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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-Sep-17 09:51:06

With the new term officially up and running, getting your DC back into a good routine after the holidays can be tricky; from juggling after-school clubs, homework, chores, mealtimes and bedtimes. Birds Eye want to know your top tips on managing your family's evening routine.

Here’s what Birds Eye have to say: "Evening times are extremely busy for young families, and at Birds Eye we’re committed to helping mum and dad when it comes to easing stress at teatime. Our entire chicken range has just been awarded Mumsnet Rated, following an independent tasting panel judging us on our taste and quality - this is something we are incredibly proud of. All of our chicken is made with 100% chicken breast, and can be cooked in 20 mins. It is also packed with protein, and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and makes a great addition to a nutritionally balanced meal. Convenience without the guilt, freeing up your evening for other important tasks."

So, do you opt for great meals from the freezer? Is there a no-TV-until-homework-is-finished rule? Or maybe you take inspiration from this ‘fidget spinner chores’ and turn your evening routines into a fun game? Whatever it is, Birds Eye want to hear it!

Share your top tips on the thread below and every MNer who posts will be entered into a prize draw. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a £300 Amazon voucher.

Thanks, and good luck.


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asuwere Wed 13-Sep-17 13:59:01

I find evenings quite straight forward; when we get in, the DC sort their school bags - put any letters in a pile for me to sort, fill their water bottle, put in a playpiece for next day, then they do their homework. They then usually disappear outside to play. I then have peace to cook the evening meal - the timing of which depends on which activities we have that evening. We all know what we're doing as it is a routine so it goes fairly straightforward (most nights!)

Theimpossiblegirl Wed 13-Sep-17 17:40:47

Tonight (Wednesday) is our tightest turnaround as the DDs get in and we have 30 minutes before we have to leave for a club.
So it's chicken dippers, wraps and salad for tea and if they don't have time to eat them they finish them in the car.

vickyors Wed 13-Sep-17 21:36:14

I get in from work after my husband has picked up the kids (we both work full time, but different hours). We feed them immediately (I batch cook at weekends). I go into the school and baby bags and look for letters, then we eat and chat about the day and any homework.
After supper, we do homework. Then we bath the kids, and one of us chats to the girls while the other puts washing away and clears the kitchen.
Then my OH goes out, and I read stories to the girls and into bed. Then I do my marking.
My tips: batch cooking. Divvy up jobs. And act like a pair when you're dealing with the kids.
I seriously have so much respect for single parents. They deserve a medal.

FlukeSkyeRunner Wed 13-Sep-17 22:12:34

We have a routine what the kids sorry put there school bags etc, have a drink and entertain themselves while i cook tea - often something batch cooked or that i prepared early in the day. Then after tea they play while i clear up they kitchen, then its bath time, stories then bed. Its usually stress free. Dh doesn't get home until they kids are treat for bed.

georgedawes Thu 14-Sep-17 18:40:15

Meal planning so I don't have to think about what is for dinner, with an easy tea on busy nights!

For us the main thing is no tv/ipad until homework is done. We also try to do reading in the morning so it's less to do in the evenings (and I find DD reads much better then too).

Ganne1 Thu 14-Sep-17 18:40:45

Get the kids involved with the cooking ... well, they'll expect you to give advice with their homework!


nettymay Thu 14-Sep-17 18:42:10

Have to work homework, swimming clubs, judo clubs, into the mix.
Its fun getting them to choose one evening meal during the week - some turned out to be delicious! (some not!)

blimby Thu 14-Sep-17 18:42:35

"No fun 'til homework done" - that's the rule we go by!

mooota1514 Thu 14-Sep-17 18:51:48

We have a routine what the kids sorry put there school bags etc, have a drink and entertain themselves while i cook tea - often something batch cooked or that i prepared early in the day. Then after tea they play while i clear up they kitchen, then its bath time, stories then bed. Its usually stress free. Dh doesn't get home until they kids are treat for bed.

mo3733 Thu 14-Sep-17 18:59:27

its a little regimented. we have tea at six, homework and tele til bath at half seven then bed at eight.

ThemisA Thu 14-Sep-17 19:00:18

We have a weekly menu put on the fridge each week so they know what we are eating and when. Come home, snack and drink, homework, tv. dinner, relax before bed sort out bag for next day and clothes. Read/bed time stories, sleep.

wjanice121 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:03:27

I prepare the following day's main meal the night before with the kids. Since helping (peeling and cutting vegetables etc) the kids are more likely to eat them. We just put the slow cooker on in the morning before school/work.

justme93 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:12:08

With two boys both diagnosed with autism routine and same food are key.. we are currently introducing one new food a week - everyone (including me) has to take at least one bite! Walk home from school sometimes via the park for half hour but home by 4pm. Shoes / coats off juice and biscuit served. (Skype call to Daddy +5hrs the other side of the world working) 4.30 food prep all included, one lays the table the other assists me in the kitchen (life skills for growing men).. whilst the food is cooking - check bags, look at homework. 5.15 / 5.30 dinner time. 6-6.30 TV / iPad time. 6.30/7 bath time, 7/7.30 stories (one each) 7.30 .. goodnight! 7.30-8 I lay out uniform, pack lunch boxes and then finally sit down!

janeyf1 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:24:11

Our routine is for my dc to do homework while I make dinner and after pudding I try to help with any incomplete homework that she needs help with before settling down to some tv. For dinner it tends to be fish fingers or beef burgers with vegetables or beans. Simple but tasty

towser44 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:25:00

No TV whilst eating tea as it is massive distraction and then bed at a strict 7.45pm

SSCRASE123 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:28:52

On the occasional times he doesn't have football training/matches then it's usually straightforward. Home, tea, homework, then playtime before bedtime routine starts.

Yaracuy Thu 14-Sep-17 19:29:23

I'm not a freezer food for children, you'll have plenty opportunity when you're a grown up for that. After school fruit, plenty and fresh. A large glass of milk until dinner time, when good hot soups for winter come handy.
Weekends chips and greasy stuff are rewards to look forward to but homemade, none of the fast food thing. That, maybe once every six or seven months. If ever.

andywedge Thu 14-Sep-17 19:31:30

Quite easy up until bedtime and then any plethora of excuses come out as to why they shouldn't do X/Y/Z
Dismiss these excuses and continue the battle

Lisapaige24 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:34:22

I prepare all my food in advance makes it easier for when I finish work pick up the children from school as there all have there favourites each night each one has there favourite food to make it fair on everyone I allow them half an hour of television or laptop, iPad etc before Tea to give Me a bit of peace whilst cooking it then it's all sitting down to eat no phones ,iPads etc at the dinner just family time.

shellywkd Thu 14-Sep-17 19:37:35

We always sit down together even if we have a quick fish finger sandwich after busy school clubs. It is an important part of the day socialising and catching up together

footdust Thu 14-Sep-17 19:40:20

When we get in, my daughter gets on with her homework and gives me any letters from school I get on with cooking the evening meal - the timing of which depends on activities we have that evening. Then fun time if all homework has been done so that could be TV/Ipads or a board game.

angela121262 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:43:08

We all sit down to our evening meal to discuss our day without any iPads or phones at the table.

feefeegabor Thu 14-Sep-17 19:57:56

One of my kids is now a teenager and she is very good at coming home and getting on with her homework. I let her have about 20 mins when she gets home to have a snack and watch a little bit of TV - then it's on with the homework!

gd2011 Thu 14-Sep-17 19:58:08

Home-cooked meals as often as possible.

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