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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 15-Mar-18 09:53:49

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A sturdy backpack that can take pretty much anything you throw in it and also looks stylish, is often a must-have for both parents and children alike. HYPE would love you or your DC to take a look at their website not only choose your favourite backpack but also share what your backpack essentials are.

Here’s what HYPE have to say: “You’ll make heads turn and jealousy begin with a HYPE bag in hand. Our backpacks are perfect for those days when you’ve got the world to carry on your back, literally, for every moment. Whether you're packing your go-to flight essentials or your DC is heading to their mates for a sleepover, our backpacks are here for every occasion! Our most-sought-after Black with white speckle is for those who like things a little subtler. Sizing at 41 x 31cm our backpacks are the perfect size to keep all of your essentials in one safe place. Want something a bit louder? Choose from our current best-seller, the all over mature floral print or the classic holographic.”

Take a look at the HYPE website here and select yours or your DCs favourite backpack and post it on the thread (ideally with a link for everyone interested in your favourite).

We would also love to know what yours or your DCs backpack essentials are. Do you have to have a backpack with as many pockets as possible to fit all your little bit and bobs in? Perhaps your DC is all about how the bag looks and which backpack will make them stand out the most? Or maybe you have to have a backpack that is spacious enough to fit every single thing you own in it?

Tell us yours or your DC’s backpack essentials, as well as your favourite HYPE backpack from their website and you will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list). Plus HYPE will also be giving 4 MNers their favourite backpack that they selected from the site!

Thanks and good luck!

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Note HYPE are offering an exclusive 30% discount on all full priced items for Mumsnet users; use the code 'MUM30 '

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AveAtqueVale Thu 15-Mar-18 10:53:18

I’d not come across these before but there a some great ones! I really liked the navy space patch one but I think this was my favourite. Atm my backpack essentials are basically nappies and spare baby clothes, but in May I’m going back to uni so will have a backpack all to myself. It usually contains: purse, hairbrush, water bottle, wireless phone charger, bullet journal, pencil case, notebook, textbook, novel, headphones. Sometimes also my laptop but I try not to drag that around too often as it weighs a ton!

MrsFrTedCrilly Thu 15-Mar-18 12:45:59
This would definitely be a favourite with both of my budding astronauts. I think the look is important for a backpack although ultimately it’s the robustness that’s most important, backpacks get chucked about and need to be built to last!

Rewn7 Thu 15-Mar-18 14:10:46

This is my DD’s favourite at the moment:

But she loves so many of them!

Her backpack essentials are:

- a house key on a chain that can ATTACH to the bag. Can’t tell you how important that is for kids who lose things a lot.

- pockets galore helps. Pens, snacks, phones, calculators, weird nik naks! More pockets the better and zips are a godsend.

- comfy straps. Kids moan a lot and this is one less thing to moan about.

- but mostly it has to be cool (or whatever word is being used for that today ... Sick? Dope? Lush? Woke?... I’ve no clue anymore) ... and HYPE tick all the boxes.

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Thu 15-Mar-18 14:12:02

I'll come back to this when DD's home. I don't use backpacks, but she uses one for school and a daypack for taking on the coach for residential school trips.

AveAtqueVale Thu 15-Mar-18 14:23:40

I’m such a twat. I read backpack essentials as ‘what do you put in your backpack’ and cracked on blush. As per the actual question though, I like loads and loads of pockets, room to fit a laptop or a4 file, lightweight material and comfy straps.

StewPots Thu 15-Mar-18 14:23:53 I just love this one, also happens to be DD's favourite too!

Backpack essentials for me include a notebook and pens/ pencil case, water bottle, lunchbox, and of course my trusty little make up bag. Hype bags are definitely the perfect size for all this, and great for taking to work or school! Plus if I have to walk in bad weather to work, with a back pack I know it'll be all safe and dry when I get there!

Got my fingers crossed for this one!


StewPots Thu 15-Mar-18 14:26:59

Hahaha @AveAtqueVale I've just done the same grin

So my back pack essentials are - spacious, comfy straps that don't dig into your shoulders, waterproof, with pockets for phone, keys etc so you don't have to root through the entire bag!

Next time I'll read the question properly but at least you all know what I shove in my backpack now grin

Idliketoteachtheworldtosing1 Thu 15-Mar-18 14:28:09

My son loves this one, he is very particular about what goes in his backpack and due to his ASD he constantly checks and rechecks that he has everything he needs:
Pencil case
Packed lunch box
PE kit
Fidget spinner
Tangle toy
Sharpie set
Little teddy mascot that he takes everywhere.
Drinks bottle

I feel that these backpacks are quite expensive although I understand that they are top notch quality, I just don't feel that I could currently justify the price, they are lovely though.

Royalsteph Thu 15-Mar-18 14:30:13

This one is my favourite
My backpack essentials are; nappy, wipes, spare clothes for baby, spare clothes for toddler, chocolate raisins, calpol, muslin cloths, purse, change, pen, notebook, crochet hook, wool, headphones and tissues. I use a backpack instead of a change bag as it's more functional for when I'm carrying baby or have the double buggy. I just pick it up and off we go.

ColinsVeryJolly Thu 15-Mar-18 14:30:42

I like this one.

I do love a bag with lots of pockets but having a good size main section and strong straps are the most important things.

turkeyboots Thu 15-Mar-18 14:33:41

DD likes this one (she's off school sick and thrilled to look at bags!)

Her essentials list is too long to type (phone spaces and something to do with hair clips), but in reality her essentials are a pencil case and water bottle. Something water proof is good for leaky water bottle days. And a mountain of scrap paper to doodle on!

I like this one

Idliketoteachtheworldtosing1 Thu 15-Mar-18 14:35:34

I got confused as well sorry,
It is essential that a backpack has plenty of room, easily accessible pockets, easy zips as my DS gets easily agitated if he cannot do up or undo something.
It needs to be easily cleaned and quite tough as it will be tossed on the ground a lot, it would also be ideal although not strictly essential to have a separate wipe clean section to hold muddy football boots.

babster Thu 15-Mar-18 14:36:43

The fingerprint backpack is quirky - I can imagine my teens wanting to borrow it smile They bike to school so a backpack is the most practical solution for carrying the ton of books they need every day.

The colour range is impressive and I particularly like the speckled designs. I can't figure out if there is a drinks pocket on the side of the backpacks though - this is now a necessity for when I buy the kids backpacks for school, as we've experienced soggy books from leaky water bottles too many times.

Lots of pockets is good to save rummaging round the main compartment for house keys. Also it's good to have a discreet inner pocket for personal items.

Belmo Thu 15-Mar-18 14:36:54

I like this one

SD likes this one

I never go anywhere without hand cream, plasters, a notebook, a pen and a bottle of water.

danigrace Thu 15-Mar-18 14:52:25 love this as it looks like outer space!

Backpack essentials include water bottle, wet wipes, tissues, a snack, and some kind of activity

Cheekyandfreaky Thu 15-Mar-18 14:53:56

Has got to be this one:

I loved the teenage mutant hero turtles cartoon but my husband would probably tell me I was too old for a backpack, but with this bad boy he would understand. Love it.

With my dc backpacks it has to be wipe able/ easily cleanable as it would need to endure some calamities. Also I like those with pockets for tissues/ wipes (there’s a theme here) and snacks. It helps if they’re colourful so that we can find the dc easily if they run off!

noraclavicle Thu 15-Mar-18 14:56:49

My backpack essential is that it should last at least one term. Sadly DD’s Hype backpack didn’t fulfil the ‘sturdy’ criteria and it shed plastic bits over everything!

BlueTablecloth Thu 15-Mar-18 15:00:51

I like the colours on this one

my dcs aren't fans of carrying their own bags, so my essential is a hook to hang it on the pushchair

strongswans Thu 15-Mar-18 15:02:12

This has to be the one for my son He is 12 and dances daily so his backpack essentials are lots of pockets, I bottle pocket on the outside or even better a waterproof pocket inside. Easily adjustable straps as he struggles normally due in to conditions he has. Of course it would be great to be easily washable too!

ProseccoandPizza Thu 15-Mar-18 15:09:14

DS7 is desperate for a HYPE backpack like some of his friends. I’ve said i’ll get him one for the summer for day trips etc. It’s vital a rucksack has pockets that can contain tablet, water bottle etc. DS is lusting over this one

MakeTeaNotWar Thu 15-Mar-18 15:19:11

DD is pestering me for this one

A backpack should have wide comfy straps, a hook to be able to hang it up and loads of pockets.

SoupDragon Thu 15-Mar-18 15:24:42

I’m going with the Reflective Retreat backpack

I don’t like a backpack with too many pockets but enough pockets that my purse and keys don’t drop to the bottom where I can’t find them.

CinnamonTwist Thu 15-Mar-18 15:46:07

My favourite bag would be this one;

However the OP says 'backpack', so my favourite backpack is this one:

I like bags to have a lot of storage compartments so I can segregate and organise my stuff, looking on the website I was surprised to see no internal pictures of the bags, to show me what their storage inside is like?

Kraggle Thu 15-Mar-18 16:25:53

I ❤️ the teal velvet one. I really want it just for me! Dd loves the holograph ones.

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