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What do you think children can actually do better than adults? Tell Staples for a chance to win £200 voucher! NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 01-Sep-14 11:45:00

With children going back to school this week to learn even more, Staples have asked us to find out what Mumsnetters think children can actually do better than adults.

Here’s what Staples say, “A new study by office and stationery supplies store Staples shows that children’s handwriting skills are in good shape with primary school children often beating their parents for legibility.
“One hundred children aged 8 to 11 and their parents were asked to write a series of sentences which were then rated for legibility and style by teachers.

“Remarkably, the difference between the two mean scores was only 4% while in more than 28% of cases children were judged to have superior handwriting skills to those of their parents.
“Following this study we’re keen to hear from Mumsnetters what other areas they think children excel in comparison to adults? We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!”

So, what are the things you think children actually do surprisingly better than adults? What skills do your DCs have which you’re secretly slightly envious over? Perhaps they put your mental arithmetic to shame? Are they actually quite good at multi-tasking and can read a magazine, watch TV and have a conversation at the same time? Have they impressed you with their artistry with a picture they brought back from school? Or maybe you’re amazed by how quickly they can cry with laughter? Whatever it is, we’d love to hear it.

Everyone who leaves their comment on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Staples voucher.

Thanks and good luck,


StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Mon 01-Sep-14 12:40:25

DD1 is (unsurprisingly) better at getting into small spaces.
She also has a much better imagination.

InMySpareTime Mon 01-Sep-14 12:43:32

They are far better at making friends than adults. Imagine an adult approaching another adult in a public space and starting a conversation with "I have new shoes!" and thus beginning a close friendship within minutes.
I also slightly envy their ability to sleep whenever and wherever they feel the need.

wingcommandergallic Mon 01-Sep-14 12:47:28

Poop their pants and get away with it.
Ask mad questions of strangers.
Live in the moment.

headinhands Mon 01-Sep-14 12:49:22

Having fun. Love listening to the dc being silly and laughing about nonsense.

SomethingAboutNothing Mon 01-Sep-14 12:52:43

Make strangers smile. I'd get weird looks if I started waving at a stranger but DS usually gets a friend response.

Crouching with their feet flat on the floor - I can't do that for 30 seconds, never mind minutes at a time.

Fav Mon 01-Sep-14 13:00:43

Work computers, tablets, phones, gadgets etc.
If my phone stops working, I can guarantee one of the children will sort it.

CMOTDibbler Mon 01-Sep-14 13:03:29

Believe. While adults look for all the things that will stop them doing something, children are just positive that things can happen

Dolallytats Mon 01-Sep-14 13:11:40

Laugh, play, be themselves. Babies and young children don't worry about their dimply legs or if they're belly is bigger than they'd like.....they just live. I wish we could be more like that.

Kathderoet Mon 01-Sep-14 13:14:24

We'll obviously they're much better at adapting to technology. I think kids are great at brushing things off too. Sleeping's another one and definitely sarcasm.

vestandknickers Mon 01-Sep-14 13:17:56

Children are loads better at using everyday crap objects to make something that pleases them and helps them play their games. Mine have made rockets, robots, houses, all sorts out of knackered old boxes and various tat they've found around the house and had hours of fun playing with them. I think as adults we'd be too picky and fed up with the results just because they look a bit shoddy.

MooseyMoo Mon 01-Sep-14 13:22:35

Enjoy getting dirty/wet/muddy

EvilHerbivore Mon 01-Sep-14 13:24:27

Say exactly what they're thinking without repercussions!

TheHouseatWhoCorner Mon 01-Sep-14 13:26:34

Seeing the fun in things rather than the cost.
They look better in dressing up costumes.
See the wonder of nature rather than think of the resulting washing.

ChaffinchOfMegalolz Mon 01-Sep-14 13:29:26

being honest
asking pertinent questions
drawing / painting / creating unfettered by the self-critic
they don't worry about things that can't be changed
they accept
they deal with change better - they adapt
they live in the moment
they enjoy and find pleasure in the simplest of things
they are fearless of technology

helenatkins15 Mon 01-Sep-14 13:31:14

My Children are so much better at technology, they pick up so much quicker than us adults.

Swex Mon 01-Sep-14 13:35:57

Using the iPad
Laughing unreservedly
Smiling at absolutely everyone, even if the random stranger looks grumpy
Finding burping hilarious
Eating enough for an elephant and still staying stick thin
Unrestrained joy
The ability to laugh 30seconds after being sick
Living in the moment

BornToFolk Mon 01-Sep-14 13:52:54

Running/jumping/skipping. I am continually amazed by the energy of small children. I remember playing skipping games at every break and lunch time at primary skipping for 2 mins leaves me an exhausted wreck!

NotCitrus Mon 01-Sep-14 13:53:10

Bend down and pick things off the floor.

Making new friends in the playground. At what age does it become unacceptable to introduce yourself by saying "I'm a dinosaur! RAAR!"?

TheSporkforeatingkyriarchy Mon 01-Sep-14 14:25:37

My older 2 have far better handwriting than their father (and the third is just starting to learn how and is already catching up to him). My handwriting used to be atrocious in school - it wasn't until adulthood that I put in the effort to try to get it better (and when my hand gets tired it goes straight back).

I find they accept and are happy to talk about differences more.

NannyPeach Mon 01-Sep-14 14:27:32

My dcs are much more musical than me. Dd (10) can play the violin at grade 7 level and Ds (6) is grade 3. It amazes me constantly how quickly they learn things and how they can play from memory with ease. This is something I never mastered!!!

ShowMeTheWonder Mon 01-Sep-14 14:45:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Purpleflamingos Mon 01-Sep-14 14:50:51

Living in the moment
Making desicions (and not even worrying if it's the right one)
Being positive

momofmonster Mon 01-Sep-14 15:02:03

I think they are far better at accepting the world and everything/everyone in it without judgement.

Also much better at getting their feet over their heads!! grin

scarletoconnor Mon 01-Sep-14 15:05:05

Children are fearless so they tend to do a lot of sports and physical activities better.

Children are also better at maintaining good posture.

Oh and they make friends so much more quickly than adults too. Put a group of kids together and they will start chatting straight away, adults have to warm up to each other first

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