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Share how you’ll be using Netflix with your family this Christmas and you could win an iPad mini NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Dec-14 10:22:26

With Christmas almost here, we’d like to you to share how you’ll be using Netflix with your family over the festive season.

Will you put a film on while you are wrapping your presents? Maybe you’ll be using Netflix to help the kids settle down before bed on Christmas Eve - after all the excitement over the arrival of Santa! Or perhaps you’ll choose a family favourite that everyone can watch together after Christmas dinner?

We’d also love to know what devices your family uses to watch Netflix. Do your kids tend to watch the iPad? Perhaps you and DP snuggle in bed watching on your laptop? Or maybe you use your smart TV when everyone is together as family. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear it!

Netflix has a selection of family titles, including hit movies like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Brave and Monsters Inc, as well as festive films like Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas, Scrooged and The Search for Santa Paws.

Everyone who comments below about how they think they will use Netflix over the holidays will be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win an iPad mini and a 6 month subscription to Netflix.

Thanks and good luck,


BrieAndChilli Mon 01-Dec-14 10:25:56

We use Netflix on the iPad, smart TV in the lounge and on a rocky box upstairs.
Normally I am watching Netflix on the iPad while cooking and the kids are watching Netflix on the TV.
I have already watched a couple of Xmas movies and will put on a cheesy Xmas film whilst wrapping the presents
Kids will hae regular Xmas film evenings between now and Xmas with popcorn and hot choc.

BrieAndChilli Mon 01-Dec-14 10:26:31

Roku box not rocky box!

iklboo Mon 01-Dec-14 10:31:12

DS is 9. He watches Netflix on his tablet. He's currently watching The Blue Planet. Although Ninjago is a close second!

We have TiVo boxes in our bedroom & downstairs for watching box sets and movies.

We already have a DVD for Xmas Eve (Arthur Christmas) but Boxing Day morning will be a family film all tucked up cuddling in our bed, crumpets or toasted teacakes, hot chocolates & fancy coffees (Santa is bringing me a Tassimo).

lynniep Mon 01-Dec-14 12:16:12

the kids use it on the tv, and ds1 on his tablet when his little brother is watching something else. I watch it in the bath on my smartphone. Dont tell dH!

SeattleGraceMercyDeath Mon 01-Dec-14 12:21:36

We will be watching a lot of Netflix at Christmas, all Christmas films will be watched, we've already watched the relatively new one with Martin freeman as an elf which was a big hit!

SeattleGraceMercyDeath Mon 01-Dec-14 12:23:33

To add, me and the kids tend to watch it on an iPad, or not he smart TV, and DH and I will generally hook up the iPad to the tv upstairs and watch snuggled up in bed.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Dec-14 12:29:47

We've just bought a smart TV for our bedroom for netflixing nights and its fab.

Downstairs we use the Wii to access netflix as its not a smart TV.

Will definitely be using it over Xmas period for some festive movies as I imagine the usual channels won't have anything great on if the last few years are anything to go by.

SagaNorensSnowflakeTrousers Mon 01-Dec-14 12:32:50

We watch Netflix through the Wii U, and the DCs watch it on the iPad sometimes if we're watching something different on the TV.

We LOVE it. Hoping there will be some new Christmassy films to watch on this year together.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Mon 01-Dec-14 12:55:33

We'll be using it to snuggle up on the sofa as a family to watch Christmas movies (on TV via Apple TV), with mulled wine (grown ups) and hot chocolate with marshmallows (DS).

DS watches Netflix on his ipad - power rangers is the current favourite, but once he realises some Christmas films are on there, he'll no doubt be watching them until Easter

Clueing4looks Mon 01-Dec-14 13:01:20

We don't have an iPad or smart tv so we watch Netflix through the Xbox. We take it in turns to choose what to watch, mostly TV shows like Doctor Who, Powerpuff girls and Pokemon, but always sit down to a Sunday evening movie before bed.

ChutesTooNarrow Mon 01-Dec-14 13:08:37

Ds watches Netflix on an iPad. He's watching Christmas specials mainly atm. We can watch it on the telly via a ps4 or the blu-Ray player but either way involves a torturous number of buttons to be pressed and remotes to be frowned at. I will be sharing Netflix with my family this Christmas when I want them all to stfu leave me in peace for a bit.

vanillabird Mon 01-Dec-14 13:21:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kahlua4me Mon 01-Dec-14 13:29:00

We have family film nights and watch on the main tv. This usually involves a 20 minute discussion of what we watched last time and choosing something we all like. Quite tricky as dh has really bad taste in films and likes ones that nobody else finds funny!

Will be finding all the Christmas films now that December is here.

I didn't know, until reading on here, that you could watch Netflix on iPad. Very excited now!

CommanderShepard Mon 01-Dec-14 13:35:05

We use Netflix on our phones, Xbox connected to TV, tablet and laptops. DD doesn't watch much but prefers the tablet.

Zazzabeans Mon 01-Dec-14 14:13:31

We have netflix on smart tv, then DS has it in his room.
We had it on in the background yesterday whilst putting tree and decorations up smile

DS has been watching a few festive films upstairs also.
Dh is on. IGHTS this week, so come Saturday night, we will have all main lights off and all xmas lights on and settle down to netflix smile

madhairday Mon 01-Dec-14 14:14:53

We watch a lot of netflix and will no doubt use it lots over Christmas. We use our x box to stream it on main TV, the kids use their kindle, ipod and I pad to watch it as well. DD is watching all the past Dr Who seasons at the moment so we'll be getting a lot of those. Dh and I are catching up on house and the good wife.

Over Christmas we'll be looking for some family films. On Christmas eve we like to all cuddle up on the sofa with new onesies and blankets and watch a film or two. Films like nativity and polar express often contenders so we'll be looking through to see what's on offer.

I like to put it on while I wrap presents and watch old seasonal stuff like outnumbered and the office Christmas special and love actually

QoFE Mon 01-Dec-14 14:15:57

We watch Netflix through the Wii on the TV. The DC have made a wishlist of films they want to see over Christmas so we'll work through it on dark afternoons with hot chocolate to accompany smile

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 01-Dec-14 14:19:59

Netflix on the smart TV in the living room with the fire lit. I love being able to watch a series of episodes back to back - perfect for rainy days in the holiday

Ilisten2thesoundofdrums Mon 01-Dec-14 14:29:00

If we finally get the activation code from Virgin, We will be using it to watch something that all the family can agree on on Christmas eve while the adults run in and out wrapping presents in shifts.
I feel oodles of homemade popcorn and hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows coming on too. Now if I could only find some chestnuts to roast.....

LauraStevens Mon 01-Dec-14 14:30:06

Me and my husband both have Netflix on our phones, we have it on our tablet, and also have the option to watch it through virgin media or the PS3.

My daughter is only 1.5 and isnt really interested in much TV, though she did enjoy cuddling to Monsters Inc at the weekend when she was poorly.

Me and my husband are both a sucker for christmas films though, and we intend to watch a fair few old favourites during December to get in the Christmas spirit!

rubyshoes3 Mon 01-Dec-14 14:39:51

In our house my youngest son uses his tablet to watch Netflix, he does have it on his Wii but prefers his tablet. He enjoys watching Horrid Henry and Disney films. The oldest boys watch it on their tv and they are going to a phase of horror movies. I watch it on my laptop.
We will be watching Netflixs on Christmas eve after our meal. Just have to decide what to watch. In the run up to Christmas while be watching the Christmas films as I love soppy films that make me all warm inside.

LaCerbiatta Mon 01-Dec-14 14:55:33

We watch it on the smart t in the lounge. Children don't have tablets or laptops and we don't like watching films in bed.

Will definitely look for some cheesy Christmas films to watch with the children closer to Christmas.

Roseformeplease Mon 01-Dec-14 14:58:53

We will be watching together as we have broken the children of their habit of watching things alone. They still go off and watch things that they enjoy but we reserve some "family" programmes for us all to look forward to, discuss and remember. Television time is part of family time and we enjoy the sharing of the pleasure of a film or a tv programme. We are currently bingeing on various box sets which has been a source of great pleasure to us all. We take the choosing in turn with everyone having a right of veto if something is too awful to contemplate.

SecretSquirrels Mon 01-Dec-14 15:02:05

I got netflix about 6 months ago and I can't remember when we last watched it.
Only DS1 watches films and he has been too busy. I thought there would be more box sets that I would like but nope.

<goes off to cancel subscription>
Oh wait, maybe they won't put me in prize draw?

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