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What do you do with the DC on a rainy day? Share with Bassetts Vitamins for a chance to win £300! NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 23-Nov-15 12:48:05

To celebrate the re-launch of the Bassetts Vitamins range for all the family, they'd like you to share on this thread what you do with your DC (young or old) on a rainy day.

Do check out the video one of our bloggers made for them

Bassetts Vitamins say "we think family life is all about big puddles, big mud, big adventures, big tree-houses, big imaginations, big games, big days out, big messes, big noises and big fun - now we'd love to hear what fun times you and your family get up to when it's raining outside".

As the range includes vitamin products for all ages from 6 months, they'd love to hear from you, whatever age your DC are - whether they are teens or toddlers - what do you do or encourage your DC to do when it's all grey and rainy outside?

Add your comment to the thread and you'll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for John Lewis.

Thanks and good luck.


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MissFitt68 Mon 23-Nov-15 15:16:57

See carry on as normal, rain or not! Ago out for our run/cycle. Can be quite nice in the rain sometimes!

We haven't dissolved yet

We have a bit of a scrabble tournament going at present tho, we like to give each game a 'theme'

NotWeavingButDarning Mon 23-Nov-15 15:28:28

We don't usually let rain stop us much, we do whatever we had planned anyway. None of us mind being wet and muddy! Bike rides along the muddy towpath are particularly fun. Then home to warm up with a bath and a film and a big bowl of popcorn. We all love rainy days.

CopperPan Mon 23-Nov-15 15:52:37

Nope, I get grumpy in the rain (and my hair hates it!). For us it's indoor activities only - luckily we have lots of great museums nearby, or we'll pick a film at the cinema, or just mooch around a decent shopping centre (lots to just look at or hands on activities, at this time of year).

LauraChant Mon 23-Nov-15 16:06:12

Play dough is a good rainy day activity, I love making different colours and scents, especially chocolate playdough with cocoa, or play dough with almond essence or peppermint, and we have a sweet shop.

Or we have a game where we write down six adjectives and six nouns, number them one to six, roll two dice and have to draw the thing the numbers describe - eg fat cat or scary tree.

CMOTDibbler Mon 23-Nov-15 16:08:28

Depends whether it is just rain (life goes on as normal with more layers) or howling wind and cold rain.

We would normally then do a walk/run in the woods with the dogs in the morning, followed by a hot drink at the cafe, and then a nice afternoon swimming.

Maplessglobe Mon 23-Nov-15 16:13:16

My DC love splashing in puddles as much as anyone but nothing beats being at home by the fire when it's cold and rainy. We read books, bake, draw, paint, make necklaces, do clay modelling, watch movies, make hot chocolate with loads of toppings.

PinPon Mon 23-Nov-15 16:17:07

Have raindrop races! Everyone pick a drop that's running down a window and see whose gets to the bottom first.

WinterBabyof89 Mon 23-Nov-15 16:54:35

I'm not a lover of the rain so we mostly stay indoors watching films, drawing or playing buckaroo.

As of now my DS is playing with a big cardboard box which he ate his tea in, and is now shuffling around the room.

RichTeaAreCrap Mon 23-Nov-15 17:08:17

Rainy days in our house are usually baking days! We love to bake. We also cover the table with a cloth and get the paints out sometimes.
If the rain isn't too bad I do always try and get them out for some fresh air - they love to jump in puddles in their wellies, so I try and get out for at least half an hour (plus we need to walk off the goodies we have baked)!

zippyants Mon 23-Nov-15 17:48:22


Elfontheshelfiswatchingyou Mon 23-Nov-15 18:03:26

If it's not too bad, we love to go puddle jumping.

If we are staying in we might bake, craft or have a movie/duvet day.

Gazelda Mon 23-Nov-15 18:03:58

Movies, crafts, learning (slowly) to knit, lots of cuddly and cosy activities. However when it's summer rain we love to just dance outside in it!

CheeseEMouse Mon 23-Nov-15 18:08:55

On a rainy day we tend to tog up in waterproofs and go out anyway so the toddler gets some air. That said, when it's pouring down all day we sometimes do some baking. Icing pens to decorate biscuits are also an easy form of entertainment - not much mess (well not as much as baking) and easy to do.

Doublebubblebubble Mon 23-Nov-15 18:16:27

I agree with pp that I keep calm and carry on on a normal rainy day, it just has to be done. However if the weather is ridiculous I tend to find a board game to play with my DD who is 6. Our favourites are monopoly, scrabble and mousetrap. We then do "learning in disguise" in the form of hangman or countdown which I more for me because I'm obsessed. We then might snuggle under my duvet watching movies.

foxessocks Mon 23-Nov-15 18:30:29

Well that depends on how active we are feeling! On an active day we put on our boots and go and find puddles to jump in and then come home for a hot chocolate! On lazy days we put fireman Sam on and skip straight to the hot chocolate part smile my dd doesn't appear to mind either!

starlight36 Mon 23-Nov-15 18:47:58

On cold rainy days we tend to hibernate inside. Play-doh sets or poster paints are popular with my two but their favourite indoor activity is baking and decorating 'treats'!

Frolicacid Mon 23-Nov-15 19:07:47

Ds is only 12 weeks old, but we treat a rainy day like any other. Waterproofs for me, rain cover for the pram and we're off. I can't wait until he's old enough for jumping in muddy puddles.

EDisFunny Mon 23-Nov-15 19:12:09

Some days we continue as normal and head for a walk in the woods or visit to the beach and other days we stay in, make hot chocolate, and build a fort in the lounge! There is always some adventure to be found.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Mon 23-Nov-15 19:50:07

I have 2 DDs, aged 2 & 4. If it's raining we like to paint or bake inside, then get dressed up in our welly boots and go outside to splash in puddles.

Maiyakat Mon 23-Nov-15 19:58:24

Baking, cuddling up on the sofa with a Disney dvd, jumping in puddles!

campocaro Mon 23-Nov-15 20:03:22

Rainy days mean lots of puddle jumping outside and then drying off by the fire with hot chocolate and shortbread fingers

purplepandas Mon 23-Nov-15 20:05:16

Craft stuff is good. Make a den. Curl up and watch a film. Baking. Reading. Lots of different things.

CheeseAtFourpence Mon 23-Nov-15 20:15:22

Rainy days can mean Lego, paints, crafts, ploughing through a pile of books or watching a film. Or equally they can mean getting our wellies and waterproofs on and splashing in every puddle we find.

sealight123 Mon 23-Nov-15 20:23:02

We bake cakes, do arts and crafts, play with Lego, play with Playdoh, build is endless

My favourite thing to dim the lighting, get loads of movie snacks and have a 'cinema' (That's what my daughter calls it)
You have to be in PJs though lol

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