Which baby products could you not live without? - Over £1000 worth of prizes to be won! NOW CLOSED

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 03-Apr-18 11:45:05

Having a baby for the first time can be quite a daunting experience, especially when it comes to ensuring you’re fully kitted out with everything you need. What to buy? What not to buy? What actually works? What is actually worthing spending money on? Mumsnet would love you to take a look at the products on our new reviews section and choose your favourite.

Here’s what Mumsnet has to say: “Mumsnet, has relaunched its independent Reviews section as part of its mission to make parents’ lives easier - by helping you choose the best products for pregnancy, babies and toddlers.

The new Reviews section features both new products and Mumsnet user favourites, all tested by real parents in real-life situations (not in a lab). Unlike other reviews sites, brands don't pay to be reviewed; products are selected after extensive research into market bestsellers, expert advice and the opinions of Mumsnet users. During testing, products are pushed to the limit to make sure they will serve new parents well.

There are currently 19 review categories — including travel systems, changing bags, maternity bras and high chairs — each feature a buyers’ guide, and up to five ‘Mumsnet Best’ products. These include the overall winner and winners of more specific sub-categories (e.g. “best for small homes” in the strollers category).”

Whatever your favourite item product is, post the link to it on the thread below and you’ll be in with the chance of winning one of the following prizes:
- Ultimate Baby Box
- Stokke Tripp Trapp chair and cushion
- Weeride Classic
- Amawrap
- Boba 4G bundle
- SwaddleMe bundle 1
- SwaddleMe bundle 2
- Red Kite Cozy Bounce
- Out n About Nipper Double

Thanks and good luck!

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Situp Tue 03-Apr-18 13:14:53


Totally saves my sanity when I can barely remember my name!

Cookiefiend Tue 03-Apr-18 13:27:35

I'm not sure I like the new reviews section. I can't live without my lillebaby carrier- excellent does from birth to about age 5 and I can carry my two and a half year old very comfortably for hours. Unfortunately it is not listed.

In fact only the "winners" are listed and though the page claims to have tried the ten most popular- a list of what these are is bot provided. I can assume since the stokke carrier is the top one (not one I have seen in a sling library) and a few months ago they have a pile of these to the Mumsnet review panel that this is the reason they have been chosen. Why not allow a list and allow people to add their ratings as before.

I couldn't find our car seat listed either. So if the limited selection I would have to say the Tripp trap high chair is our favourite

here my four and a half year old still loves hers, adults can sit on it, it is easy to clean, comes with a seven year warranty and looks nice in the kitchen.

Slinkyreptile Tue 03-Apr-18 13:37:41


This is the only one I have tried and do not feel the need to change to a different one, very happy with my purchase and would recommend to others

NerrSnerr Tue 03-Apr-18 13:58:47


It has to be a Grobag for me. A safe product that keeps my baby warm without kicking his covers off.

HoorayForHolidays Tue 03-Apr-18 14:25:03


I love the Ikea Antilop. We only discovered it with DC5 after many years of buying expensive and hard to clean high chairs. It's such a bargain. It's my most recommended baby product.

FancyNewBeesly Tue 03-Apr-18 14:26:37

Baby Bjorn Balance bouncers have saved my sanity with twins. They’re 18 months and still use them now, and they could actually create movement from a really young age unlike cheaper bouncers. We absolutely love them.

Before that, 4Moms Rockaroos were by far the best thing we owned. Honestly I want an adult sized one!


NickMyLipple Tue 03-Apr-18 14:32:37

I've only been a mum for 3 weeks but by far the most useful purchase is the SnuggleBundl.

It means I can pick up DD from the car seat/crib/into my arms/carry her into a shop/upstairs without waking her or feeling as though I might drop her.

I think it's utterly brilliant even though it makes strangers look at you as though you're a little bit mad for carrying your baby like a bag!


LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Tue 03-Apr-18 14:55:37


I've had a terrible sleeper and a good sleeper (so far...!) but the thing they had in common was loving the snuz pod and I love it too. It feels safe, cozy and I love having my baby up close and being able to see her through the mesh.

noseypud Tue 03-Apr-18 14:57:41


Definitely this bumbo chair!! Best thing I bought for my son. Lets me have 10 minutes to do the washing or eat lunch

Imgettingcheesefries Tue 03-Apr-18 14:59:15


The only thing we used that I can find listed. Anyway we used and liked this, lightweight, easy to fold and unfold and didn't take up too much space in the house/car

Motherduckling Tue 03-Apr-18 15:06:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

isitfridayyet1 Tue 03-Apr-18 15:07:43

White noise teddy bear, helps my 9 month old get to sleep easier. So much better than Ewan the sheep as the noise is continuous rather than just for 20 mins!

Crumble67 Tue 03-Apr-18 15:19:36

I found it invaluable to have a baby carrier, as I don't drive they are great for getting around. This one looks great www.mumsnet.com/reviews/baby-carriers/boba-4g

Kb12 Tue 03-Apr-18 15:23:54

My baby loves this baby gym and has spent many hours playing in it

littlepooch Tue 03-Apr-18 15:43:22

I know they are a bit controversial but I couldn't be without our sleepyhead. Both my girls have loved it and it makes a really handy portable bed when going to stay with family or friends on holiday. It has been worth every penny and I will be using it with number 3 later this year!


Mel0Dram4 Tue 03-Apr-18 17:04:02


We have been so happy with our antilop. Unbelievably cheap. So easy to clean, light but sturdy. The only slight problem was the blow up cushion that popped quite early on.
I would so love to win this prize, I'm yearning for the Tripp Trapp chair so the new Baby can move into the antilop. Sadly out of my price range for the foreseeable though, so I am keeping everything crossed!

BlueTablecloth Tue 03-Apr-18 17:23:27

www.connectacarrier.co.uk/ for baby number two. can't say i like the new reviews

QuickQuickSloe Tue 03-Apr-18 18:09:16

This really helps to settle DD

CuppaSarah Tue 03-Apr-18 18:27:54


Could not be without a good, easy to use, comfy carrier to keep me going hands free. Especially with this baby as I'll have three when they arrive!

ClangerTwanger Tue 03-Apr-18 18:43:38


I had something really similar to this with my last baby and will be definitely getting this one with a new baby on the way thanks to the reviews!! X

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Tue 03-Apr-18 18:44:16

It had to be the grobag for us. Dd is now on her third one (18-36m).
She sleeps so much better in the grobag than she did under blankets. I don’t have to worry about her walking up cold and it takes the guess work out of the number of blankets needed.

They are my go-to gift whenever a friend had a baby.

CheeseEMouse Tue 03-Apr-18 19:13:18

www.connectacarrier.co.uk/ I second the connecta. It was a brilliant brilliant thing with baby number 2.

Shireslass Tue 03-Apr-18 19:42:12


I found this pillow invaluable throughout my pregnancy. I don't think I would have got any sleep without it.
Towards the end when my pelvic pain was very bad it didn't take away the pain but I knew I was more comfortable than I would have been.
The big plus was it worked both sides and my husband didn't feel like he was pushed out of the bed.

OhHolyFuck Tue 03-Apr-18 20:07:55

fisher price bouncer - the one with the metal 'bouncy' legs not the plastic curved 'rocking' legs, means you can still bounce baby with your feet and have your hands free for a coffee/sandwich priorities

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