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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Jan-18 10:42:55

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Valentines Day and Mother’s Day are on the horizon and whether you celebrate them or not, it can be a great time to share your love and gratitude to friends, family members and/or partners. With that in mind, Card Factory would love you to visit their website here and pick out your favourite items, whether that’s cards, gifts, flowers or balloons and post them on the thread.

Here’s what Card Factory have to say: “Giving a gift can make any occasion even more special and at Card Factory, you can find something they’ll love from just £1.99. We’ve got fantastic high street and personalised gifts available, as well as more unusual presents like balloon bouquets. Whatever the celebration, you’re bound to find something perfect.”

As well as posting your favourite items from Card Factory, we would also love you to share your gift giving tips. Do you always ensure either the card or gift is personalised to make it that extra bit special? Do you prefer to surprise them with a gift you think they’ll love or ask them exactly what they want? Or maybe you always ensure the wrapping is set to impress.

Whatever your favourite gifts and gift giving tips are, share them on the thread below and you will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher voucher of their choice (from a list). PLUS 5 MNers will win the item they’ve picked from Card factory!

Thanks and good luck!

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Littlejayx Mon 29-Jan-18 12:33:12

I always give balloons with a gift! I think it marks as a occasion with balloons!

I use the card Factory balloons and my daughter loves the holographic pink star balloon!

Someaddedsugar Mon 29-Jan-18 12:41:55

My DS absolutely adores this donkey bought from the Card Factory site by his auntie and uncle and I have to agree with him as it is so cute! And also very reasonable for the size of the teddy.

I love Card Factory as they literally have something for every occasion and the cards are fantastic quality and just as good as the pricier stationery shops such as Paperchase and Clinton’s etc. I especially love the deals such as 8 cards for £1 meaning I can have a variety of cards at home for just in case!

sharond101 Mon 29-Jan-18 12:43:26

I love this wall plaque as it makes me smile,

FingerlingUnderling Mon 29-Jan-18 12:47:01

I love putting together groups of photos like this one []] and it makes a really meaningful present. With Card Factory, this one is a reasonable price too.

This Christmas as I was trying to save the pennies, I handmade a lot of presents and then decorated them with ribbons and nice stickers. For Valentines Day this year, I shall make a lovely dinner I think. Its Shrove Tuesday the day before so it will be a calorie laden couple of days!

JellySlice Mon 29-Jan-18 12:49:44

I should love to send my uncles the framed prints of multiple photos. They live far away from us and from each other. They're elderly and struggling to keep in touch, and it's starting to get lonely for them.

I'm one of the weirdos who love wrapping gifts. Doesn't need to be fancy, but the pleasure of giving a gift is enhanced for me by wrapping it well. I always notice and appreciate the wrapping on gifts I receive - though I would never be judgemental about it.

queenoftheschoolrun Mon 29-Jan-18 13:01:46

I love this idea as a present, it would be a lovely thoughtful gesture. The photo calendars look great too, will try to remember these for Christmas presents!

I always get DD to make a card and gift tag for family presents for a more personalised touch.


asuwere Mon 29-Jan-18 13:45:57

DD received a balloon bouquet like this - it's great as it's a big box and what kid doesn't love balloons?! Makes a brilliant gift.

(I do like card factory and use them a lot but I really wish there was more choice of colours - there is a lot of pink and blue on the site)

aggga8 Mon 29-Jan-18 14:18:20

I always give balloons and card. I love card factory, good quality for low pricesmile

Sammyislost Mon 29-Jan-18 14:21:58

Ohh I do like this glass token, it's very stylish.

And I think this photo upload valentines day card is really nice, perfect excuse for that cute selfie to be used too!

I always get the children to make cards or draw pictures too, they love getting creative so they enjoy it!

Sleepysausage Mon 29-Jan-18 14:33:41

I love the retro sweet hamper.
I always like to give drinking or eating gifts or experience gifts. Most of the people I buy for have enough stuff. So something lovely that they might not usually treat themselves to is my go to gift

luanda111 Mon 29-Jan-18 15:00:44
I prefer things with photo upload, personalisation is very important for me.

ErinSophia Mon 29-Jan-18 15:00:59

This is my favourite thing from the website

I usually make a gift hamper of the person it's fors favourite things.

ButterflyOfFreedom Mon 29-Jan-18 15:13:16

I like the retro sweet jars / hampers- for me!!
Hubby would love the chocolate box and I like that you can personalise it.

I love buying cards & presents for people, I even enjoy wrapping them up! I don't always ask what people want but do try hard to think what they would like as opposed to buying just a random gift (or something in the sale!!)

AugustRose Mon 29-Jan-18 16:07:02

Card Factory is one of the few shops we have in our small town so I have never looked at their website before!

I like the idea of the photo wall art:

I was thinking of doing something similar but it would be easier and probably cheaper, considering the photo printing costs, to to it through them.

Royalsteph Mon 29-Jan-18 16:51:38

I love the photo notebooks, I will definitely be buying them for presents this year.
I always buy the calendars as stocking fillers.
I go in once a month to buy cards, banners, badges and balloons for birthdays that month. I also get sparkler candles which are a great hit with the kids.

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 29-Jan-18 18:21:13

It's all very reasonable, I must say. There are some lovely ideas that don't break the bank.
I think I would get this personalised slate cheeseboard for a wedding gift later in the year. My friend is having a cheese wedding cake so this would be perfect. smile

1969angep Mon 29-Jan-18 18:21:15

My cheese-a-holic fiancé would love this cheeseboard (though I would need to buy a laser full of fromage to go with it lol). My sweet tooth is drawn to these and I rather like the vanilla candles as a little token gift.

I confess that I’m not usually organised enough to order personalised stuff and often I don’t see the benefit in it. I find personalisation.a bit gimmicky in a lot of instances so use it very very infrequently.

I do prefer a surprise but we have got to the point where we have a lot of stuff so I often forego more “things” and request that we just go for a nice meal/day out. I do kind of think that at our day of reckoning we’ll remember the experiences we had and not the tat we collected along the way 🤪

As for wrapping, the cheaper the paper the better!

MrsFrTedCrilly Mon 29-Jan-18 18:56:38
I love this perfect for so many occasions, is it obvious I’m a sugar fiend?grin

TheWizardofWas Mon 29-Jan-18 19:33:49

Normally make my own but I can see how this could be good. Would probably use a drawing rather than photo. I guess aslong as it is a jpeg it is fine. Like this one

TheWizardofWas Mon 29-Jan-18 19:33:52

Normally make my own but I can see how this could be good. Would probably use a drawing rather than photo. I guess aslong as it is a jpeg it is fine. Like this one

vickyors Mon 29-Jan-18 20:18:35

We tend to be pretty simple and just give each other a card. I like the personalised one which is 'all love stories are magical- but I like ours the best'.. I'd get that.

del2929 Mon 29-Jan-18 21:06:15

This mug is just soo flippin cute. i love mugs.

Can never go wrong with a jar of sweets!!!

RaininSummer Mon 29-Jan-18 22:47:43

I always stock up with cards and paper from card warehouse. Never knew there was a website. Liking personlised items like the slate cheeseboard and chocolate box.

Salmonpinkcords Mon 29-Jan-18 22:53:35

I like the personalised gifts especially the diaries - I’ve got my daughter one to inspire her to keep a diary/journal - the photos remind her of great memories as she records more.

I like balloons for every occasion especially children’s birthday parties.

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