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Child aged 2-13 in the UK? Read feedback on the trial of Reading Eggs NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Sep-17 11:46:56

We have been asked by the team at Reading Eggs to find MNers to try their reading programme and to report back on this thread for MN.

Here’s what, Rebecca, Direct Marketing Manager at Reading Eggs has to say “Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for your DC using online reading games and activities. It works on desktop and tablets. Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning. It also keeps them engaged leaving you more time to Mumsnet grin
My DC have used the programme and love it, so we wanted to know what Mumsnetters thought!"

Testers - please post on the thread below sharing your Reading Eggs review below – please let us know what your DC think of Reading Eggs (3-7), Reading Eggs Junior (2-4), Reading Eggpress (7-13) or Mathseeds (3-9). Do also feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #readingeggs
Feedback now live here

Standard Insight T and C apply
Prize draw will be done on 23 October - open to everyone who uses the free MN trial and then shares their feedback on this thread.

Waspyhell Mon 04-Sep-17 17:22:09

I'd love to try this. I have a 10 year old who is an excellent reader and a 3 year old who is just starting out on her reading journey.

JemIsMyNameNooneElseIsTheSame Mon 04-Sep-17 21:01:50

Have signed up. Looking forward to trying it out.

BookShop Mon 04-Sep-17 21:04:58

We used Reading Eggs and they were fantastic. Great app. I'd use them again if needed. My DS loves them. The characters and games were amazing.

foxessocks Mon 04-Sep-17 21:33:28

Have sign up!

WhosTakingDeHorseToFrance Mon 04-Sep-17 22:22:39

Signed up, my 4year old has had a lovely time testing on the iPad this evening. I'm really impressed so far!

EvilDoctorBallerinaDuckKeidis Mon 04-Sep-17 23:41:29

Have signed up. 😆

MissEliza Tue 05-Sep-17 00:22:57

I really want to try this as apart from beta mum, I'm an LSA and I've heard about Reading Eggs at work. I'd like to see how good it is.

fish88 Tue 05-Sep-17 07:41:54

I already use reading eggs and it is amazing. My 3 year old loves it and has taught himself to sound out cvc words, recognise some sight words, count and is just learning simple addition now. He asks to play on it all the time and loves the characters and games.

desperatelyseekingcaffeine Tue 05-Sep-17 19:40:15

I'm using it on my phone and finding its just not very responsive. Sometimes need to press the buttons multiple times. Anyone else had problems? It's a shame as it looks great but my son gets frustrated if it won't work properly so then doesn't engage with it.

Helentad Tue 05-Sep-17 22:22:27

Have joined up for my two 10 year old to see if it makes any difference with reading and spelling.

claza93 Wed 06-Sep-17 06:43:11

Love to have a go! I have a ten year old book worm who reads everything in sight and is always complaining that there is nothing left to read in the house!

CreativeMumma Wed 06-Sep-17 10:07:39

I've got 3 & 5yr olds and will definitely give it a go!

AugustRose Wed 06-Sep-17 10:38:53

I have signed up for my 6 year old and 10 year old, I've looked at it before but not signed up, mainly for the maths.

ProseccoandPizza Wed 06-Sep-17 13:37:04

Have signed up for my almost 7 year old!

SasBel Wed 06-Sep-17 14:25:37

Just signed up for my just turned 8 yo and 5yo. Looks great so far!

Civilsoot Wed 06-Sep-17 15:36:33

Just tried the website with my 3 year old and he lost interest within 5 minutes. He loves Cbeebies Alphablocks and has exhausted the Alphablocks game on the cbeebies app so I'm a little disappointed.

outnumbered77 Wed 06-Sep-17 18:00:47

Have signed up my 4 year old daughter and she's really enjoying it, asking to do it every day. We're using an iPad.

GeekyWombat Thu 07-Sep-17 14:55:47

Just signed up for 3 year old on iPad. She's giddy!

outnumbered77 Thu 07-Sep-17 18:31:36

My only comments so far would be that although my 4 year old loves it she often deliberately chooses the wrong answer as she likes the character's reaction to the wrong answer!

BrawneLamia Thu 07-Sep-17 19:50:12

Just signed up

BumpGoesBumpety Thu 07-Sep-17 20:27:00

First impressions - my 3yo really wasn't impressed. I accessed the website from a kindle and wanted to include the website on the list of things accessible to him: to go this to had to list 5 URLs which meant it was quite a faff. Will continue to encourage him and add more feedback once we've had a more extensive test.

itusedtobeverydifferent Thu 07-Sep-17 20:30:16

We've used reading eggs, my son started school this week. The programme definitely helped him to learn his phonics, he really enjoyed seeing the progress on the map and was keen to get on the computer to learn more! I recommended it to a number of parents.

sharmanda Thu 07-Sep-17 21:33:34

My eldest daughter has started primary school this week so this would be ideal.She loves her books and likes to try to read with me.

foxessocks Fri 08-Sep-17 14:46:44

My 3 yo dd isn't really keen and I have to say I don't really "get" it either...I found the website quite hard to navigate perhaps because I use a laptop as we don't have a tablet, this also means dd couldn't really do much of it herself. It was all a bit strange and she got bored which is unlike her as she is usually quite enthusiastic about new things especially if she gets to go on the computer. This didn't keep her attention at all. I don't know if I'm not looking in the right place or what but I just couldn't get to grips with it, nothing was really explained.

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