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Mumsnet users share their favourite family holiday activities with Neilson

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Jun-18 11:23:45

This activity is now closed

With the summer holidays fast approaching, it’s almost time to spend some much needed quality time with the whole family and for some this means jetting off on holiday. However keeping your DC entertained whilst on holiday can be a bit of struggle especially if your DC has an unlimited amount of energy! Neilson would love you to take a look on their website and choose your favourite holiday activity from their collection, as well as sharing your staple holiday activities.

Here’s what Neilson have to say: “Neilson was born from a passion for all things active, our award-winning beachclub holidays in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Sardinia are packed to the rafters with inclusive activities, from windsurfing to wakeboarding, tennis to mountain biking – all with qualified instructors and free tuition thrown in. We have inclusive kids clubs for all ages from two, right up to 17 years old with activities including kayaking, sailing, tennis and stand up paddle boarding! There’s even a crèche for our youngest guests.”

Which activities would your family love to try and why? Have a look on their website here and let us know on the thread below.

We’d also love to know what your go-to family holiday activities are? Perhaps your family love anything water based such as sailing, kayaking or swimming? Maybe you’re more of a biker family and often hire out bikes for the day to explore or maybe you’re more adventurous and go off-road mountain biking? Or does your family enjoy relaxing on the beach, building sandcastles and soaking up the sun on a lounger?

Tell us which Neilson holiday activities you love the look of, as well as what your go-to family holiday activity is and you will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck

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HRoosevelt Wed 20-Jun-18 16:13:51

Swimming swimming swimming, cycling, would love to try more water sports or skiing

Gazelda Wed 20-Jun-18 16:15:30

We love to explore the local area, in between relaxing, swimming and eating.

ShatnersBassoon Wed 20-Jun-18 16:26:42

Eating and reading. We always do loads of both on holiday.

MorrisDancingViv Wed 20-Jun-18 16:52:52

I'd like to do rock climbing but I'm not sure my 3 year old would be up for it. She likes swimming and building sand castles

TheWizardofWas Wed 20-Jun-18 17:08:46

Bikes and kayaking.

CoffeeOrSleep Wed 20-Jun-18 17:16:09

Swimming and cycling here!

We are trying our first Neilson holiday this year - so perhaps adding sailing or other water sports by the end of this summer!

BellaVida Wed 20-Jun-18 17:19:36

Swimming and inflatable obstacle courses in the water are big favourites, as are dinghy sailing and tennis. They will also have a go at a climbing wall if there is one, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker.
Looking at the web site, I know they would love to try paddle boarding!

Catherine000 Wed 20-Jun-18 18:02:12

Letting the dog run about free on an open unpopulated beach - he loves skidding in the sand

littletike Wed 20-Jun-18 18:33:19

Swimming, cycling, body boarding/surfing. Would love to try some more water sports

UnaOfStormhold Wed 20-Jun-18 18:44:28

After several years of Neilson holidays, I can add tennis, sailing, windsurfing and waterskiing to my list - none if which I'd tried before, all of which I now really enjoy! Go-to family activity would probably be tennis as we all do that now.

kateandme Wed 20-Jun-18 19:01:54

I love your have I never comes across them.allthough we could never afford such a thing one can dream
for me all the activities look brill.i do like the biking option.and you being able to give out routes and gps systems to go off with.cycling around little villages and exploring sound delicious
we love relaxing but also adding in some walks.biking and would love it if more options were readily available.

outofthebox Wed 20-Jun-18 20:14:43

LEARNING SOMETHING NEW- a craft, painting, regional specialty of interest, experts, enterprise insight, ted type talks during another activity

Treaclespongeandcustard Wed 20-Jun-18 20:18:26

We love swimming and playing on the beach. I also love to explore the local area but DC are a little young to enjoy this with me yet.

StickChildNumberTwo Wed 20-Jun-18 20:40:43

We sailed before we had kids (me once, husband many times) and are looking forward to the kids being old enough to do it together.

FogCutter Wed 20-Jun-18 20:46:21

As a family we all love cycling so take our bikes or hire them on holiday.

We also love being at the beach, swimming, visiting parks and museums.

Imgettingcheesefries Wed 20-Jun-18 20:52:03

My 12 year old would love to try rock climbing and she really enjoys cycling. My younger ones love swimming and would go everyday if they could

Miladamermalada Wed 20-Jun-18 21:54:57

My autistic son doesn't like to swim or sunbathe and has anxiety about how to fill the time-so we like to go to a rocky beach and he can build a wall and fill it in with sand. It means he can get the order of the line and rocks but I can sit and watch the sea whilst the other 3 can swim or build sandcastles. Works for us. I'd love to do something like water skiing myself though-maybe one day!

dragontwo Wed 20-Jun-18 22:01:38

shark fishing ;-)

and ice creams from a random exotic ice cream van!

ButterflyOfFreedom Wed 20-Jun-18 22:25:00

My DD would love the rock climbing- despite only being 3!

I'd go for tennis & swimming.

Would be fun to try something completely different for us as a family though such as paddle boarding!

We all enjoy walks, fun in the sea/ on the beach, any sort of sport, and visiting local attractions such as museums / farms / zoos.

Lizaa Wed 20-Jun-18 22:34:09

Tennis, bikes and kayaking. Would love to try SUP.

Whowherewhywhat Wed 20-Jun-18 23:50:24

Tennis, kayaking, biking, suping , windsurfing, wakeboarding and relaxing in between, perfect 😁😁

SandysMam Thu 21-Jun-18 03:25:34

We love horse long as the animals are treated well. We went in Wales and my oldest thought it was hilarious when the horse farted as it trotted along!!

birdy1978 Thu 21-Jun-18 07:33:57

Windsurfing, sea kayaking, sailing and plenty of time relaxing on the beach. And while the kids are in kids club - some really
Long bike rides - luxury!

youmeandconchitawurst Thu 21-Jun-18 09:17:08

We'd choose sailing and maybe rock climbing (for an additional fee) if we were choosing from your list. Our normal go-to is cycling, walking and reading. We like to walk/cycle to somewhere, eat too much cake/lunch then do a loop back or the same thing in reverse. We usually do it every second day - every day gets everyone too tired and grumpy. we like swimming, too, but where we go on holiday it's a "grim weather" activity.

your inclusive clubs probably wouldn't be suitable for my kid with ASD, so I prefer stuff that we can do as a family.

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