Child aged 5-11 who loves drawing? Enter the BIC® competition

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EmmaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 03-Jul-17 13:59:39

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We have been asked by the team at BIC® to find MNers with budding artists who fancy having their artwork on display in their local town!

BIC® is hosting a competition here on Mumsnet where children aged 5-11 can submit their drawings and be in with a chance to win a £50 BIC® bundle and get their artwork featured on a billboard in their hometown!

“It doesn’t matter if your child thinks the sky should be yellow, the sun pink, or the grass purple – we want to see the nation’s most imaginative drawings. All you need to do, is send a photo of your kid’s best drawing by the 6th August. Entries will then be judged by our panel of expert creatives and winners will be notified before the billboards are launched in September,” says Rebecca Huda from BIC®.

So get your child to hand draw an original image of their choice and post a photograph on this thread, along with the age of your child and your region. Ensure you keep the artwork as if your child wins, you will need to send in the original.

You need to be a registered Mumsnetter to take part so if you are not and want to enter please register here.


- This competition is open to all UK children who will be aged between 5 and 11 years old on 6th August 2017.
- 10 winners will be chosen by BIC® judges (judges will take the entrant’s age, creativity, use of colour and drawing/colouring ability into consideration) and they will all win a £50 BIC® bundle AND a 48-sheet billboard of their winning artwork in their hometown (or nearest town with billboard spaces).
- One entry will also be chosen at random to win a £300 Tesco voucher.
- There can only be one entry per child but can be multiple entries per Mumsnetter if you have more than one child aged 5-11yrs.
- Competition is open from 17th July - 6th August so get creative!

As the winning artwork will be shown on your local billboard, you’re welcome to name change if desired for the purposes of entry.

Best of luck - we can’t wait to see your drawings!


By entering this competition you are agreeing to the T&Cs, please read full T&Cs here.

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Nitsdrivingmebonkers Mon 17-Jul-17 09:33:04

Shame it isn't for younger kids. My three year old would love this. She draws animals, flowers and cars!

EvilDoctorBallerinaDuck Mon 17-Jul-17 10:28:15

Oh my 2 youngest will love this! I'll be uploading ASAP! 😆✏

SasBel Mon 17-Jul-17 11:10:15

Will get them to draw when home from school, great competition!

Soslowmo Mon 17-Jul-17 14:04:02

Sounds great!

mejijus Mon 17-Jul-17 14:35:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Cambam2010 Mon 17-Jul-17 17:56:48

This is my 7 year old son, Cameron's, pastel drawing of boats escaping on the River Thames during the Great Fire of London. We are from the South East and this was a school topic.


MamaKiana Mon 17-Jul-17 18:04:01

This is my 9 year old daughters drawing of "Samuel hearing God calling his name" she's a bit obsessed with reading the bible at the moment!! We are from London and my daughter is called Kiana

KATE3003 Mon 17-Jul-17 18:08:31

My 10 year old daughter's drawing of her ideal town... (and her cat..)

SteffiMuse Mon 17-Jul-17 18:12:50

By Adelaide aged 9
She loves to draw and loves everything stationary. She would be so proud and happy to win.

DarthMother Mon 17-Jul-17 18:12:54

My 6 year old's painting of a sunflower. We're in the South West.

Summerdays949 Mon 17-Jul-17 18:17:36

My 5 year old boy loves football, well most sport really. Here is a photo of two footballs he made at Sunday school.

missytilley Mon 17-Jul-17 18:18:04

After watching Captain Underpants for approximately 40mins Mya (5) runs into the kitchen then comes back with a picture of Professor Poopypants & Captain Underpants. Just wish I had that memory let alone creativeness

missytilley Mon 17-Jul-17 18:20:25


Moocherbot Mon 17-Jul-17 18:27:49

My daughter is 7, this is A Pirate Battle - complete with cannon balls and someone just having had to walk the plank. Arrrrrrrrh!

KATE3003 Mon 17-Jul-17 18:31:58

My 8( nearly 9) year old's picture using pastels of a dramatic fiery scene..

karengrace Mon 17-Jul-17 19:03:21

My daughter designed and drew this necklace and earring set which I think is stunning, she's only 8yrs old!

Eddas Mon 17-Jul-17 19:19:41

A picture of Gru by my son aged 10

leccybill Mon 17-Jul-17 20:11:41

By my DD, age 6

hanliying Mon 17-Jul-17 20:38:17

This is done by my 6 yr old son. He told me it is our family with him in the middle and his sister in my arm.

eteo Mon 17-Jul-17 20:53:39

My son draw the Singapore merlion as we are off to Singapore soon.

eteo Mon 17-Jul-17 20:54:30

He is 9

eteo Mon 17-Jul-17 20:55:19

My 8 year old girl draw merlion as we are heading back to Singapore for holiday.

tinkiiev Mon 17-Jul-17 20:57:43

My daughter's picture of a chicken on a hill. She's 5.

tinkiiev Mon 17-Jul-17 20:57:59

Oh ps we're in the sw

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