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What are the silliest things you've done or bought for your new baby? Tell ASDA Little Angels for the chance to win a £300 voucher! NOW CLOSED!

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EmmaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Feb-18 09:23:02

A regular topic of discussion amongst MNers is the steep learning curve that parenting entails. It’s not uncommon for first-time parents to be a little bit OTT when it comes to DC1, investing in every last toy, cream and accessory that the baby books recommend - even if this overzealousness suffers a rapid decline with subsequent children.

Here is what Asda Little Angels have to say, ‘We know how much fun you can have when shopping for your first little angel, and how easy it is to get carried away. We’d love to hear the stories behind your most extravagant purchasing missteps!’

Asda Little Angels would like to know the extra-lengths you went to for your precious first born. What unnecessary extravagances did you invest in before you started to follow your instincts and simply go with the flow?

Perhaps you carried a painfully heavy changing bag fully-stocked with ‘must-have’ gadgets on every outing, before realising that a wet wipe was sufficient in most situations. Or maybe you bleached every surface your first baby came into contact with, but by child number two reached the conclusion that a quick wipe on your jeans was probably an adequate way of cleaning something.

Whatever the passing quirk, please share it below and you will be entered into the prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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SillyMoomin Mon 26-Feb-18 09:47:34

I steamed cleaned all of DC1's toys before AND after use.... every single time

It lasted about 3 weeks before I realised it was ridiculous!

ncullinane Mon 26-Feb-18 13:07:11

With my first I washed every item of clothing I bought, now on the third and I'm lucky if I remember to take the label off 😂 I also bought far too many baby "outfits" for the first few months and have since found it's so much easier for them to just wear baby grows!

BlueTablecloth Mon 26-Feb-18 13:13:35

pre washed all clothes in special detergent after removing labels

CopperPan Mon 26-Feb-18 15:06:38

We bought too many gadgets that we ended up not using long term - wet wipe warmer, baby food maker, video monitor, white noise machine, nappy bin. I've learned to just keep things simple, and often doing things the old fashioned way is much simpler and means we don't clutter up the house with lots of stuff!

UpOnDown Mon 26-Feb-18 17:27:41

We had a wipe warmer!

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 26-Feb-18 20:37:47

A wipe warmer sounds fab! I just bought far too many clothes and pretty little shoes that always got lost.

summeraupair Mon 26-Feb-18 21:32:50

Dungarees. So many cute little pairs of dungarees. Have you ever tried to get a five month old with diarrhoea - who has just learned to crawl - into dungarees?! Most useless item of clothing ever, even if he did look like an adorable little farmer!

ChasedByBees Mon 26-Feb-18 22:21:20

I bought a super expensive hand made dress which she wore once then grew out of. We buy cheaper clothes now.

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 27-Feb-18 08:03:36

Oh god, so much - I cringe at the money wasted. From beautiful and expensive clothes that ended up covered in poo, to all sorts of developmental toys that were disregarded, to all sorts of ergonomic weaning bowls and special spoons - what a knob

Cheekyandfreaky Tue 27-Feb-18 08:29:23

An overpriced Moses basket that neither of my two slept in! Also Ewan the bleeding sheep which my first hated and it just didn’t work for the second.

AlfieandAnnieRose Tue 27-Feb-18 09:00:59

A baby hammock was my most extravagant and unnecessary purchase. I still think they're a lovely idea but not for my baby who preferred sleeping in our bed (and still does!).

AveAtqueVale Tue 27-Feb-18 10:40:05

Shoes. Any shoes, booties, moccasins, special unremovable baby boots that cost an extortionate amount... DS1 didn’t like them much, but DS2 hates them with a passion and aged 8 months has managed to get every pair I’ve ever tried him with off in a matter of minutes. Now if it’s particularly cold I put several pairs of socks on him with tights over the top, as he hasn’t quite worked out how to get those off yet.

fudgiebutt Tue 27-Feb-18 10:55:25

I may have got carried away with outfits for newborn size (and I'm not talking vests and babygrows!) I think I literally had one new one for every day dd fit into them! And it was always soo fiddly changing nappies in them. Now at 9 months she has a few outfits to choose from and if we're not going out it's a vest and babygrow day.

Also the tommee tippee food steamer blender. Soon realised I should have saved the money and just used Ella's kitchen pouches.

WonderLime Tue 27-Feb-18 16:52:52

I bought loads of food pouches, baby ri e and porridge but now we've decided to Baby-led wean which means he's mostly eating what we're eating. All of it will be going to a food bank.

Ila's o have far,far too many newborn outfits. DS only managed to wear half of them before moving onto the next stage!

ButterflyOfFreedom Tue 27-Feb-18 16:57:18

Bought a Moses basket which was used about 3 times (for 2 DC!)

Pre washed DC1's clothes - very carefully! Didn't bother with DC2!

Spent a small fortune on proper little newborn outfits for DC1 like shirts, trousers, waistcoats etc to realise he would actually live in sleepsuits for at least the first few months of life!!

Ashhead24 Tue 27-Feb-18 17:01:45

Travel system. Too heavy and too big, only ended up using the wheels attached to the car seat and switched for a light weight stroller as soon as possible. Used the carrycot once and the seat unit not at all.

I also washed bedding every night for about 6 months, sheets and sleep sacks/blankets. Won't be doing that this time.

CMOTDibbler Tue 27-Feb-18 17:10:29

A massive pushchair with carry cot. I did use it a bit as a pram, but rapidly discovered ds and I both preferred slings, so it was hardly used.

A fancy changing bag. Preferred just to chuck a nappy and wipes into whichever bag I had

Stickladilove Wed 28-Feb-18 10:15:46

Baby play mats, DS started crawling early never stayed on the mat
Cot and accessories, we ended up co-sleeping

PuppiesandTea Wed 28-Feb-18 10:54:55

4 swimsuits for a midweek break at centre parcs where she wore a swim nappy on its own most of the time!

colleenw Wed 28-Feb-18 11:04:59

I had a swing, bouncer chair, baby bean bag and poddle pod, a moses basket downstairs and a crib upstairs for our second dd.......yet she was always on me or my husband ( he was off work for 4 months after her birth due to open heart surgery, that he was having 90 miles away as I was giving birth)

ErinSophia Wed 28-Feb-18 11:12:08

I spent £17 on a dummy as it had good recommendations, my daughter hated it and much preferred the £5 Mam ones.

MrsFrTedCrilly Wed 28-Feb-18 11:15:33

I bought a sleep breathing monitoring thing after pfb held his breath once..
I ironed everything including vests
Times have changed!!

voyager50 Wed 28-Feb-18 11:30:54

I invested in a 'pee-pee teepee' - supposedly to stop baby boys weeing on you when you change their nappies - a complete waste of time - it never stayed in place and offered little spray protection!

DiscombobulatedWomble Wed 28-Feb-18 11:37:14

I bought a baby changing station for her room, one of the ones with a bath in it thinking that would be super useful... never once used it she just comes in the bath with me.
Fancy Moses basket which she napped in for the first week then point blank refused to stay in.
Fancy & expensive swing seat thing which she tolerates for approx 10 minutes before shouting hmm

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