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Tell Endsleigh Insurance what you are most looking forward to when your DC go to uni - £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 31-Jul-17 10:36:58

The summer holidays are finally here and many parents are soon to find out where their DCs may be heading off to university. For teenagers and parents alike, this can be very daunting time. However, it’s also a time some parents may have secretly longed for…freedom is on the horizon!

Endsleigh, a UK provider of student insurance, wants to hear from you as parents about what you’ll be enjoying again, and what plans you’ve made once your DDs and DSs fly the nest.

Here’s what Endsleigh had to say: “Leaving for university doesn’t only affect students, but their parents too. We pride ourselves on understanding students’ needs as they prepare for university, and throughout their university careers. With over 50 years’ experience, Endsleigh is the No. 1 student insurance provider and the only one recommended by NUS.

Our cover protects gadgets, watches, contents, bikes, musical instruments and even tuition fees (if the student has to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances) under one policy—giving students the flexibility to protect the things that matter to them (and you) the most. Endsleigh gives you peace of mind.”

Planning on seeing the world, or moving abroad? Ready to give up washing the sports kit? Converting newly-vacated bedrooms into an office? Or perhaps you just can’t wait to have full control of the tv again!

Whatever you are planning/longing to do when your DCs move into the big wide world of university life, share it on the thread below and you’ll be entered into a prize draw with a chance of winning a £300 voucher of your choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck


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NerrSnerr Mon 31-Jul-17 11:42:49

I'm looking forward to hearing about all the exciting things they'll get up to. Nights out, clubs, opportunities etc. For myself I look forward to quiet!

BellaVida Mon 31-Jul-17 15:58:20

We still have quite a while before all of ours are away at uni- another 11 years! I think by then we hope to have released some capital to buy a place abroad and enjoy some year round sunshine. Ideally the DC will join us for holidays.

Personally, I hope to have a bit of time to focus on myself, exercise, take up a new hobby. That said, I know we will miss them all terribly. We're so used to a busy, noisy family home, we will have to do something to compensate- maybe take up an instrument?!

Above all, we will keep watching in awe as our children grow up and enjoy every minute we get to share.

CopperPan Mon 31-Jul-17 17:37:28

DS has worked really hard through illness and several teachers leaving the school at several key points in his GCSEs and A Levels, so I'm just looking forward to him (hopefully) earning a hard-won place at university and getting the education and experiences he deserves. I'll still be very busy at home with the other dc - when they have all gone I'm looking forward to doing more sports and taking up some art classes which I never have time for when they're at home.

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 31-Jul-17 17:52:37

I'm looking forward to not having an endless laundry pile (apart from some weekends and holidays).

XenakisCarter Mon 31-Jul-17 18:00:47

I'm looking forward to the washing pile going down and being able to cook normal portions of food instead of growing boys portions. I imagine we'll have lots of leftovers for a while, in the adjustment phase!

teddygirlonce Mon 31-Jul-17 18:08:38

Looking forward to having some more time in the bathroom uninterrupted, reduced washing/ironing piles and finding out about all the fun things the DC get up to at uni.

HowsAnnie25 Mon 31-Jul-17 18:20:28

After my eldest goes to uni I'll have my 2 littles as there's over an 8 year age gap between them. I think I'll feel like Andy's mom in Toy Story 3, bereft and kind of in mourning!
I think overall I'll have less money to spend as I am sure I will be supporting my son more but I'll be scared and excited too!
I'll definitely have less laundry to do though!

ClaireJ89 Mon 31-Jul-17 18:33:57

I'm most looking forward to having all of my house tidy and having plenty of cups in the cupboard at all times,instead of having them under dc's bed all the time!

SafeToCross Mon 31-Jul-17 18:36:00

Annoying DH all by myself? I will feel seriously bereft though, so he will need some skills to keep my spirits up.

HamletsSister Mon 31-Jul-17 18:38:27

I am looking forward to a child who is excited by the world in front of him but keeps in touch with those of us left behind.

WhosTakingDeHorseToFrance Mon 31-Jul-17 19:35:04

It'll be some time for us but I think I'll be most looking forward to hearing the edited version of their adventures and hopefully seeing them enthused by learning.

theresamustgo Mon 31-Jul-17 20:45:39

I will be so relieved if mine get there. They have difficulties so it is not certain.I will enjoy learning about what they are learning.

sharond101 Mon 31-Jul-17 21:21:49

Nothing!I love my children little and at home with me :-(

foxessocks Mon 31-Jul-17 23:45:47

Seeing their excitement and enthusiasm

asuwere Tue 01-Aug-17 00:00:55

We're still a few years away but I'll enjoy having less queues for the bathroom! smile

StepAwayFromCake Tue 01-Aug-17 00:17:19

I can't even begin to imagine what life will be like once our youngest has gone to uni. For all we know, we may not even have an empty nest then, because the eldest will have finished uni and might be back!

voyager50 Tue 01-Aug-17 10:58:59

It's a very long way off yet but I'm sure I will enjoy doing less laundry and not having so much mess to clear up plus the toilet lid won't always be left up!

Leeds2 Tue 01-Aug-17 11:28:11

I'm looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet, and knowing that there are no unexpected guests in the house!

TellMeItsNotTrue Tue 01-Aug-17 11:42:35

Getting a new set of crockery and cutlery from the bedroom wink

Reduction in food and electricity bills

FuckingHateRats Tue 01-Aug-17 13:11:44

The reduction in food bills!

Notthecarwashagain Tue 01-Aug-17 15:45:21

DD is off to university this year and I shall be claiming the big bedroom!
She's the one with the most junk stuff, so I gave her the biggest room. She still insists on surrounding herself with papers and wrappers downstairs- so I'm looking forward to having a tidier house too!

I'm also looking forward to her experiencing a whole new world, and meeting people with the same interests as her.

I was 17 when she was born and have lived with her my entire adult life. I'm going to be a bit lost when she leaves, but am so proud of her for following her dreams smile

Falconhoof1 Tue 01-Aug-17 16:10:07

I actually want my DD to go to uni locally and stay here. I'll miss her if she goes- but it's a good 5 years away and I might have changed my mind by then! And also I went away for uni and it was good practice for the big bad world of independence. If she went away we'd have a spare room too and I could sleep theregrin

fionabird75 Tue 01-Aug-17 17:01:39

I'm looking forward to the towels being in the bathroom not in a wet heap on a bedroom floor!

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 01-Aug-17 17:10:56

I really enjoyed my own university days so I'll be living vicariously through the DC and can't wait to hear what they get up to both in the student bar but also at their lectures and what they make of it all

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