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Annual Insight end of year thread: chances to win! NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Dec-17 14:28:58

The time has come round yet again for the Insight team at MNHQ to host our annual round up of the year, to plead for those of you not yet on our panel to sign up and to thank you all for taking part in some amazing projects this year! fsmile

After 10 years at Mumsnet, I am logging off and leaving at the end of the year - will def be on the ‘other side’ and keeping an eye on the team. It’s been amazing at MNHQ - seeing the site grow and develop and to work with a great team but time for a change for me personally.

Read on for the chance to win...

~ A Thule Urban Glide running buggy worth £435 grin or
~ A ‘Christmas All Wrapped Up’ mixed case of wine from Virgin Wines - worth £116.87 or
~ The Marie Claire Skincare Edit from Fabled worth £79 (containing £120 worth of products - ELEMIS Pro Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30, Erborian CC Crème, Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm and Caudalie Beauty Elixir) or
~ A Sanctuary Spa hamper worth £50 or
NEW ~ A year of Soreen worth £70 (52 x £1.35 vouchers for your choice of their squidgy loaves) or
NEW ~ An "Advance Daysack" – worth £75 - from Ski Weekend - they say "a stylish and technical daypack with several compartments and branded with Ski Weekend and Advance Logos. A must have for anyone in need of transporting your kit for an active lifestyle!" Find out more about Ski Weekend (Ski Operators for 30 years, they offer a personal service tailoring Ski breaks in and around Chamonix, Mont Blanc - with a chalet which is ideal for large family and friends groups and is great for kids) here

In 2017, we have given away over £53,000 in prizes - mainly in the form of vouchers in exchange for sharing feedback, completing a short survey or for simply sharing a tip on a thread smile.

This year we have all been thrilled to see the Mumsnet Rated badge really gaining momentum - have you seen it on products like Birds Eye frozen chicken, Arla Big Milk, Hedrin Once etc? We have also loved getting your houses sparkly with Buster, and Dettol, having some fun with Count Olaf and Netflix and scoffing trying Soreen mini loaves (they sent soooo much to MNHQ).

For a chance to win one of the above prizes, please do one of the below

a) Share on this thread what you have enjoyed taking part in this year, or appreciated reading about OR
b) Tell us on this thread what you’d like to product test next year OR
c) Join the panel - where you'll have the opportunity to share your views with MNHQ on a variety of topics and with the companies we work with and chances to win vouchers OR
d) Follow us or retweet one of our tweets over on twitter page @MumsnetInsight

* NB if you do c or d post on this thread to let us know you’ve done it to be entered into the draws!

Most of the product tests, surveys etc are on site but we also do a lot of projects with our lovely insight research panel, as well as often giving them the heads up about the latest things and chances to win on site. If you are not yet on our panel please do sign up now. You can select how often you get emailed and you can leave at any time if it’s not for you.

Thanks as ever for your time and feedback - all very much welcome fsmile

Happy Christmas! fgrin
AnnMumsnet, PoppyMumsnet, EmmaMumsnet, JustineBMumsnet, and EllieMumsnet.

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Closing date: 8 January 2018

Wolfcub Fri 15-Dec-17 14:34:49

I really enjoyed reading about the Tefal Quick Pot thing. I’m quite tempted to buy one having read the thread.
If you haven’t already tested one I’d really like you to test the dyson hairdryer

ILikeBigBumpsAndICannotLie Fri 15-Dec-17 17:22:57

They are big asks but my votes are that I'd like to test a robot lawnmower, the dyson hairdryer, noise cancelling headphones with a microphone as I work remotely a lot, and an electric cargo bike. More of my life should be automated in 2018 I think.

CalmanOnSpeeddial Fri 15-Dec-17 17:40:40

We enjoyed testing the Gousto boxes, which got us out of a cooking rut, and the Birdseye frozen chicken.

Most entertaining test of the year was the elusive Fanta test, which provided a shiny packet of miscellaneous goodies for the DC but never came back with instructions or a feedback form. Six months later I still haven’t got round to letting DS drink the testing can - probably should do that, and MN still haven’t admitted defeat on the original product test, where people pop up every month or so to say “????confused

Next year I’d love to test some high end beauty stuff - treatments, potions or gadgets like laser zappers or Clarisonic.

tampinfuminragin Fri 15-Dec-17 17:59:14

I would like to test wireless headphones for the PS4/games console or beauty products.

I really enjoyed testing the air purifier. I use mine every day.

Gammeldragz Fri 15-Dec-17 18:24:51

Tested the honey ketchup - wasn't hugely impressed!
Would love to see some organic things to test or something healthy.
Any kitchen gadget.
Planners/organisers - like diaries but better. We could definitely test those!

Gazelda Fri 15-Dec-17 18:29:07

We loved testing the Google Home. It's provided loads of laughs since then, entertains kids that come round for tea, sometimes frustrates us (doesn't understand the question asked) and is a mine of useful and useless information.

NeverUseThisName Fri 15-Dec-17 18:34:22

I would love a test of fragrance-free cosmetics.

Fragrance allergy is one of if not the most common skin sensitivity, yet it is really difficult to source decent products at a reasonable price.

Soap, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant and moisturiser are not that difficult to find at supermarket prices, though the range is tiny.

But hair styling products, men's products, and toothpaste - nope. Lip salve, also a very tiny range, sometimes nothing.

Yet these products must be out there, and most people surely cannot afford to pay £10 for a bottle of conditioner.

Couldn't the influence of Mumsnet bring these things into mainstream shopping, make them more available, more likely to be used, and hence perhaps bring the prices down a bit? Or, at the very least, make them easier to find.

SlurplePurple Fri 15-Dec-17 18:41:29

Would love to have some perfume tests next year.
I loved trying out the sun cream over summer this year because it meant I had one less bottle to buy haha but also it was a really great product and I’ll be making it my regular sun cream from now on!

thatstoast Fri 15-Dec-17 18:42:27

Followed you on twitter.

allthingsred Fri 15-Dec-17 19:18:30

I was lucky enough to take part in birds eye test. Was nice trying new recipes.
I would love to get a chance to test more kitchen gadgets things that will make life a little easier.

RueDeWakening Fri 15-Dec-17 19:35:07

Without a doubt we have most enjoyed testing the Monqi smartphone for kids. DD loves it, and even better her best friend is getting one for Christmas they'll never be off them I expect...

I described it as a smartphone with stabilisers, and that's exactly what it feels like - perfect for us coming to the end of primary school.

ChoccyJules Fri 15-Dec-17 20:07:20

Hmm, what would I like to test? Calorie-free chocolate? Failing that, storage ideas. I don't know which ones or I would already use them but I feel like I am fighting a losing battle against (kids) stuff!

Thesqueezermustghost Fri 15-Dec-17 20:13:11

I, for my DS's sake, would like to test a top price drone with camera. Also would like to test a hob and a new oven! Preferably Ilve!

BeeMyBaby Fri 15-Dec-17 20:31:03

I really enjoyed the google home product test, I still think it's amazing, my children love it, and we bought it a wee friend of a google mini a month ago and are planning to get chromecast audios to go with the set (we already have 2 chrome casts). If we hadn't been in the product test then we never would have thought of getting one but now we have it we never want to be without it, so that has very definitely been the highlight from this year.

dilydaly Fri 15-Dec-17 20:39:31

So many things to choose from ! I've enjoyed taking part in all the research threads ! If I had to pick one I'd say the reading eggs. I took a free trial and my daughter's were hooked straight away. They both enjoyed doing it so much and it was a great site that made education fun. So glad to have found it and wouldn't have found it if it weren't for mumsnet. Thanks smile

vickyors Fri 15-Dec-17 20:40:13

We enjoyed testing soap, and nappies (which were amazing)-Lidl- who knew?? And I liked the recommendation for birds eye. I love all the parenting threads.
As for testing.. I would love to test more organic produce... or a vacuum cleaner because ours is noisy, old and unwieldy!

dilydaly Fri 15-Dec-17 20:40:46

A product I'd LOVE to test next year ... One of the Stokke pushchairs. Hopefully we'll be pregnant next year and would love to test out the Stokke Xplory (but love the entire Stokke range !)
Thanks smile

CFSantasDrankAllTheGin Fri 15-Dec-17 20:45:16

Loved testing the Luna Go and the Lidl pull ups came in handy. Really wish I'd been chosen to test the duvalay mattress though as I desperately need a new mattress.

RueDeWakening Fri 15-Dec-17 20:46:24

I'd love to test the Abbot Freestyle Libre next year - though I'll admit it's a bit niche and only relevant to type 1 diabetics grin but not having to do finger pricks 5-10 times a day would be fabulous.

Tequilamockinbird Fri 15-Dec-17 21:16:49

Another vote for Dyson hairdryer. Would love to try that.

Goodbye and good luck Ann. And thank you for everything you've done over the last 10 years. Always loved getting a 'you're in' email from you in my inbox smileflowers

Vonklump Fri 15-Dec-17 21:29:57

I liked testing the thermometer! Think I need to get out more. I would have liked to test the innovato.

It was helpful reading about the kids mobile phone. I would have bought one for a child who was too old for it otherwise. Also like getting ideas for books, I keep a note of the books I like but don't get selected for.

I would like to product test Mary Poppins please.
Failing that, food ones are always interesting.

EvilDoctorBallerinaRoastDuck Fri 15-Dec-17 21:32:26

We enjoyed Reading Eggs.

Beach11 Fri 15-Dec-17 21:34:39

I loved the Water wipes baby massage class. It was so much fun & a great way to spend time with mummy friends & our babies.

EvilDoctorBallerinaRoastDuck Fri 15-Dec-17 21:35:39

Ann! Please don't go! We'll eat you up, we love you so! fsad

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