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Share your memories of your DCs and your own first day of school with F&F – £200 voucher prize draw NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Aug-14 10:15:19

F&F has asked us to find out what Mumsnetters remember from their DCs first day of school as well as what you remember from your own first day of school.

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"We know that Back to School can be a stressful and emotional time for parents and our aim is to make the transition from holidays to school as easy as possible. We?re really looking forward to hearing your memories and stories about starting school!"

So, what do you remember from your DCs first day of school? Did their excitement turn into a bundle of nerves as you left them at the school gate? If your DC is going off to school for the first time this September, how do you feel about it? Are you thrilled for their next step or nervous about how they will cope with the change? Can you take yourself back to your own first day of school? What do you remember?

Everyone who comments on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 F&F e-voucher.

Thanks and good luck,


Mumoftalentedfootballer Mon 04-Aug-14 10:47:09

I am told by my mum that on my first day of school we all turned up feeling quite nervous and got through our day. At the end of the school day a boy friend in my class said to his mum 'that was a nice day out where are we going tomorrow?!' smile

ShatnersBassoon Mon 04-Aug-14 10:54:58

I remember sitting in a metal see-saw with canvas seats on my first day at school, with a girl wearing a knitted dress. I had Germolene put on a scraped knee (I still get nostalgic when I smell it grin ). The teacher wore a grey kilt and had a matching jacket and scarf on at playtime.

It's strange that I don't remember anywhere near as much about my children's first days at school! I know I kept myself busy with particular tasks, but the detail isn't there.

CMOTDibbler Mon 04-Aug-14 11:07:45

Ds's first day at school was a bit marred by the fact that I'd had a serious accident a few weeks before, and his first day was the one I had the 70 stitches removed sad. So dh had to drop me at hospital, go pick ds up, and bring him back to collect me.

My first day at school was a total anticlimax as my mum taught there and I'd already spent a lot of time sitting in the corner of her classroom. Instead of an emotional drop off and pick up, I went to work with her, walked round to my classroom, then went back there at the end of the day!

LauraChant Mon 04-Aug-14 11:21:27

My first day at school was in the 70s. My mum didn't want me to go to the school that she had gone to, but that was our catchment school. So she sent me to another school completely even though I was down to go to the first school. I remember sitting in the hall as every child's name was called and they went off with whichever class they had been assigned to and there was me sitting there not on their list. Luckily they liked me and apparently by the time the local authority found out claimed that it would be detrimental to move me as I had settled so well. Couldn't get away with that now!

Also remember two registers - the attendance one and the meal one - when your name was read out you had to say "dinners", sandwiches" (ie packed lunch) or "home" (you were going home for lunch). I remember the register going something like "Darren?" "Sandwiches". "Samantha?" "Home". "Nicholas?" "Sausages". "No, Nicholas, you have to say dinners, sandwiches, or home." "But miss, I haven't got sandwiches, I've got sausages." He did as well.

MakeTeaNotWar Mon 04-Aug-14 11:40:07

My first day at school was in 1980! I remember I had pinched my older brother's glasses for my first day and was blinded by wearing them all day cos i thought school meant spectacles..!

DD starts Reception in September and I am excited for her - for the lifelong friendships she'll form, the things she'll learn and the teachers who will leave as lasting impression.

calypsoblue Mon 04-Aug-14 12:17:30

My ds first day of school was in Spain and was cancelled due to a huge hill fire , we were up all night watching the hills on fire , then the next morning was like Armageddon with plumes of smoke and fire planes everywhere ,when the school did open the next day I packed my English speaking little 3 year old off to his Spanish speaking school which was still standing amongst the black burnt hillsides

sealight123 Mon 04-Aug-14 13:49:34

I don't remember my first day, and my daughter won't my starting nursery school until September, however, my mum said that my first day i went to the teacher and laid it down for her saying ' My name is Antonia Jones and I can do whatever I want'

Cucumberscarecrow Mon 04-Aug-14 13:50:43

My DS is starting school in September and I hope he'll fare better than I did during my first week. The teacher had to lock the classroom door to keep me in blush. This amazes me as I was generally a reserved and obedient child (in public, at least).

idleweiss Mon 04-Aug-14 14:57:18

On my first day of primary school, I managed to traipse dog poo all over the carpet of my new class! I had been kicking happily through leaves on the way there, stepped in a big pile without noticing then left a stinky trail of footprints everywhere! I was so mortified! I had been looking forward to starting, but ended up crying and asking to go home! My mum was pretty annoyed I had got dog crap all over my brand new Clarks Magic Steps Shoes I had pleaded with her to buy me too!! At least it's a moment I won't forget! blush

bshree08 Mon 04-Aug-14 15:47:06

My dd is starting reception this sep smile and when she went to nursery on her first day she was very happy and waved me goodbye... but I was the one who left crying sad

SeattleGraceMercyDeath Mon 04-Aug-14 15:58:28

I had mumps on my first day of school. Apparently I had been really excited about starting but on the morning of the first day I told my mum I didn't feel well,she thought it was just nerves and sent me in anyway, I look like a hamster on the obligatory first day of school photos! Took her three days to take me to the doctor, she was mortified when he told her it was mumps. I've never let her forget it.

ChaffinchOfDoom Mon 04-Aug-14 17:00:26

dd's first day of school went like a breeze, she was so excited and was eased into it with a few 1/2 days , I remember the first time she took her little lunchbox grin

ds was trickier, on the morning he point blank refused to put the uniform on. He was happy to go to school in his own jeans....just not uniform grin took a fair bit of persuading...

my own first day was in the days of easter 'rising 5's' starters, so I began in springtime, on a table of about 6 same aged peers. I remember being glad to recognise a few kids from sunday school and thought the class naughty boy was quite glamorous smile
I remember jigsaws in little pots...everyone wanting to play in the home corner... playing the 'A' team underneath tables grin
and the playground was fab, lots of concrete slopes to run up and down. Happy, happy days.

superbagpuss Mon 04-Aug-14 17:04:59

i was champing at the bit to start school, my older sister was already there and I thought I knew it all. absolutely loved being there with her, don't think she was as keen having me tag along

my DT started school last sept, they suddenly looked really big.

having twins dh and I dropped them off and waved goodbye, only to give each other high fives as we walked away grin.

littlesupersparks Mon 04-Aug-14 17:12:30

I have a lovely photo of my first day of school - plastic lunch box clenched in my hand, grey puffy jacket and two tight French plaits tied with a red bow at each end. My big sister stands beside me.

My son will be taken to his first day of school by his lovely childminder and he is so excited!

Keepcalmanddrinkwine Mon 04-Aug-14 17:58:50

Both of my DDs looked so smart on their first day at school, hair up in neat bunches, new lunchboxes (Dora and Disney Monsters Inc), sensible shoes that I chose, long socks, pinafores, blouses and school jumpers.

Fast forward a few years and they customise their uniforms as much as they can get away with, long hair down and often coloured in with Sharpies, tights and ballet pumps, short skirts, thin short ties, no coat if they can get past me fast enough, a plastic tub stuffed in their oversized canvas bags that are full of rubbish and scrunched up letters, I'm sure they go to St Trinians!

Take lots of pictures while they still look like they're actually going to school.

margaritasbythesea Mon 04-Aug-14 19:09:23

I was nervous about my DD starting school. I thought she wouldn't be able to cope with the long days, which in fact she couldn't. I had arranged for her to go half days two days a week, but the first time out of the door at the end of the day, she said to me very seriously, 'Mummy I am gong there EVERY day, ok?' So she did. She adores it and I deal with the tiredy tantrums.

Eva50 Mon 04-Aug-14 19:56:58

Ds1 told me, before leaving the house, that he didn't need me to go with him. He knew the way and would be fine. I did go with him. Ds2 had to be peeled off me for the first week!

BabyBellasMumma Mon 04-Aug-14 20:54:23

I remember feeling sick on my first day at school as it was hot and I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take my cardigan off or not! It was a thick one knitted by my nan and I kept it on all day. My mum tells me that when she asked if I had had a nice first day at school I replied with 'yes I've got 10 boyfriends!' Haha!

My daughter starts primary in September and is very excited about it. I'm definitely more nervous than she is!

Keepcalmanddrinkwine Mon 04-Aug-14 21:01:21

I just remembered DD1 after her first day. I told her to fold her things up nicely for the morning and she said "What? You mean I have to go back? No-one told me it would be every day!"

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Aug-14 21:11:01

I began in the January, and everyone else in the class had started in the September. I was so desperate to fit in and be interesting that I told the girl I was sat with that I'd seen the Loch Ness Monster.

DD has just finished her first year at school and on her first day she was so excited she didn't look back. I have a beautiful photo of her going into the classroom holding a friend's hand. I have to say I envied her confidence and self-assurance.

stealthsquiggle Mon 04-Aug-14 21:26:23

My first day - don't think I remember my property first day, but I do remember after we moved schools (something to do with me lying on a table screaming for hours because they gave me a reading book that was too easy blush hmm) I remember "trying out" classes in the anarchic pseudo montessori school we went to until they found one that was deemed appropriate for me. My main memory is that the class I ended up in was basically in a building site - the builders hadn't finished on time do the nutter head just moved the DC in anyway.

My DC - DS was 3.10 and didn't know anyone because we had just moved and I remember being so proud of him as he walked in, head held high and dry eyed even though I knew he was really nervous. DD by contrast couldn't wait - she had been going there to pick up DS since she was born, and although I started her in the nursery class for 4 days a week, by the end of term I was enduring weekly tantrums on the day we dropped DS off and she had to come home with me, so I went back to FT work and she went 5 days a week smile.

InMySpareTime Mon 04-Aug-14 21:30:57

My first day at school, I remember my coat peg had a peach-coloured triangle. I was disappointed that we had to eat lunch using only a spoon and fork. I asked for a knife, but "infants don't use knives", so I pointed out that I used a knife at home all the time.
That should have been their first hint that I'd be troublegrin...
DS's first day was just as subversive. He was supposed to build up from half days to full days as he was only 3.5 and tiny with it, he looked totally out of place in his age 2 school uniform (which took some finding!).
I went to collect him at lunchtime, and he refused to go home, so after checking with the teacher, I left him there for the afternoon! Thus he went straight to full days from the start.

sharond101 Mon 04-Aug-14 21:36:29

My DSis started school on her birthday. It was funny. She was so excited and thought this was her present - bless her!

On my first day I was sat next to boy who pulled his trousers down under the desk and fiddled with his man bits.

KillmeNow Mon 04-Aug-14 21:51:56

I started school at rising 5 in a convent school for girls.

I was taken to school on my first day by my big sister. She was in the top class and I would of course be in the babies.Our girls school was above the boys school so there were lots of steep shiny stairs to climb up together before I was left to go up the final staircase on my own while my sister went up her own staircase. She was not going to be late or she ran the risk of having the strap.

I reached the classroom door and didnt know what to do as Id never seen such a big door -and with such a big door knob! I managed to turn the knob by using both hands and I pushed and pulled with all my might until eventually someone helped open the door from inside the room.

The room was bright with windows set high in the wall .There were built in cupboards along one wall and I can still remember the smell of the books that lived in there .Janet and John became my idols and lived what I considered a perfect life.There was a small home corner beside the teachers desk .You were only allowed to go into this if you earned the right. I was entranced with all of it.

My overwhelming memory is of one girl who didnt want to stay in school. She hung onto the door and screamed the place down. I remember standing and staring at her while she screamed .I wondered what on earth was wrong with her to dislike such a beautiful place. And she was a big girl too ( tall for her age) .Did she have no shame?

Now I realise that she understood exactly what she was in for and I was naive beyond all reason. But that was in the future ...

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