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Share your post-child style tips with Ecover - £300 voucher and invite to style event to be won NOW CLOSED

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Sep-17 12:31:56

Having children is a big life event that involves lots of changes - from the amount of sleep you get to your clothing choices, and Ecover would like to hear about your style tips or laundry dilemmas post children.

Here’s what Ecover has to say: “Ecover’s new concentrated detergents are ideal for your baby's tiny clothes and gentle on their sensitive skin. But what about you? Ecover are hosting a style workshop with a top UK stylist and there’s a chance to either win an invite or a £300 voucher!

When you’re a mum your priorities naturally shift and precious ‘me time’ becomes scarce. We’re excited to be partnering with a top UK fashion stylist to host a feel good workshop for mums! She’ll be covering topics from fashion trends and “go-to” outfits to handy laundry tips to help families tackle their ever growing laundry basket.”

Perhaps you have practical style tips you wish you’d been aware of when you first became a parent? Or maybe you have style or laundry dilemmas that you still wish you had a solution to? Is the kind of outfit you feel great in the same as it was pre-children?

For a chance to win a £300 voucher (for a retailer of your choice, from a list) or an invite to Ecover’s Style Event on 18th September, post on the thread below sharing your style tips or laundry dilemmas.

Please note, the prize draw for Ecover’s style event will be run on the 13th September. The thread will be closing on the 18th September, and the voucher prize draw will take place at this time.

Thanks and good luck!


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SillyMoomin Mon 04-Sep-17 13:05:36

My style tips for after DC is to not be as worried what other people think. I used to be concerned about matching shoes, bags, the "right" hair etc- as long as I'm clean and tidy, anything else is a bonus! grin

I stick to a "uniform" during the week of separates that I know will mix well whatever - neutrals with splashes of colours from scarves or accessories

Keep it simpler!

Beach11 Mon 04-Sep-17 16:44:14

I have a specific range of clothes for work & DS has had the same for nursery. These clothes are hard wearing & easy to clean, requiring minimal ironing. This means we can spend more time at the weekend on fun things.

Enjoy life!

CopperPan Mon 04-Sep-17 16:49:32

I limit my clothes buying to easy-care clothes - all machine-washable, non-iron clothes. If I find something basic I like, I buy a few so I always have one on hand. I like to have unfussy clothes, without extra bits like separate tie belt that might get lost or pulled on by small children.

WhosTakingDeHorseToFrance Mon 04-Sep-17 16:55:36

I'm sure the style police will have their sirens blazing with this but I found the big scarf oh so useful. Temporary wrap for a tiny baby post poonami, something to cover over the post feed mouthful on my shoulders...
Motherhood ain't stylishgrin

Mummychoochoo3 Mon 04-Sep-17 17:04:51

Basic tops and plain jersey pencil skirts. I dress them up or down in boot or flats usually. Big scarf always works well for me too. It distracts from food stains on my top.
I prefer a mix a little foundation with my moisturiser as it's the quickest way for a fresh look and I need mascara and lip glosa

CommonFishDiseases Mon 04-Sep-17 17:12:22

Tinted moisturiser, knowing what suits me on a colour wheel, and a capsule wardrobe are the keys to my style sanity as a mother of young children!

NerrSnerr Mon 04-Sep-17 17:57:36

I am currently breastfeeding so like baggy oversized tops to cover everything.

MsMommie Mon 04-Sep-17 17:59:44

Lots and lots and lots of concealer, and a touch of mascara. So you look like you've got your shit together, even though you probably haven't.

Sammyislost Mon 04-Sep-17 18:01:51

Buy second hand clothes for nursery/pre-school, that way, it really doesn't matter if they come home with grass stains or paint all down the sleeves, especially if its dried on and hard to wash out.

starlight36 Mon 04-Sep-17 18:24:48

For daytime machine washable clothes are a must. I still try to buy things I really love as I want to feel good about myself and what I'm wearing.

Hairq Mon 04-Sep-17 18:31:46

I lived in charity shop clothes for a couple of years after having my DC - everything seemed to get trashed so I didn't want to buy anything that mattered. I remember living
For a velvet winter coat, but there was no way I could have one during the sticky fingers/snot everywhere phase.

InvisibleKittenAttack Mon 04-Sep-17 19:14:42

I second the big scarf look for the post baby period when jewellery isn't really going to work (esp when the start the pulling at earrings/necklaces stage).

Picking a few colours that suit and only buying clothes in those colours, ideally without pattern, so everything looks ok together without effort.

foxessocks Mon 04-Sep-17 20:39:23

I aim for clothes I will feel comfortable in if I'm bending down to help the kids or play with them and try to wear one piece of jewellery so I look a bit like I've made an effort!

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Mon 04-Sep-17 20:51:46

When breastfeeding I could not find specific breastfeeding tops that suited me or that I liked.
I found any normal top with a vest top underneath allowed me to lift up the outer top and pull down the vest. Thus allowing me to buy tips I liked and that I could continue to use after breastfeeding.

ButterflyOfFreedom Mon 04-Sep-17 20:55:36

Definitely comfort over style when pregnant & those few weeks after birth! I loved maternity wear - those big baggy trousers with elasticated waists!! grin

These days I generally go for jeans with a loose fitting top / shirt / jumper. Just something practical for playing down the park etc.

Dry shampoo & concealer are essentials most days to look half decent especially when there isn't time to have a proper long shower or do my hair!!

vickyors Mon 04-Sep-17 21:06:14

My style tip. Buy fewer things than you think you need- for yourself, and the kids. Kids, once at school will only need school uniform and a couple of other things. I find it easier now to divide between a few key pieces for work, which I mix and match, and a couple of pairs of jeans and tops for home.

As for laundry. I get liquid for sensitive skin. And unless it's a new piece of clothing, I mix colours. I keep bras depressed, but everything else just goes into the machine together. So much easier!

JemIsMyNameNooneElseIsTheSame Mon 04-Sep-17 21:07:43

My DS is 5 now, so slowly starting to get my style back. Still avoid hand wash or dry clean only clothes and keep to a similar colour pallette so I can pull together outfits quickly.

mummymummums Mon 04-Sep-17 21:13:04

I wear trousers/jeans 95% of the time since having DC - I got fed up with little hands lifting my skirt in public!
Instead of a handbag I always carry a rucksack so always have hands free and place to store water bottles and all the paraphernalia

georgedawes Mon 04-Sep-17 22:08:25

I'm not sure I'm the best person to give style advice really! But I've always thought beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do your best, be confident and you'll look great.

towser44 Mon 04-Sep-17 22:20:09

I actually have to make an effort when it comes to dressing now as my daughter comments otherwise when I go to collect her from school if I have just chucked something on!

rutsan Mon 04-Sep-17 22:31:29

I wish i knew the reason why my washing machine shrinks my clothes after each child??

gd2011 Mon 04-Sep-17 22:31:46

Wear clothes that you don't mind getting ruined.

pongopig Mon 04-Sep-17 22:31:49

Buy some really nice flat shoes, preferably slip-ons - when you are looking after a toddler you might not have time for doing up laces.

jelleng Mon 04-Sep-17 22:43:37

Getting those milk stains off the shoulders of my clothes after the baby has been sick on them ( some how the baby can magically miss the cloths I use to protect them) can be difficult especially on woollens.

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