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What do you think makes a happy working environment? Share your views with Xero and you could win a £100 Apple voucher. NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-May-15 11:29:30

Xero, an app for small businesses that makes managing finances easy, wants to know what you think makes a happy working environment.

If you run a business – or if you've ever thought about doing so – what would you do to make it happy? What does your employer do that makes you happy in the workplace? And if you're not working at the moment, what do you think would make you happy at work now?

Maybe it's flexible working hours, the best technology, great relationships with your work mates or the freedom to get creative.

Here is what they say: "At Xero, we believe a happy business is a beautiful thing. So we've launched the Business of Happiness project to help define what makes a business happy, championing those who are doing it well and supporting those who need a helping hand."

Please share your thoughts on this thread. Every MNer who posts a comment will be entered into a prize draw, where one MNer will win a £100 Apple voucher, which can be used at an Apple Retail Store or in the Apple Online Store.

Find out more about Xero's Business of Happiness campaign here.

Standard Insight T&Cs apply. Note, anon comments may be used by Xero on their website and on social media.

Thanks and good luck!

Theimpossiblegirl Thu 21-May-15 11:46:06

Decent tea, coffee and cake!
Time to sit with your colleagues and just chat, touch base and make sure everyone's ok. It's healthy to take breaks.
brew cake

CMOTDibbler Thu 21-May-15 12:35:22

Respect and equality. If those things aren't truly in place, then nothing can be right.

YDdraigGoch Thu 21-May-15 12:38:30

Windows in the office would be nice!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 21-May-15 12:41:01

I just want to feel valued.

It's not a huge thing but is seemingly impossible for many places

InAndOfMyself Thu 21-May-15 13:00:58

For me it means respecting work hours and allowing them to be child friendly. In the IT industry it has become the norm to expect 60 hour weeks (minimum) and not to pay overtime at my level (@£50k a year). If I work 12 hours a day I don't see my children and it is not worth it.

ThreeQuartersEmpty Thu 21-May-15 13:26:25

Effective management - treating everyone as an individual and understanding differences in strengths and weaknesses, yet encouraging the team to bond and respect each other.

Eva50 Thu 21-May-15 13:26:36

To feel that I am being listened to instead of management agreeing that I'm right but doing what they want anyway.

gazzalw Thu 21-May-15 13:29:41

Good communication, appreciation and support for all staff and creating a good working environment.

serendipity1980 Thu 21-May-15 14:41:57

I think a friendly happy environment plus flexible working for both parents.

mumsbe Thu 21-May-15 15:08:34

It would be great to have a creche at work so you can keep breastfeeding your child fot longer.
Family friendly get togethers instead of just going for a works night out
A good coffee machine like a tassimo biscuites and healthy snacks plus a on site slimming world and time to have a work out in the day
A chance to talk about problems you might have at work and a chance to share ideas you might have.
Flexible working work incentives and options to work from home.
Good wages good holiday entitlement and no problem with time off to go to school plays.
Not much really

CheeseEMouse Thu 21-May-15 15:50:07

Firstly the ability to work flexibly and have the tools to do so (ie laptop etc). I accept my job means that there will be times I have to pick up my children and then do more work in the evening, but having that recognised and having the tools to do that is important to me.

I also think a happy work place is one where there is appropriate reward and recognition in place. Recognising and acknowledging the achievements of an individual or a team is important in making people feel valued.

thatstoast Thu 21-May-15 16:02:59

Hiring good people and letting them get on with things. Micromanagement is soul destroying.

sharond101 Thu 21-May-15 16:07:43

A good team make a good workplace. Striking a good work balance and making people feel valued with incentives and rewards.

Kathderoet Thu 21-May-15 16:30:21

A good boss, fair pay and a pleasant atmosphere. Ensuring everyone is trained properly and is equally sharing their weight.

mayfridaycomequickly Thu 21-May-15 16:34:01

Equality in treatment of staff.

Staff at junior level where I work are often expected to do 'over and above' with no extra pay etc - often covering more senior colleagues' absences for long periods.

I don't know a single manager who would do this without extra enhancements

k8vincent Thu 21-May-15 16:46:55

A manager who really listens to their team members. A place where people can sit down and have a coffee/tea together.

WowOoo Thu 21-May-15 17:11:13

I agree that being listened to by management makes a difference to morale. plus regular, scheduled meetings with the whole team to think up solutions and talk through problems.

A nice room to have breaks and lunch in. It makes such a difference that we have a bright, comfortable and clean space...with cake and biscuits for when you're flagging!

hermancakedestroyer Thu 21-May-15 17:19:36

Feeling valued is very important for encouraging happiness in the workplace. Listening to employees suggestions and taking them seriously is also important.
I worked for Neilson holidays and used to get bought a bottle of beer each Friday sfter work by the directors to thank me for my efforts that week - we were a very happy workforce!!

26Point2Miles Thu 21-May-15 20:41:35

Think our managers have been on a course.... They have started saying 'thank you for today' as we leave. It's appreciated!

Orangebutterfly Thu 21-May-15 21:37:44

Respect, equality, a sense of fun, celebrating all achievements: big & small, a good work life balance, being valued, belonging to a community.

sallyst123 Thu 21-May-15 22:00:28

I work with a great team, have a lovely immediate manager who really helps me out adjusting my rota to work around my children.
My workplace has a great nursery which is run at good rates.
There are so many plus points To my work even though it is a lot of pressure too.
But I guess the most of all is having aa manager that values what I do & treats us all like people is what really makes it a good place of work

bellathebluebell Thu 21-May-15 22:09:50

Realistic workloads, a job that allows work/life balance, flexi time, a friendly environment, feeling valued, opportunities to train and move up the ladder.

Very few companies seem to offer all of the above.

thewomaninwhitefluffybunnyears Thu 21-May-15 22:51:17

Flexible working hours and the ability to work from home.

scrappydappydoo Thu 21-May-15 22:51:30

Being treated like an adult - trusted to do the role and opinion valued.
Respect, flexibility and good team relationships.

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