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What’s the best parental advice you’ve ever received? £300 voucher to be won. NOW CLOSED

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PoppyMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Jan-18 14:03:55

We’re working with the team at Legal & General to encourage Mumsnetters to get involved with their #ForeverAParent campaign.

The things you do as a parent will last your children’s lifetime, so Legal & General are asking the nation what it means to be forever a parent. Whether your children are six or 60 years old, starting school or starting a family, you’ll always be the person they turn to for advice when it comes to life’s milestones, that’s because you’ll forever be their parent.

Here’s what Legal & General have to say “Your influence, support and advice will stay with your children always - because being a parent doesn’t stop. We’ve been asking parents across the UK what being Forever a Parent really means to them, as each individual is different, and we’d love to hear your views.”

Share what ‘Forever A Parent’ means to you to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 Amazon gift card.

Thanks and good luck!

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iamnotwhat Wed 24-Jan-18 17:21:27

The best piece of advice on parenting is to follow my instinct.

I always say to my children (primary school age) that they can tell me anything - no matter how big, small, wonderful or awful. It means that even if they've done something wrong I can help them to sort it out or help them to understand why it was wrong so they don't do it again. It's worked so far, and long may it last!

NextIndia Wed 24-Jan-18 17:30:18

"They won't still be doing it when they're 15" by my Dad, when I was worrying about DC1 sleeping in our bed/not walking/only eating sausages etc. It's hard not to stress yourself out comparing your baby with other babies when you're a new Mum cause you don't have that frame of reference.

Sleepysausage Wed 24-Jan-18 17:35:07

I think if kindness is at the front of all your actions you will always make good decisions. I encourage my daughter to always be kind. Rather than saying 'be good' I always say 'be kind'. I think it's easier for a child to make a good choice based on kindness rather than behaviour which can be interpreted very differently

mumsiedarlingrevolta Wed 24-Jan-18 17:37:03

Never try and make a happy child happier.

Just leave them to it because any helping, suggesting ways for them to be even happier etc bursts the bubble and never works.


Gazelda Wed 24-Jan-18 17:40:10

Listen. Stop what you're doing, put down your book, turn off your tablet. Listen to them. Give them your full attention.

mnahmnah Wed 24-Jan-18 17:41:28

‘Remember everything is just a phase’. It really is. My sanity has been saved on many occasions with this advice. I always pass it on and it sticks with my friends too.

starlight36 Wed 24-Jan-18 17:41:43

To treat each child individually - very easy to compare development and achievements against their peers and siblings. Each child develops differently.

EggysMom Wed 24-Jan-18 17:52:16

Don't sweat the small stuff.

GunslingerPie Wed 24-Jan-18 17:57:52

Being good enough is good enough!

Fishcalledlola Wed 24-Jan-18 18:17:26

mnahmnah so true! Wish I knew this with my first!
A bath is a great mood changer. It's relaxing, fun and a feel good activity for grumpy kids, any time of day.
DS, 2 is in the bath with a little paint roller, cleaning the tiles and really enjoying himself, despite being full of cold.

ButterflyOfFreedom Wed 24-Jan-18 18:18:36

Pick your battles!

DunnoWhy Wed 24-Jan-18 18:25:34

Always keep in mind that its easier to build a child than to repair an adult. To me it translates as think big and think long term and try your very best to raise a happy contented person, happy in his/her own skin. Don't forget everything you do and say and show, will greatly influence your child. Being these young impressionable little things, you are their whole world and the most important teacher for them. They believe everything you tell them. It's a massive responsibility. So think about your words and actions and love and accept them for who they are.
Think; "Will it still matter in a few weeks or months time?" If the answer is no, then let it go. Your aim is always to raise them to be happy healthy adults.
I owe this philosophy to my own lovely mum. I'm not perfect but she really did try her best. I love and respect her.

Princessdebthe1st Wed 24-Jan-18 18:39:21

You don't have to attend every argument they invite you to.
This piece of advice has always been helpful. It's invaluable now as we head into adolescence.

abitoflight Wed 24-Jan-18 18:47:00

Pick your battles
It's just a phase

Sierra259 Wed 24-Jan-18 18:53:50

Definitely "It's just a phase"

WiseDad Wed 24-Jan-18 18:57:27

When you walk in the door after a day at work it doesn't matter how tired you are or whether you have something else to do, spend five minutes with your kids when they start talking about what they did. They will soon get bored and wander off but they will think you're the most caring and wonderful parent.

It works, on all ages. I tell everyone the same advice.

NickSharratsFeltTip Wed 24-Jan-18 18:59:05

Always try to understand why.

peanutbutter310 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:00:56

"It's just a phase"

But since that has already been taken, as a bonus "listen to all the advice, then run with your gut instinct".

Playdohnut Wed 24-Jan-18 19:04:59

This too will pass, the good bits and the not so good.

donnatella110 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:20:29

Children should be children not mini adults. Have fun, make mess and make memories

juddyrockingcloggs Wed 24-Jan-18 19:21:37

Never let them go to bed after an argument or telling off without a kiss and an I love you.... you never know what might happen the following day.

sharond101 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:36:54

Trust your motherly instinct. Love, laugh and listen.

Vladtheunbaler Wed 24-Jan-18 19:39:01

A mothers place is in the wrong. No matter what you do, someone somewhere will think you are doing it wrong, so stop fretting about what everyone thinks, and go with what works for you.

Notasperfectasallothermners Wed 24-Jan-18 19:40:03

Practice a straight face for when they want to talk to you about sex.... Never appear shocked /disappointed.

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