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Share your tips for raising a kind child with the new Wonder film: chance to win £300 NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Nov-17 10:26:59

The team behind the new Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay movie, Wonder, would love to hear your top tips for raising a kind child. The film really showcases how - as one MNer who has seen the film - says “a little bit more kindness in the world would be no bad thing”. Another Mumsnetter who saw a preview screening said “the issues raised are really important for all of us to [be] reminded of. Standing up to things that are wrong (even when it makes us unpopular), and always being kind - how many of us always live up to that?” here

Here's the synopsis: “starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay and based on the New York Times bestseller, WONDER tells the story of August Pullman. Born with facial differences that, up until now, have prevented him from going to a mainstream school, Auggie becomes the most unlikely of heroes when he enters the local fifth grade. As his family, his new classmates, and the larger community all struggle to find their compassion and acceptance, Auggie's extraordinary journey will unite them all and prove you can't blend in when you were born to stand out.”

Wonder is rated PG & open NOW

Watch the trailer here:

So how do you encourage your child to be kind to others? Please share your top tips and experiences of kindness from your child...has your child received a reward for kindness, have they gone out of the their way to show kindness to other children or have they had a period of not being kind but have come through it and learnt how important kindness is.

Add your comment to this thread and you will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will get a £300 voucher for the store of choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck

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WONDER stars ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER JULIA ROBERTS (Eat Pray Love), ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINEE OWEN WILSON (Midnight in Paris), JACOB TREMBLAY (Room), MANDY PATINKIN (‘Homeland’)and IZABELA VIDOVIC (Homefront). Directed by STEPHEN CHBOSKY (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) the screenplay is written by STEPHEN CHBOSKY (Beauty and the Beast) and STEVEN CONRAD (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and JACK THORNE (‘This is England ’90’) based on the New York Times bestseller WONDER by R.J PALACIO

FridgeCut Mon 27-Nov-17 11:30:02

My son is being an elf for the Christmas season. He has donated a toy at the supermarket for the toy drive, he is sorting out his old clothes and toys for the charity shop and we have done a reverse advent calendar (through November so we can give it next week) for the food bank. He is four and I have explained to him about the spirit of Christmas and so he has decided being an elf is the way to go. He is going to look for opportunities for elfing every day, elfing out those who are sad or need an elfing hand.

Rosehips Mon 27-Nov-17 11:32:23

i always point out kind behaviour when we see it

CopperPan Mon 27-Nov-17 12:10:30

DS is very thoughtful and has stepped in when he has seen unkind behaviour in the playground. He always offers to help carry items like the shopping and likes to bring flowers from our garden to our elderly neighbour.

sharond101 Mon 27-Nov-17 12:20:01

Kindness gets lots of praise in our house. Setting by example and pointing out acts of kindness and how they make others feel is really important. I am always reassuring my children that no matter what they do and what they become I will be forever proud of they are kind.

NeverTwerkNaked Mon 27-Nov-17 12:29:28

For me, it’s about modelling kindness. Treating the children with kindness and empathy but also showing kind behaviour to others. My children are so polite and friendly to shop staff etc and that makes me proud. I’ve stepped in to help out mums I don’t know etc when we’ve been out and about. We talk about kindness and see it as a positive trait.

voyager50 Mon 27-Nov-17 12:35:03

I always teach him to share, not point out anything that may be 'different' about other children and to think what it would be like for him if others weren't kind to him.

NeverUseThisName Mon 27-Nov-17 12:43:55

Model kindness. Let your child experience what kindness looks like and feels like. Praise kindness in a specific way "You gave Joey the last biscuit. That was very kind."

MonaChopsis Mon 27-Nov-17 12:48:02

We talk about kindness a lot, and about how our choices can impact on others. As a recent result, DD (8) has decided to make her own lunches on days out and forgo her annual increase in pocket money, in order to sponsor a girl her age in Ghana. I'm hoping that by seeing letters written by someone in such different living conditions, she will realise how lucky she is, rather than comparing herself to her pony-owning classmates and feeling deprived!

asuwere Mon 27-Nov-17 13:25:12

I think kindness is like manners - children learn by example. I try to be kind and if I see someone else do something kind, I like to point it out to my DC and reinforce that it's a good thing.

PugwallsSummer Mon 27-Nov-17 14:45:54

Show them what it means to be kind by setting a positive example. Praise them when they show kindness themselves. Read stories with a moral message. Involve them in acts of kindness eg: putting out seeds for the winter birds, taking part in a local charity event, holding doors for others etc.

I was really proud of my DD (5) this weekend when she lost her place in the queue for a ride because she spotted a small child dropping her teddy so ran to get it and return it (the parents hadn't seen).

jacqui5366 Mon 27-Nov-17 15:06:18

I would say, children learn by example, be kind, be patient, be generous with others, don't about others in front of your children. When your child shows kindness, praise and cuddle, this will only enhance this behaviour. Your child will always have friends, and become a strong human being.

MummyBtothree Mon 27-Nov-17 17:03:09

Praising our children for showing kindness and if we show our children kindness they are more likely to project that to others.

CoffeeAndEnnui Mon 27-Nov-17 17:33:26

Reading, reading and more reading. There is no better way to teach a child empathy than to show them the world from a thousand new perspectives. And empathy truly is the key to unlocking kindness.

nicknamehelp Mon 27-Nov-17 17:45:34

Lead by example. Praise kind behaviour.

nicknamehelp Mon 27-Nov-17 17:45:56

Lead by example. Praise kind behaviour.

DuskPanda Mon 27-Nov-17 17:47:26

My mantra is always treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, any opportunity I have this is repeated since a very early age.

Butterfly1975 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:01:24

Great storyline and hope the film generates lots of discussion about bullying and acceptance!

Judging others for the way they look or behave seems so prevalent these days and we all do it to a greater or lesser extent. Teaching my kids to take responsibility for their own feelings and emotions rather than passing judgement onto others is really important. I hope this will help them to become a kind and accepting person.

ThenBellaDidSomethingVeryKind Mon 27-Nov-17 19:08:49

I think it's all about encouraging your child to think of others. If they're able to put themselves in another person's shoes, kindness follows naturally.

TellMeItsNotTrue Mon 27-Nov-17 19:13:03

We've brought them all up to be kind and to think about how they would feel in the other persons place, of course all kids have their moments but we've encouraged it from early on and worked on it at age appropriate levels

Eldest was part of setting up a buddy bench in their school after seeing it in another school on tv. She spoke to her teacher, who went with her to speak to the head. They worked out the logistics then she spoke to her class and years 5 and 6 to explain it and get volunteers. It works really well and she's proud of helping to bring it to the school, and her passion for it did her so much good because she was able to explain it to teacher and head and then her own class and the 2 years above, whereas before she would struggle to speak in front of her class to do show and tell type stuff.

UpOnDown Mon 27-Nov-17 20:30:03

Being kind and praising them for being kind.

Thesqueezermustghost Mon 27-Nov-17 20:31:20

Always ask them to try to imagine things from the other person's perspective. And generally don't bitch or dismiss other people in front of them.

iwasyoungonce Mon 27-Nov-17 20:48:34

If my kids complain about other children being naughty/ show offs/ not sharing etc. - I always offer a reason they might have behaved like that, and remind them that it's really important to show kindness at times like that. Because you never know who might be most in need.

My motto, which I say at least once a week, is that the most important thing you can be in life is kind. It truly is.

del2929 Mon 27-Nov-17 22:20:10

actively take part in community projects, show them the people who are maybe struggling in life. teach them empathy and teach them that they can make a difference no matter how small.

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 27-Nov-17 22:45:41

Model kindness yourself. How can children learn to be kind if the adults around them are not?

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