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Tell Sky Cinema about your favourite family films to watch this summer - £300 voucher to be won NOW CLOSED

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Aug-17 16:48:49

Watching a film can be a great way to spend time together as a family over the Great British summer, and Sky Cinema would like to hear about the family films you’re looking forward to watching or would recommend.

Here’s what Sky Cinema has to say: “With Sky Cinema, it’s easy to find something to watch this summer. We’ve got the biggest family blockbusters from 2016 available on demand, from The Secret Life of Pets and Jungle Book to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them”.

Take a look at the Ten biggest blockbusters from 2016 and all of the family films available with Sky Cinema. Let us know about the ones you’ve watched as a family (and what you thought) and sharing those that you’re looking forward to watching with your children and why.

So, whether your family summer film watching is on rainy days or during a relaxing evening in, share your favourites and those you’re looking forward to below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 John Lewis voucher.

Thanks and good luck!


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LadyMonicaBaddingham Thu 03-Aug-17 17:30:25

My boys were thrilled to bits when Moana turned up as the daily premiere the other day. We are really looking forward to seeing Star Wars: Rogue One again and are planning a family film night to watch Fantastic Beasts when it becomes available...

LadyMonicaBaddingham Thu 03-Aug-17 17:32:19

Oh, and DH and I bought T2:Trainspotting for a cheeky film night together. Was bizarrely nostalgic, as we spent most of it quoting lines from the original at the TV grin

Sarahmariefoster Thu 03-Aug-17 18:00:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AmateurSwami Thu 03-Aug-17 18:56:09

Lego batman is a firm fave here. We love a quotable film. It's hilarious.
Howl's moving castle is another family favourite, it's magical.

WinifredAtwellsOtherPiano Thu 03-Aug-17 18:59:20

We loved Rogue 1, Fantastic Beasts and The Jungle Book when we watched them at the cinema as a family. I had to drag the rest of the family using threats and bribery to see the Jungle Book because they were far from convinced. However they loved it of course - as always, the member of the family who listens to Kermode and Mayo is the one whom you should trust when it comes to movies.

DD was only 13 when Deadpool came out and is desperate to watch it now she's old enough - but since DS is only 12 that may be tricky.

I have a huge crush on Captain America but still haven't seen Civil War, so if all else fails I'm going to do a free 14 day trial of Sky Cinema and watch it all by myself first thing in the morning.

asuwere Thu 03-Aug-17 19:02:57

My DC had a PJ afternoon today; they watch Hotel Transylvania followed by Hotel Transylvania 2! We have also been enjoying Moana (my fav just now) and Sing!

MrsG841 Thu 03-Aug-17 19:09:01

My DD absolutely loves Moana.....most days i watch it a least 5 times. But she has really started getting into disney films now so im in heaven as i also adore disney movies.

MrsDaveGr0hl Thu 03-Aug-17 19:48:28

Absolutely Rogue One. We watched it the other night - me, DS, DD, DM, DBro and DNephews. Every one enjoyed it x

wheretoyougonow Thu 03-Aug-17 20:03:40

Fantastic beasts and Lego batman are a real hit in this house. I loved the new Bridget Jones movie so maybe 'encouraging' my husband to watch that one with me grin

tomatopuree Thu 03-Aug-17 20:43:55

We watch big hero 6 on a loop mostly. Although the secret life of pets just became a big hit. Particularly the docks who likes to rock out!

Please tell me when The Shack is coming out

DaisyDando Thu 03-Aug-17 20:51:32

Loved Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts! Really looking forward to watching Jungle Book on Sky with DS. What an amazing book and the original film is a true classic. Don't mind listening to Idris Elba as a voice artist, although I prefer to see him on screen! (Or in real life...)

JulesJules Thu 03-Aug-17 20:53:01

We have already watched Moana again, everyone loved it.

Looking forward to seeing Rogue One again (we saw it at the cinema) - that's going to be a Saturday night with pizzas.

Big Hero 6 and Paddington are favourites which we've seen lots of times (me and DD2 cry every time - DD1 is nails)

Also Hidden Figures - I took the DDs and their friends to see it at the cinema, but DH hasn't seen it yet. Looking forward to seeing that again too.

IndianaMoleWoman Thu 03-Aug-17 20:58:11

My DD (aged 2) is obsessed with The Jungle Book, to the point where she tries to hypnotise us by singing "Trust In Me." I don't know whether I find it cute or just plain creepy!

I am ridiculously excited about the new Bridget Jones film, if DH asks it's because I loved the original books/films but really it's because I'm obsessed with Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy!

MargoChanning Thu 03-Aug-17 21:01:47

My 6 year old DD and I are really enjoying the kids films on Sky Cinema. Our favourite is Zootropolis - such a great funny film to snuggle down to watch and the scene with the sloths really crack us up!

Alexandra87 Thu 03-Aug-17 21:46:59

We like oldies in this house. The dcs love labyrinth and I will gladly watch it over and over to relive my childhood

Time4adrink Thu 03-Aug-17 22:40:22

We just watched Wayne's World with our tweenagers - very funny ( yes there's some rudeness...but we judged it acceptable). We've also recently enjoyed the live action Scooby Do films and the Annie musical.

We are looking forward to watching Moana together and rewatching Rogue One and Fantastic Beasts as a family.

Loopyjoes Thu 03-Aug-17 23:05:07

Too many to choose from!!! Animation for us all, action for the boys and something scary for me!!!

nobullshitallowed Thu 03-Aug-17 23:35:23

Mine love trolls. Think it's all the music in the film. It's fab! We bought it on sky movies where you can keep it, so I have to endure it every day grin

EsmeeMerlin Thu 03-Aug-17 23:40:23

We like a lot of animation films. Trolls, Moana and batman Lego movie being our recent favourites.

voyager50 Thu 03-Aug-17 23:41:51

The Shrek and Monsters Inc movies are always winners in our house!

We haven't seen newer films as we stick to dvds and Freeview!

del2929 Thu 03-Aug-17 23:43:31

we love to re watch matilda and mary poppins!

onemorecakeplease Thu 03-Aug-17 23:52:17

We watched the secret life of pets and loved it
It was the first time dd (4) ever sat through a film and both dc laughed and laughed!

They currently love moana and boss baby too

BelligerentGardenPixies Fri 04-Aug-17 00:01:14

Moana is a firm favorite and we all sing the songs (even my too cool for school twelve year old) and Hey-Hey never fails to get a laugh.

We recently watched Fantastic Beasts and it went down well - exciting and magical.

frecklejuice Fri 04-Aug-17 00:47:18

My 3 year old daughter is Moana mad and was so happy to find that she can watch it in my bedroom instead of just downstairs (DVD)! We discovered it on Sunday morning and we all had a lovely lazy morning in bed smile

My 8 year old son is waiting patiently for the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid to come out as we didn't get to see it at the cinema and he loves the older films.

We did have a cinema afternoon last week when it was raining, me and the kids had a quick dash to the shop to buy popcorn and chocolate, shut the curtains, turned the lights off and watched Secret Life of Pets! My dd3 absolutely loved it and keeps asking if we can "make a cinema again"!

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