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Share with Dettol the most disgusting things you’ve caught your children doing! £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 17-Nov-17 09:34:54

There’s no doubt that having children can be a pretty messy experience, from having a newborn baby throw up all over you, to having a teenager who hasn’t quite discovered the concept of a laundry bin. With that being said, Dettol would like you to tell us some of the most disgusting things you’ve caught your DC doing.

Here’s what Dettol have to say: “We all know children can do some pretty disgusting things. Maybe it’s not surprising then that kids are one of the main carriers of cold and flu viruses, with 41 percent of cold and flu outbreaks last year reported from schools. With cold and flu season rapidly approaching, it’s important to keep your family safe - both at home and on the go. Dettol Surface Cleanser range provides trusted protection against winter bugs by preventing the spread of germs and bacteria around the home.”

Have you ever caught them using something they really shouldn’t as a toilet? Perhaps you’ve witnessed your DC drinking from the dog bowl. Maybe you saw them lick a piece of cutlery and put it back in the draw without washing it? Or even watched in horror as they licked the hand rail on public transport?

No matter how nauseating the things you’ve found your child doing, share it on the thread below and everyone who comments will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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Davenotdave Mon 20-Nov-17 18:26:53

I caught my toddler eating my babies bogeys the other week.

FridgeCut Mon 20-Nov-17 18:47:48

My son has just turned two and has been found decorating his cot with the content of his nappy. Half a can of dettol was sprayed on that cot after I used a lot of dettol wipes to get it clean. And laundry cleanser in the machine.

TheKnackeredChef Mon 20-Nov-17 21:33:23

We were in Homebase looking for a new bathroom suite. DS was fed up. "I'm hungry", he complained. "I'm booooored." "I need the toilet."
Me: "Yes, yes, we won't be long"
DS: "I need the toilet!"
"In a MINUTE, darling!"

Pause. Moaning stops.

You can see where this is going, can't you?

I managed to rugby tackle him just as he'd got his John Thomas in hand, ready to go in the display toilet with split seconds to spare.

I plan to inflict some karma on him with this story the first time he brings a girlfriend home.

NeverTwerkNaked Mon 20-Nov-17 21:42:30

Are you sure you want to hear these? grin

When DD was about one I nipped I to the kitchen for some wipes as she suddenly decided to do a poo in the garden ... came back out caught her with a piece of the poo in her hand and headed towards her mouth! Luckily stopped her just in time!

When precious first born DS has just learnt to crawl, he crawled up to his dad who had just come in from outside and licked his shoes. I stopped sterilising everything at that point grin

PugwallsSummer Mon 20-Nov-17 22:02:35

My baby ate her own poo.

ohfourfoxache Tue 21-Nov-17 01:39:54

Ds1 is a ridiculously fussy eater.

So you can imagine my surprise when I caught him munching on a cat biscuit. That he’d fished out of the kitchen bin.

Not my finest parenting moment.

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 21-Nov-17 07:03:57

We live in a seaside town with a population of large aggressive seagulls. We were once in park with 2 year old DS. Seagull poop splashes all over the various playground apparatus. Caught DS picking some of a swing and eating it. Bleurgh.

CMOTDibbler Tue 21-Nov-17 11:09:16

As toddlers, I found him and his friend happily crafting castles out of horse poo

voyager50 Tue 21-Nov-17 14:38:14

Licking the windows on the bus - it makes me squirm just thinking about all the other hands and heads that have touched them!

ClaireWilliams3 Tue 21-Nov-17 14:39:44

Licking a lamppost

MummyBtothree Tue 21-Nov-17 15:05:29

Bringing 'pet worms' into the house! 😨

Nannyplumssillyoldelf Tue 21-Nov-17 15:07:12

I caught my 2 year old drinking from the cats water bowl the other day

BexleyRae Tue 21-Nov-17 15:28:44

DD tried to eat the house rabbits poo the other day, she was most annoyed when i took it from her

FlukeSkyeRunner Tue 21-Nov-17 21:36:44

Dd2 brushing inside the loo with dd1's toothbrush...

Sleepysausage Wed 22-Nov-17 08:40:38

My daughter licks everything.
Yesterday she was lying on the side of the pool refusing to participate in her toddler swim lesson as she wanted to lick the floor by the pool instead.

Wellandtrulyoutnumbered Wed 22-Nov-17 08:42:49

My partner will never forget my son going for a wee standing up whilst a huge poo started coming out. My son was completely unaware. He used to poo in bath too. Eurgh

moonmaker Wed 22-Nov-17 10:20:24

So we were in B&q when dd1 , age 2, was toilet training . She was an independent little madam and loved the phrase ‘ done it by myself ‘. We are wandering around b&q looking at paints and stuff and she comes up to us with her pants down , pointing at the display model toilet they have and says ‘ I done it by myself ‘. We walk up to the toilet and there it is , a big poo inside 😧

mumchkin Wed 22-Nov-17 10:26:59

My toddler ate cat poo at around the age of 6 months. He'd only recently tasted food for the first time and the look on his face of "hmm... interesting" was exactly the same for cat poo as it had been for mashed carrots.

PutYourBracesTogether Wed 22-Nov-17 10:36:53

Both mine were lamppost lickers but DD finest moment was using her own poo to 'paint' the wall going up the stairs.

It put her bug eating into perspective pretty sharpish.

wickywilk Wed 22-Nov-17 10:45:20

My 2 year old twins had gone unusually quiet. I found them in the bathroom, one covered in water and the other just about to do the same.... drink from the toilet brush holder 🤢🤢

FoofFighter Wed 22-Nov-17 10:46:51

Not my child, but her best friend last week (they are preschoolers)

She was licking the bus stop envy < not envy!

Belmo Wed 22-Nov-17 10:55:18

Oh god I don't know where to start! My ds is 18 months and has in the last few weeks eaten cat food, crayons, mud, lots of floor food, pooed on the floor...:

sharond101 Wed 22-Nov-17 11:05:30

We baked a cake last night and my 5 year old licked some batter off the floor.

InvisibleKittenAttack Wed 22-Nov-17 11:05:31

Licking the garden waste bin <shudder> was fine though....

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