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pregnancy after vasectomy?

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ladythatlunches Fri 28-Feb-14 18:56:39

hi everyone, I think im being completely irrational.
dh has snip 18 months ago samples both clear and said no viable sperm etc
.anyway im not due on for 4 days but I have all the symptomsim scared I was in the shower and when the water touched nipples it hurt!
I have this awful shooting pain I have only ever had when early pregnant.
I had spotting a few days ago which I never had before unless pregnant!
I feel icky but could be stress of it all and me driving myself mad!
I also have alwful ligament pain when I sneeze or get up to quick .. again only got this in early pregnancy.
its impossible isnt? there isn't a chance

obvious there is something else here maybe coming down with something.
It's too early to test .. don't want to talk to anyone else as they will think im insane .. which I probably am

Paws4thort Thu 06-Mar-14 18:29:09

It's extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. It is much more likely that your period is late for some other reason (illness, stress, minor hormonal changes, something you ate, being underweight etc) and you have worked yourself into a froth for no reason. Wait until you're at least two weeks overdue and then test. No procedure is 100% reliable, but look into what a vacectomy involves and reassure yourself that it's most unlikely any sperm has sneaked out!

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