to be afraid of wearing the clothes they love in case it gets stained. It’s our job to help. We want to know what are the really devilish stains that never seem to budge”.

Do you struggle with mud stains? Maybe your child wiping their hands down their clothes after eating greasy food fill you with dread? Perhaps baby poo stains are your nemesis? Or maybe it’s a spilt glass of wine that you worried may never come out?

Whatever the stains you’re most scared of, share them below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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NambiBambi Fri 22-Jun-18 13:34:03

Tomato sauces, tomato soup, pizza topping, etc.
Pens and paint - even 'washable ' ones!

Mookatron Fri 22-Jun-18 13:35:51

Every soap-sellers dream. 'Mums' who are actually scared of stains. Hello 1950s.

SaltySeaBird Fri 22-Jun-18 13:41:28

Pollen - especially from lilies

Tomato based sauce - whatever DS has at nursery doesn’t come out!

CopperPan Fri 22-Jun-18 13:42:20

Baby poo - especially in the early days!

rainbowstardrops Fri 22-Jun-18 15:53:06

Grass stains on cricket kit (I've heard vodka gets it out hmm)
Curry sauce and tomato sauces

Treaclespongeandcustard Fri 22-Jun-18 16:00:10

Spaghetti bolognase - particularly because my DC request this for almost every meal angry


TrollTheRespawnJeremy Fri 22-Jun-18 16:02:28

Balsamic vinegar.

Impossible to shift, looks like poo stains even after a thorough washing.

susej Fri 22-Jun-18 16:21:07

Banana! My babies clothes, this is the only thing I can’t get out!

TillyTheTiger Fri 22-Jun-18 16:29:35

Water resistant sun cream! Seems even harder to get out than tomato

KatriKling Fri 22-Jun-18 16:31:38


onlyconnect Fri 22-Jun-18 16:40:27

The ink stain I can never get out is grease from food.

onlyconnect Fri 22-Jun-18 16:46:17

I mean the "only"

Didiusfalco Fri 22-Jun-18 17:12:43

Tomato soup. I’ve also had a bad experience recently with a brightly coloured ice lolly - terrifying wink

Royalsteph Fri 22-Jun-18 17:15:38

Tomato soup is the devil. It stains everything it comes into contact with.

sleepyhead Fri 22-Jun-18 17:19:30

Sun cream - endless white tops with yellowed collars. Ditto deodorant stained underarms.

I've got an odd brown stain on a pair of jeans that's never coming out. I think it was from collecting conkers last autumn hmm

scaredofthecity Fri 22-Jun-18 17:20:33

Strawberry and obviously tomato sauces!

SpawnChorus Fri 22-Jun-18 18:33:08


sweetboykit Fri 22-Jun-18 19:13:59

Any tomato or grass stain .

Pascha Fri 22-Jun-18 19:17:05

Bloody white board marker pen. Never never never goes away.

SusanWalker Fri 22-Jun-18 19:34:15

Paint, felt tip and curry. My nice white duvet cover has a brown splodge on it thanks to dd's felt tip pens.

Hermie12 Fri 22-Jun-18 19:39:51

Grass and dirt. Whatever it is that lurks on my daughters socks and routinely wrecks them

Florida123 Fri 22-Jun-18 19:47:42

Mud - just can’t remove the stains properly.

DaanSaaf Fri 22-Jun-18 20:08:04

Blood. Ds has frequent nose bleeds and I've lost count the amount of t-shirts I've had to throw away due to blood stains angry

foxessocks Fri 22-Jun-18 20:10:36

Baked beans!

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