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What do you want from your Home Insurance policy? Share with Sheilas' Wheels for a chance to win a £300 Love2Shop voucher! NOW CLOSED

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ZaneMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Dec-15 17:10:24

We’ve been asked by Sheilas' Wheels to find out what Mumsnetters want from their Home Insurance policy.

They say "we appreciate that Home insurance isn't something you think about every day, however, should you need it you want to know everything is covered."

So, is it better cover levels that you look for? Perhaps it’s more confidence in your provider's service or maybe something to keep your family safe when you take out a policy?

Whatever you’d like from your Home Insurance policy, Sheilas' Wheels would like to hear them.

Everyone who posts on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 Love2Shop voucher.

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CopperPan Tue 22-Dec-15 01:07:37

I would want a straightforward policy without lots of complicated excess claiming rules, and good communication options so we don't have to hang on to a phone line for ages.

Really I tend to go for the cheapest policy and that is usually with a provider that takes into account the specific area we live in, as it's generally quite secure but the wider area does have higher crime figures, and insurers who just look at the wider area tend to offer higher premiums.

voyager50 Tue 22-Dec-15 12:28:41

UK based call centre with free phone numbers.

The same rate whether you take out the policy online, by post or by phone.

An incentive for no claims like a Homebase or B & Q voucher

Discount offers for buying alarms, window locks or other thinks to help secure your home.

Lower prices automatically for loyal customers without having to phone to negotiate for them.

CMOTDibbler Tue 22-Dec-15 12:56:42

A straightforward claims process with clear guidance from the start on what will happen.
Best deal offered on renewal
Managing your account/claims online

purplepandas Tue 22-Dec-15 13:04:11

UK call centre with free phone numbers here too. I agree re a clear policy concerning excesses etc. I hate trying to decipher complex policies. Also clear guidance about how to claim etc.

Good renewal prices. I would prefer to stay with the same provider personally but would only do so if a good price. I am not that loyal. I also don't want to negotiate. If you can do a particular price, then just tell me up front and not make me jump through hoops.

An easy process for getting a quote. I don't want to have to login to do this (unless I want the quote emailed) or for you to annoy me by email/phone re my quote. If I want to take out the policy I will do. Annoying me puts me off!

loosechange Tue 22-Dec-15 15:22:34

Free UK phone numbers.
Straightforward fees.

Non patronising staff.

Some useful documentation of previous conversations where relevant. I called my current insurer for advice re a potential claim for trace and access, discussed with them the pros and cons of claiming, and that I would need to get a plumber then had a series of snotty emails within a week asking why I hadn't submitted the claim.

A no claims discount.

"If I claim will it affect my premium?" "It might." Be a little more helpful.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 22-Dec-15 15:49:57

I'd like personal possessions away from the home to be covered as standard.
I once forgot to add it, or missed the bit on the website, and so when I lost my handbag it was a big loss.

Leave off the insurance terminology, don't bump premiums year upon year.

Theimpossiblegirl Tue 22-Dec-15 16:58:38

Living in Somerset I'd like for my premiums to not be hiked up automatically just because there was some flooding (miles away).

I'd also like Home Insurance to be really straightforward and for things like handbags, ipads etc. to all be included automatically.

sharond101 Tue 22-Dec-15 17:40:08

Fair system, easy to get on telephone, UK call centre, good value, good service

PurpleThermalsNowItsWinter Tue 22-Dec-15 17:42:15

Second a straightforward policy. Zero excess rules. Decent cover including storm damage, water damage and other disasters beyond our control. I want it to cover even the garden fences should a teenage driver of a stolen car plough through with no questions asked once a crime number is provided. I certainly don't want to be reading through the booklet at 3am to see if we can get help repairing the roof because gale force winds blew next doors tile off which bounced down our roof and smashed a hole.
If you can't do that then offer a 'house insurance savings' policy where at least half of our premium goes into a savings account that we can see & that we are allowed to withdraw money from for house repairs & maintenance costs.

Maiyakat Tue 22-Dec-15 18:17:02

Better renewal premiums - I change provider every year and it saves so much money. Why can't loyalty be rewarded?!

Gazelda Tue 22-Dec-15 18:30:08

simple to understand policy. Straightforward to understand and no hidden get out clauses.
A one-stop telephone number for claims. I don't want to speak with other departments of sub-contracted providers.
I had a complicated claim a few years ago, and I can't tell you how grateful I was that the insurer was easy to contact (out of hours), gave me a personal point of contact, told me how they were going to handle the claim, kept in touch (but not overly), and made sure I was happy every step of they way. They've kept a loyal customer for as long as they don't get silly with their premiums.

DingleberryFinn Tue 22-Dec-15 19:44:10

A policy that is straightforward to claim on when you need it, good customer service and no "small print" get-outs.

AyeAmarok Tue 22-Dec-15 20:02:04

Personal possessions covered as standard.

Best deal offered on renewal, rather than having to call and negotiate the price down.

More flexibility for permitted answers, eg talking about different locks etc, some people have extra locks for extra security but there is no way of entering this. I ended up just picking one if the 3, bit have no way of knowing which one of the locks would have been considered the "best" (ie the lowest premium).

foxessocks Tue 22-Dec-15 20:05:35

A clear and simple policy with no nasty surprises

A call system where I can get through quickly without pressing lots and lots of buttons

Cashback on the original price as an incentive

Trustworthy company

timeforabrewnow Tue 22-Dec-15 20:48:17

No price hikes each year!!

Simple as that. Plus easy to understand guidelines when taking out the insurance policy.

Powaqa Tue 22-Dec-15 20:59:44

UK Call staff
Loyalty discount
No claim reward
Easy to read and understand T&Cs - no legal jargon

rupert23 Tue 22-Dec-15 21:15:09

i want an easy to understand good insurance that covers everything without huge excesses. I want a loyalty discount and a helpful claims line should i need it that explains everything to me and an affordable policy .

anonooo Tue 22-Dec-15 21:48:51

Discounts for loyalty, no huge excesses,me socially on water damage, which is the only one I have experienced....good customer communication.

lottietiger Tue 22-Dec-15 22:59:32

Low excess
Good cover on large value items when out of the house such as laptops phones cameras
No silly get out clauses if I pay for insurance I expect everything within reason to be covered
Great call centre

clopper Wed 23-Dec-15 08:27:06

UK call centre which is easy to reach without pressing endless buttons relating to options you might like to choose.
A knowledge that call centre staff are treated and paid fairly and are not offered incentives to offer extras or find ways to reject claims.
Not being automatically penalised for living in an older house ( over 100 years old).
Loyalty discounts rather than special offers for new customers only.
Items covered out of the house such as mobiles and handbags.
No claims discount.
Shed covered as part of house insurance.
No jargon, just straightforward vocabulary.
No special discounts for taking out policy purely online as sometimes you need to speak to a person to check that you are purchasing the correct policy. A clear speaking operative which cuts out background noise - as hard of hearing I find the background noise of simultaneous conversations very distracting ( not sure how realistic this is)
Competitive prices and low excesses.
Partnerships with other businesses including local firms e.g. Cheaper incentives or discounts to fit better locks, alarms, stronger doors etc.
An automatic recognition that many households have expensive electrical goods such as laptops and iPads and phones and include these as standard. E.g take things off rather than having to add them.
A clear and fair claims policy which recognises that most people are honest and that problems regarding claiming add to the distress of the original event e.g being burgled, flooded.
I would also like to see insurers generally working with building companies regarding house design / features when houses are built in flood plain areas e.g. Floor coverings, raising plug sockets. I don't live in a flood prone area but feel for those who do.

CremeDeSudo Wed 23-Dec-15 10:42:04

My phone convered as standard please.

Excesses - I don't like that there are several different excesses for different claims - keep it simple!

Rewards for loyalty.

Excellent call centre. Not too many options to listen to before being put through to someone.

Automatically increase cover at christmas/new year

Cambam2010 Wed 23-Dec-15 12:56:27

Decent discounts for no claims/loyalty
Clear policy wording
Ease of contact

SecretSantaSquirrels Wed 23-Dec-15 14:48:46

No Claims Discount.
Loyalty Discount.
Don't treat all clients as thieves

I've had house insurance for 30 years and my only two "incidents" were dealt with atrociously.

When DS2 was two years old he turned off the freezer. I discovered it 3 days later. When I rang the insurer for advice I was treated like a criminal. They asked for photographs of the lost food and receipts. I decided it wasn't worth the effort of claiming. Little did I know it went on record as a claim even though all I did was make a phone enquiry.

I made the mistake of making a small claim 10 years ago due to water damage. Houses nearby were flooded but we were not. The cause of the flood was rectified at great expense by the council. Upon renewal my insurer wanted to charge me £3000.
I had to find insurance through a specialist insurer and have remained with them for the last 9 years.

I will never, ever claim from my insurance again unless it is a complete catastrophe.

Frolicacid Wed 23-Dec-15 15:16:28

Simple policy wording.
U.K. Call centre
Competitive pricing
Sensible excess

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