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Tell TSB who your local hero is! £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED

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PoppyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 01-Sep-17 14:26:04

We're working with TSB who have launched #TSBLocalPride as part of their support for Pride of Britain. They’re on a search to find the ‘pride of your community’. It could be your sports coach, best friend, child's teacher or a local business. Do you know someone in your community who made a real difference? Do you fancy giving someone recognition for their effort? If so, tell us about them and why they deserve to be mentioned on the thread below. NB you don't have to name them if you don't want to!

In addition, you can enter on Instagram by sharing a photo of your chosen person/people (with their permission) and an explanation of how they help others, using #TSBLocalPride and #mumsnet. For doing this, you will be entered into a second prize draw to win another £300. Your profile will need to be public for the entry to be counted, and do check with anyone in the photo that they're happy for it to be shared.

Here’s what TSB has to say “TSB are proud to be part of local communities where people help people and we all thrive together. That is what we at TSB call Local Pride, thank you for being part of it.”

Everyone who shares their story here will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Many thanks and good luck!


Standard T&Cs apply

*TSB may want to feature some of the best stories on their site. If they are interested in yours they will contact Mumsnet who will PM you to see if you give your permission. No worries if you don't want your story featured.

NB the people you nominate won't be entered into the Pride of Britain awards. This thread is just for showcasing stories about how members of your community have made a difference.

glennamy Sun 03-Sep-17 13:02:47

I would like to nominate my neighbour Kim who has become my Mothers carer due to her health issues. I do what I can but with a young family and work commitments I cannot do it all. Not only does she do the caring she chats and listens to her therefore it is more of a friendship!

roggy45 Sun 03-Sep-17 14:31:56

I would like to nominate my daughters sports coach who goes above and beyond to help the youngsters reach their full potential. He is always willing to go the extra mile and give her the time, whatever her results.

janeyf1 Sun 03-Sep-17 14:57:09

I would like to nominate the nurses at the Oncology ward at QA Hospital Portsmouth for their tireless help, patience and care for the high dependency patients, particularly for my mother

dragon60 Sun 03-Sep-17 20:53:54

I’m delighted to nominate my friend Betty Jenkinson. At 77 Betty is still running the Pink Ribbons Breast Cancer support group that she started in 1994. When Betty had her first cancer experience and found no support available in Telford she and 3 friends set up the group. Betty is the only one of the original four still running the group and supporting anyone affected by breast cancer. She does this not just by holding a monthly meeting but with direct one to one support, her personal phone number is on leaflets handed to newly diagnosed patients who can phone Betty anytime. Betty has recently finished going through treatment for her second cancer diagnosis, rather than seeing this as a negative Betty says it now helps her to help more women as she has so much more experience of the cancer journey, so can answer even more questions.
Betty also hand sews pockets into bras for ladies to hold their breast prosthesis. She started doing this as a direct result of ladies telling her about their problems in getting a suitable bra. As more products have become available there is less need now, but Betty still does it, completely free of charge, paying for the material herself.
I know Betty is very proud of the Quiet Room that has been built onto the hospital, funded by Betty’s support group. Before the quiet room was built, you would get the diagnosis of cancer in a nurses office and then have to walk back into the waiting room to exit the building. At this point you would be in shock and tears and be very aware that everyone sitting in that waiting room,(directly in front of the nurses office) was looking at you. There is now a lovely room, with comfortable seating, soft colours and a door to the car park allowing you to exit discreetly.
Betty is an amazing lady, at 77, two cancer experience, an active grandma, who collects her middle grandchild Hannah from school several times a week and a proud grandma to two others. She is full of life, comes swimming most weeks, withn her support group has raised over £130,000 for the benefit of breast cancer patients at our local hospital and has helped support thousands of women in their cancer journey. I salute you Betty

Sid98 Mon 04-Sep-17 06:35:07

My dad as he volunteers to help out in local community whenever he can and is always on hand to help anyone in need

happysouls Mon 04-Sep-17 10:44:08

I'd nominate The Green Man Gallery in Buxton. It has become part of the heart of the community in promoting the arts!

Etymology23 Mon 04-Sep-17 10:48:22

I'd like to nominate the Tea Pot project in Ipswich, who collect on date food from supermarkets and deliver it to the Salvation Army, YMCA, food banks and others so that those struggling and homeless can eat fresh foods.

InMySpareTime Mon 04-Sep-17 12:17:19

I'd nominate my DCs' Scout leader. She really goes above and beyond to make each week exciting for the Scouts, alongside leading a Cub pack and a Beaver colony, and a Brownie pack, and working days in the Girl Guiding shop.
She is also heavily involved in Gang Show, the annual Revue for Scouting and Guiding locally (which takes up weekends from September to February) and runs a Scout and Guide Brass Band.
I don't know how she does it, but she gets little thanks and no money for any of this. I'd love to see her get some recognition finally.

sharond101 Mon 04-Sep-17 12:39:38

3 parents run a group for children on a Friday evening. They put their heart and soul into it and arrange lots of parties and activities. They go unpaid and the kids love every minute.

WhosTakingDeHorseToFrance Mon 04-Sep-17 14:53:53

I'd like to nominate a local childminder who not only has been a part of many families in our area with her day job but takes the time to run the parent and toddler group in the village. She is warm welcoming and fantastic with both parents and kids. She is tirelessly cheery and when you feel like you are the worlds worst mum/dad she'll make you a cuppa and make it all better! I lufs her!!!

CopperPan Mon 04-Sep-17 16:43:22

I'd like to nominate my DS's SN teaching assistant who has been brilliant in supporting him and helping with academic and social skills.

Mummychoochoo3 Mon 04-Sep-17 17:08:05

My mum, she took are of me and the kids when my husband had a major stroke last year. I was 6days post partum and could barely walk. My mum was there when it happened and was stayed with me for 6 months. My husband us still recovering and she is always a there for us

PumbletonWakeshaft Mon 04-Sep-17 17:58:00

My husband, who is a paramedic practitioner. After 12 years working for the ambulance service, he now works for a GP surgery. He supports many local elderly patients with their care, often taking them their prescriptions after he finishes work as he knows they will struggle to do it themselves. He spends time on the phone to different agencies, always ensuring each patient has exactly what they need. If the surgery is short staffed, he will always jump in to help in which ever way they need (if a nurse is absent he will do wound care etc). I am incredibly proud of him. He receives thank you phone calls and letters to the surgery every week because he always goes this extra mile. He is having an incredible impact in the community, and also amongst his colleagues.

NerrSnerr Mon 04-Sep-17 18:00:30

I'd nominate the two volunteers who run our library rhyme time. They are amazing, they engage all the children and parents. They're also great at noticing parents who may be isolated or struggling and subtlety ensure they're included in conversations and let them know where help is and other groups etc.

MsMommie Mon 04-Sep-17 18:11:29

I don't know if she is still working now, as she was very poorly and was considering leaving for health reasons, but there was a pastoral support worker at Rounds Green Primary School in Oldbury, West Midlands called Jackie Howe.
I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly amazing this woman is.
Always went above and beyond for parents and the children at that school. Completely non judgemental, supportive, helpful and she absolutely didn't just work 'for the money'
She never had time, always rushed of her feet, but there was never anyone she didnt MAKE time for. If you needed her, she was there.
She was so ill. Heart problems. Surgery. She never complained not even once. She worked when she didn't need to, didn't have to and probably shouldn't have. But her love for children and families is what drove her I suppose.
She deserves the queens honours.
Never ever in my life have I met such a genuinely beautiful person. Amazing. I don't even have the words to describe her.
I didn't really write this in the hope I would win some vouchers, so please don't enter me into the draw. It's just some people will never get the recognition they deserve, so I'll just sing her praises randomly on mumsnet... I hope someone who knows her will see it, and show her. Maybe it will make her smile smile

Hairq Mon 04-Sep-17 18:33:15

My dad organised getting a defibrillator for the village he lives in - I think that's a pretty big difference to a community.

honeyandginger48 Mon 04-Sep-17 19:55:20

I'd like to nominate my friend and colleague Helen who is always busy helping out in our local community. She helps to run a scout group, a local drumming group, was a governor for our local primary school aswell as organising the school summer fete, is a union rep at work, raises money for charity by running marathons and has set up a running group to encourage others to stay fit and healthy. She is wonder woman!

GinevraFanshawe Mon 04-Sep-17 20:23:31

My sister who spends a lot of time raising money for charity despite having opened her own restaurant this year so is rushed off her feet!

foxessocks Mon 04-Sep-17 20:41:44

A local charity who visit our community monthly with a pop up cafe. They are fab and have helped neighbours talk more.

Hadagutsful Mon 04-Sep-17 20:50:45

My friend (let's call her Betty) who spends so much time and effort putting together a free play session held in our local park every week in the summer holidays for school aged children. We live in quite a deprived area so for a lot of the children it really is the highlight of their week. She's awesome.

JemIsMyNameNooneElseIsTheSame Mon 04-Sep-17 21:00:15

I'd like to nominate a local charity regularly feeding the homeless and providing support and guidance for the vulnerable.

ButterflyOfFreedom Mon 04-Sep-17 21:08:04

I'd nominate the leader of a local charity who helps women & their families who are fleeing domestic violence. She is married, has 3 children & holds down a full time job (running her own business) but volunteers & fund raises tirelessly to help others in need. Such admiration for her- she's such a lovely lady too!

vickyors Mon 04-Sep-17 21:15:30

I'd nominate the children's worker at our local church. She runs a toddler group, goes into schools, has an after school club for kids from a big range of backgrounds. She is continually kind and generous with her time, when I know she's only paid for about 20 hours a week. She is always kind, never seems to have any time off, and has time for every kid, young or old. She is wonderful.

giddyypixie Tue 05-Sep-17 11:10:43

At my sons junior school, there was a lovely teacher who ran arts classes outside of school hours and in her own time so that pupils could work towards their Arts Award. She would organise trips to galleries to enrich the experience. She then started to run sessions in holidays in the local area for children who weren't pupils in the school. She was in the local newspaper because it was the first of it's kind in our local area. It was just so great that someone with an arts passion could pass that onto children at the school & in the local area! My on absolutely loved working towards the award and enjoyed all the arts and crafts he had to create along the way.

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