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Me "Come on, ds, you need to get on with a bit of work. Exams next week and you really need to be hitting they ground running when you start GCSEs next year"

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Hakluyt Sun 15-Jun-14 11:51:37

Ds "No I don't, you fall over if you do that. You go much faster from a standing start- they proved it on Mythbusters"

isitsnowingyet Sun 15-Jun-14 12:07:12

Ha ha! Two DS's here who both did zilch revision (well possibly an hour for each subject prior to taking them) for internal exams. This is despite plenty of reminders and encouragement. The results will prove v. interesting.

There are 2 schools of thought for parents on this 1) Leave them to it - it's their life 2) Nag, nag and nag some more Encourage the little darlings to do X amount of revision.. Oh and the 3rd school is when the teenager in question does all revision and work completely of their own volition. I actually have dreams that mine will be like that, but can't seem to make it happen!!

If only they could learn all wisdom from Mythbusters and Minecraft - we'd be okay then!!

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