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What’s the most thoughtful gesture you’ve received? Talk to Cadbury and you could win a £200 voucher to spend on a thoughtful gesture for someone special NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 16-Oct-15 16:12:48

Cadbury Milk Tray are keen to hear from Mumsnetters about the most thoughtful gesture you’ve ever received from a partner.

Cadbury say “The Milk Tray man is back! He’s a caring and daring type, thoughtful yet thrill-seeking, and as ever he’ll go to any lengths to deliver a box of Milk Tray to that special lady. So we’d love to hear from Mumsnetters about the lengths someone has gone to deliver a thoughtful gesture for them.”

Has your partner ever gone the extra mile to make you feel special? Have they surprised you with an out of character romantic gesture or gone above and beyond when it came to thinking of a treat or birthday present for you? Maybe they whipped up a special dinner with all your favourite dishes after you'd had a hard day at work? Perhaps they came along with you to see your favourite band, even though they’re not so keen? Perhaps they’ve done something that to an outsider wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but meant the world to you.

Whatever the gesture, Cadbury would love to hear about it!

Everyone who posts on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Love2Shop voucher to spend on a treat for someone special.

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MakeTeaNotWar Tue 20-Oct-15 14:03:09

It's the small things - if he gets up before me, he'll fill the kettle and have a teabag in my mug ready to go. He makes sure my bicycle tyres are always fully inflated. He'll always bath the kids as I hate it and prefer to watch Eastenders - small thoughtful gestures can go a lot further than a big one (not always though, sometimes I like to be spoiled and swooped off my feet of course)

sallyst123 Tue 20-Oct-15 14:11:00

My dd2 had been diagnosed with an illness. I had a bit of a breakdown about it on the bus 1 day. A very kind lady came over not knowing what was happening in our lives just seen an aquaintence upset. Told me everything was going to be okay.
2 days later my dp gets home laden with flowers & chocolates & smelliest from the same lady who had stopped him & told him she thought I could do with a little treat.
We live in a small town so people are familiar with each other. But this was such a lovely gesture by someone who didn't have to do anything.
My dd is now much healthier & even though times can be a roller coaster with her health the lady was right. Everything did turn out oksmile

Dolallytats Tue 20-Oct-15 14:25:54

I experienced a couple of really thoughtful gestures when I was going through a very difficult pregnancy with DS, now 7. I had severe bleeding for almost all of the pregnancy and had to stay in hospital for almost 7 of the 9 months.

One unusually quiet day on the ward, the night nurses decided to do all they could to let me have the ward all to myself just for one night so I could get a good nights sleep (there were no side rooms). It was lovely.

Another time, one of the nurses could see I was feeling particularly down so she sat with me showing me little cartoon jokes she had cut out to cheer me up.

The hospital has been slated for its disappointing care over the last few years, but those nurses was just wonderful and they made a very difficult time so much easier.

elvisthehamster Tue 20-Oct-15 14:31:02

My DH is very thoughtful and does little things that just remind me I am appreciated and remembered. One of things I will always remember though is when we had dc1 and were both shattered from the birth and exitement of it all -DH stayed with me all day and evening at the hospital-went home at 9.30pm then put fresh bedding on and fresh flowers in our bedroom cleaned the whole house from top to bottom , got food in and came back in the next morning for 8.30am. Was such a lovely feeling coming home to our wee house with our new precious bundle and it was all sparkly clean and lovely fresh bed to get into. He must have been up the whole night cleaning and prepping for our homecoming!

I was 50 last year, but owing to some difficult circumstances (MIL passing away from cancer, the dog needing two lots of orthopaedic surgery, mum moving into sheltered accommodation, freaking out about leaving her much loved home and garden, and lashing out at me as a result) I didn't get round to a party until August this year.

One friend who came brought me a journal that she'd written lots of inspiring, wise, funny quotes in, and had stuck in things too, and she went round at the party and got everyone else to write in it too - they all wrote such wonderful things.

It was such a thoughtful and caring gift - she knows about my depression, anxiety and low self esteem, and everything she wrote was aimed at building me up and making me feel better about myself.

Cocacolaandchocolate Tue 20-Oct-15 15:07:01

My dp is really thoughtful and caring. Cups of tea etc.
Our eldest son a few weeks back asked if he could cook me dinner and make me a cup of tea as he knew I had been feeling unwell.

SilverHoney Tue 20-Oct-15 15:36:41

DH works away in the armed forces and drives hours to come home every weekend that he can. No matter how bad the traffic will be, how late he's had to work, how tired he is, he comes home every single weekend. No excuses.

It might be mundane and people who are lucky enough to have their DP home every night probably won't "get it", but spending 2 days of his week on the motorway just for a few hours with his family shows me how much he values time with us.

If I'm lucky he might even turn up with with a coffee from the services. smilebrew

coffeeisnectar Tue 20-Oct-15 15:46:49

I have health problems which means some days I really struggle to walk. Dp is still off work after an accident two years ago, we are dreadfully broke most of the time, lost our house in September but he still makes me coffee, will get up and get dd to school, makes me laugh is affectionate and loving and while we don't do spontaneous gifts as we can't afford anything, he is just here for me, my kids and anyone who asks for help. He's my rock.

overthemill Tue 20-Oct-15 15:57:14

I have had some lovely kindnesses from people who live in our road who I hardly knew until recently. My dd is ill. Seriously and is always in and out of hospitalC she is allergic to the sheets that are used in hospital and a neighbour went to Dunelm, bought Egyptian cotton ones, washed them , ironed them and brought them to the hospital. Along with a huge bag of Waitrose treats ( no food shop in hospital for me who had to stay there). As we were in 17 weeks it really, really helped having sheets that were soft. And she endlessly asked DH if she could do our washing and ironing while we were stuck there. Just so , so kind. Makes me cry thinking about it.

BeeMyBaby Tue 20-Oct-15 16:16:48

DH and I rarely go out, but as a surprise for my birthday he turned up outside my work with our DD1 (who was about 9 months at the time) and took us to my favourite restaurant. I was very surprised as he had never done anything like this before and we didn't tend to celebrate birthdays.

MummyJohnson83 Tue 20-Oct-15 16:56:44

With 3 young kiddies my husband and I have not celebrated our wedding anniversary for several years but this year he secretly arranged for his parents to watch the girls for a night. He had packed my bag and took me straight to the hairdressers for a cut and colour, he had then booked me a make over at the Benefit counter complete with purchases and a new perfume - feeling great he then drove us to our evening destination, a beautiful room at a Lodge only 30 mins from our home - to me this was the most thoughtful part - it really was the greatest place to stay. As it was the first time leaving the kids overnight he knew I would want to be close enough to get back if we needed to! Thankfully we stayed all night and after a lovely meal we slept in till 8am and enjoyed a cooked breakfast without baby bottles, toddler beakers or wet wipes!!!!

Kacie123 Tue 20-Oct-15 18:02:55

After my second miscarriage this year I really hit rock bottom, and a lovely lady at work (who I didn't even know very well) just came and sat on the stairwell with me and held my hand and passed me tissues while I cried my eyes out one day. Didn't say any of the awful "it was early", "you can have another" or anything like that, pretty much sat quietly and just nodded a lot. I'll never forget that.

Bellebella Tue 20-Oct-15 18:43:31

When I was pregnant, my partner would happily sleep on the sofa when I just could not get comfortable with him in the bed with me.

Would cook my favourite dinner, run me a bath and put my pjs by the fireplace if I had text him telling him I was having a bad day.

iwasyoungonce Tue 20-Oct-15 19:11:51

Like any new parents, DH and I struggled a bit in the early days, getting used to having less time for ourselves, very little sleep etc. When she was almost 2, my mum and dad and my brother and SIL bought us a joint Christmas present - a night away at a nearby swanky spa hotel. They offered to look after DD for us, so we could go Saturday afternoon and come back late on Sunday. It was so unexpected and generous, I cried my eyes out! We had such an amazing time, and such a lovely rest - I'll never forget it.

Theimpossiblegirl Tue 20-Oct-15 19:22:04

When we went on holiday I had left a key for emergencies with a neighbour. We got home late to find bread, milk and wine in the fridge and a spag bol ready to reheat and eat. It was very thoughtful and very much appreciated.

MagicAlwaysLeadsToTrouble Tue 20-Oct-15 19:36:36

Every now and again my DH will finish work early, as a surprise. He will confirm home, tidy up and be ready for me when I arrive home having collected the children from their childminder.

Coming home to a clean house is such a lovely treat. We get the kids in bed and then dinner is done and we can have a nice relaxing evening.

EasterRobin Tue 20-Oct-15 20:24:45

My partner secretly bought me an exact replacement of my wedding ring when I lost it before the wedding. He pretended to have found it so I wouldn't be upset any more.

Hopezibah Tue 20-Oct-15 21:02:55

When my mum passed away (and I hadn't learnt to cook from her so could barely cook at all) one of her friends gave me a special cookery book with recipes from her home country so that I could learn to recreate some of my childhood meals that my mum used to cook for me when i was growing up.

It really was such a sweet gesture of hers and i really treasure that book!

I'm determined to teach my kids to cook before my time on earth is up.

moneypenny66 Tue 20-Oct-15 21:06:00

After a lovely holiday with some friends, one of them had my favourite holiday photo put in a frame for me as a surprise momento of the trip.

moneypenny66 Tue 20-Oct-15 21:06:58

After a lovely holiday with some friends, one of them had my favourite holiday photo put in a frame for me as a surprise momento of the trip.

DrewsWife Tue 20-Oct-15 21:12:27

Every morning my hub makes me a coffee in bed. He does the morning feed of our lovely boy too.

Most importantly. He changes all the dirty nappies when he isn't working grin. My hub rocks

k8vincent Tue 20-Oct-15 22:16:30

Those amazing friends who made us meals after our DCs were born. Thank you!

My lovely mum who put milk, eggs and juice in the fridge and flowers on the table for when we came back from holiday.

del2929 Tue 20-Oct-15 22:20:10

it has to be my other half letting me sleep in while he took care of our then baby.

del2929 Tue 20-Oct-15 22:20:10

it has to be my other half letting me sleep in while he took care of our then baby.

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