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What would you do with a spare 20 mins each week? Tell Cif for a chance to win a £250 voucher NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 12-Jun-14 16:31:26

We all sometimes wish we had some extra time in the day, and we've been asked by Cif to find out what Mumsnetters would do with a spare 20 minutes.

Here's what Cif have to say, "Our latest cleaning product - Cif Express Direct to Floor can be used direct on the floor and small surfaces for a sparkling clean home. It leaves a long lasting and fresh fragrance. It's suitable for tiled, laminate and washable/ varnished wood floors. To use, you simply squirt the product directly onto the floor, then wipe with a damp mop, there's no need to rinse and it dries really fast! Now available in Antibacterial, Lemon & Apple Flowers and Wild Orchid & Velvet flowers, the RRP is £2.00 for 750 ml."

Check out the MNers review video here (and check out their feedback here):

Cif Express Direct to Floor Cleaner saves you time, so Cif would love to know what you would you do with a spare 20 mins each week.

How would you spend those extra 20 minutes? Maybe you'd have a lie in? Or watch an extra episode of your favourite sitcom? Perhaps you'd read a chapter or two of a new book?

Whatever you would do with your spare 20 minutes, Cif would love to hear about it.

Everyone who adds a comment will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £250 voucher for the store of their choice*.

Please note comments on this thread might be used by Cif on their website or on their social media channels: please only add a comment if you're happy for your comment to be used.

Thanks and good luck,

* NB vouchers can be chosen from the range available at

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 23-Jun-14 12:49:39

Thanks for all the comments!

Am pleased to say NK5BM3 wins a £250 voucher! Well done

TeaandHobnobs Mon 23-Jun-14 11:18:23

Do some yoga/meditation. My life would be a helluva lot better for it!

DanFmDorking Mon 23-Jun-14 11:13:57

I would play with (or spend time with) my children.

wombatcheese Sun 22-Jun-14 22:20:50

not very original, but sun, tea and a book or a blitz of a wee run would be blissful. No, just thought of a better one- I'd magic up a beautician for a much needed leg wax and nail sorting.

leafhopper Sun 22-Jun-14 21:14:25

Have a wank. Clearly. But not with Cif, that sounds uncomfortable. Come on people, you're not dead yet.

kentishgirl Sun 22-Jun-14 18:39:18

I could sit down with a cup of tea and do the newspaper crossword without feeling guilty.

thesoupdragon44 Sun 22-Jun-14 18:39:15

I think I would have to spend my extra 20 mins having the time to bake a cake, then I might still have the time to sit down and enjoy it!

ImStickingWithYou Sun 22-Jun-14 15:59:24

Hmm, a spare 20 minutes.

I think I would get on the computer and play some games. Love to play nice, easy, casual games but never have the chance!

Helspopje Sun 22-Jun-14 13:33:09

Finally dig my way to the bottom of the ironing basket


stand back admiring my lovely shiny floor

I would spend the 20 minutes doing more crochet or knitting - currently I am about to start knitting an Angel Hug blanket for the Woolly Hugs.

Twinkletights Sun 22-Jun-14 11:46:09

I would switch off all TV's, radio's etc, make a pot of tea and read my book.

Jinty64 Sun 22-Jun-14 08:16:29

I would just sit and think. I get so little time just to think.

JavaSparrow Sat 21-Jun-14 21:20:56

20ms alone: nap.

20ms child free with dh: sex. Twice.

20ms with kiddiewinks: ludo or jenga and cup of tea.

20ms with a friend: wine.

BonjourMinou Sat 21-Jun-14 17:17:19

Actually paint my toenails nicely.

popperdoodles Sat 21-Jun-14 16:35:16

drink tea and eat cake, all by myself.

cremolafoam Sat 21-Jun-14 14:06:19

go to the summerhouse with my audio-book, shoes off, collapse on fluffy cushions, listen to birds outside and the dulcet tones of Don Bartlett reading Jo Nesbo. Drift off in the warm summer air...........

Lovewhereilive Fri 20-Jun-14 23:12:05

Ride my bike or failing that sit in my garden with a cappuccino and a book.

Hopezibah Fri 20-Jun-14 22:59:33

I would do my physio excercises for my back pain - I should do it everyday but just don't get moment spare so I'd at least do it once a week this way!

Foxymumma Fri 20-Jun-14 22:54:52

ooh i would give myself a mini pedicure ...

manfalou Fri 20-Jun-14 22:02:23

Id turn the tv off, go and sit in the conservatory and listen to music... never get to listen to adults music these days.

Japaninthesweep Fri 20-Jun-14 21:48:09

Sorry, this is really uninspiring, but if I had twenty minutes to myself I would lie down on my sofa and close my eyes. DH is recovering from a self inflicted injury that led to back surgery so has been permanently hogging it for two months. I miss my sofa...

PavlovtheCat Fri 20-Jun-14 21:17:28

I have 20 mins right now.
I have a glass of wine in my hand.
Kids are asleep, finally.

I am laying on the sofa looking at the mess knowing I should probably clear it but won't.

So my 20 mins will be spent actually feeling guilty for having 20 mins.

Legwarmersforboys Fri 20-Jun-14 21:03:48

just stop with a nice coffee in a nice coffee shop

Supermam Fri 20-Jun-14 17:21:44

I'd sit in the garden with an icy Pimms, a frivolous novel & a sleepy cat nearby. All thoughts of paid and unpaid work would be far away over the cloudless horizon.

halliday Fri 20-Jun-14 14:33:29

I would go and bounce on the kids trampoline !

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