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Chore brainstorm time; let us know what chores are done in your home....

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 27-Feb-14 16:40:59

Here at MNHQ we are working on a mini project about the division of labour in the home.

We want to find out who does what chores - we have a list of chores but we'd love to know what you consider a chore in your home so we can check they are all on our list so we can do as full a project as possible.

So please list on this thread all the chores undertaken - whether daily, weekly or less often - and whether by you, your DP, your child or your cleaner etc.

Grateful thanks to everyone who helps!


JoggingKeepsMeSane Thu 27-Feb-14 17:10:44

Washing up- daily -joint but mainly dh
Washing clothes - 3 times/week me
Hoovering - daily joint
Bathroom cleaning - always me
Dusting - weekly - me
Tidying - daily - joint
Cooking tea- daily- me
Food shopping - weekly/ daily me
Making packed lunches - daily - dh
Wading through school bags - weekly - me
Organising kids to get to school on time- me

Hope this helps!

JulietBravoJuliet Thu 27-Feb-14 18:19:15

Everything - me! (I have no DH/DP) grin

Ds is nearly 8 and helps with little jobs, like taking rubbish out and emptying the washer. He's also responsible for tidying all his stuff away, but is a pretty tidy child anyway!

coffeeandcream Thu 27-Feb-14 18:30:10

Where to begin..

Putting DS to bed, bath, daily, always joint
Making beds, daily, me
Dishwasher, daily, usually me
Washing and sterilising baby bottles, daily, joint
Cooking, daily, joint
Poo picking cat trays, daily, usually me
Laundry, daily, always me
Deep clean of kitchen and bathrooms, weekly, always me
Hoovering, weekly, joint
Gardening and DIY, infrequent, always DH
Food shop, weekly, joint
Putting out rubbish/recycling, joint

These are main things, there are tonnes of little jobs that I could get really nit picky about but it will just make me angry...

NoIamAngelaHernandez Thu 27-Feb-14 18:35:44

Rubbish and recycling weekly DH
Dishwasher loading daily DH
Dishwasher unloading daily Me and DH
Washing daily me and dH
Hoovering weekly mostly me
Car maintainance DH
Child maintainance eg nail cutting and hair washing me
Wash floors weekly me
Lighting fire both
Walking and feeding dogs DH
Locking up at night DH
Cleaning kitchen at night DH
Kids bathed and in bed me
Mal planning me
Cooking mostly me
Shopping both

NoIamAngelaHernandez Thu 27-Feb-14 18:36:26


KaFayOLay Thu 27-Feb-14 19:44:20

All normal chores - washing dishes and clothes/hoovering/dusting/car cleaning - me.
Dog pooh picking - dh
Putting bins out - dh
Fish cleaning - me
Guinea pig cleaning - me.

MrsLoada Thu 27-Feb-14 19:59:36

Dishwasher daily DH
Clothes washing daily me
Hoovering dusting cleaning general weekly joint
Hoovering cleaning kids rooms weekly kids
Tidying away daily everyone
Setting table for tea daily kids
Cleaning cat tray daily kids
Cats food and water daily kids
Rubbish and recycling weekly joint
Cooking mostly daily mostly me as I'm in first but dh when in early
Shopping few times a week joint
Packed lunches daily everyone does their own

cozietoesie Thu 27-Feb-14 22:50:31

No-one has said 'ironing' yet.

This is my kind of thread!


Treasures Fri 28-Feb-14 01:22:39

Washing up / drying up - daily - we all chip in.
Cooking evening meal - daily - DH
Tidying away - daily - me mostly
Cat maintenance - daily - me
Goldfish maintenance - daily - DH
Nagging DD15 to tidy her pit room - weekly - me
Cleaning bathroom - weekly - me
Hoovering - every other day - me
Shopping - weekly - DH
Dusting - weekly - me
Laundry - 3 or 4 times a week - me
Making the bed - daily - me
Putting rubbish out - daily - joint
Sorting recycling - daily - joint
DIY jobs - whenever - DH
Keeping cupboards tidy - whenever - me

Ironing....what's that? wink

Chottie Fri 28-Feb-14 05:40:52

cutting the grass, cleaning out gutters, washing car - DP
deep clean of bathrooms - DP
Laundry / ironing - me
loading / unloading dishwasher - both

DIY jobs - DP
shopping for food - both
hoovering / dusting - both
recycling sorting - me
bins out and in - both

RubySparks Fri 28-Feb-14 06:56:40

Load dishwasher - everyone
Unload dishwasher - usually DH
Load/unload washing machine, hoovering, dust, polish, glass/mirrors - usually me
Put clothes away - each do our own
Bedrooms hoovering - DC
Put bins out/recycling - DS
Empty bins in house - DD
Cars - each do our own
Wash windows - me
Change beds - each do our own
Hamster welfare - DD
Goldfish - me
Feed cats/ dog - DH and me
Walk dog - me but others too
Food shop - DH and me
Cooking - DH, me and sometimes DS
Ironing - infrequent but all can do it when needed
Bathrooms - me and DD sometimes
Gardening - me, DS cut grass in summer

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 28-Feb-14 08:23:56

Thanks all - keep 'em coming!

winklewoman Fri 28-Feb-14 08:51:18

No kids at home now just a DH who works away three days a week
Dishwasher joint
Washing machine duties me
Ironing each does own
Bedroom hoovering, Cleaner
bathrooms, loos, Cleaner
Kitchen, utility, conservatory tiles washed, Cleaner
Hall, stairs, landings, sitting room, dining room, snug hoovering, Cleaner, if extra needed DH
Main dusting Cleaner
Delicate dusting Me
Bins emptying and taking out DH
Cat feeding, Me; litter tray changing DH
Main food shop DH
Meal cooking DH when here
Fancy cooking, cakes , bread etc Me
Gardening DH as I am scared of worms, but I do conservatory plants and maintenance (compost, safe)
All paperwork, investments, taxes, insurance bills etc Me
Anything needing computer, Me
Holiday research, Me
DGC homework-helping DH, entertaining them, joint
DIY, DH or paid for; decorating Me or paid for
Cars DH or paid for
General tidying and cupboards, Me
Friends and relatives present buying, Me
Fire lighting usually DH

I think we are both happy with this division of labour (especially me)

woodrunner Fri 28-Feb-14 09:38:07

Cooking 80% me, 20% DH. That's recent. Used to be 100% me.
Rubbish 95% DH
Washing up 65% DH 35% me.
Laundry 75% me 25% DH
Shopping 50/50. He does far more food shops than I do, but I do all online ordering and buy everything else - school clothes etc.
Social calendar for DC and us 100% me grin
Hoovering - me
Tidying - 50/50
dusting & polishing - me
windows - me
changing beds 50/50
mopping -me
cleaning loos & bathrooms -me
cleaning kitchen -50/50
helping with homework -50/50
helping with music practise -me
listening to woes and emotional soothing - me
insurance - DH
car - DH
decorating 70% DH, 30% me
recording stuff to watch later - DH - I'd never see my favourite programmes if it weren't for him.
Household bills - DH
DC bills (music fees, travelcards, school, clubs, pocket money, present buying etc) me
Cleaning out guinea pigs - me
feeding cat 50/50
feeding birds - DH
gardening - theoretically DH's hobby, though if he doesn't get on with it I'll take over.
Holiday research and booking - me
Family socials - 50/50 - he sorts his side, I sort mine
Putting every book and CD in the house into alphabetical and chronological order- most definitely DH!!!! He missed his calling as a librarian

I think it's pretty evenly split in our house. We each probably secretly think we do more than our fair share so it must be. grin

Stripytop Fri 28-Feb-14 10:04:49

Me: Getting kids up, washed, dressed, breakfast, making lunches, school run, washing, ironing, all cleaning cooking, shopping, pets, garden, birthdays, christmas, holidays, organising childcare, school stuff, kids activities, everything else. I work 17.5 hours a week with a 30 min commute each way

DH: All DIY, liaising with workmen, monitoring & paying bills, anything car related. Dh does the pots most nights, will do jobs at the weekend if I ask him, and can be 'booked in' to ferry kids around if needed. He works 40+ hours a week and has a 60 min commute each way

Kids: not much. I always say yes please when they volunteer to do something, even if it ends up worse than it was before. Current favourites for them are putting shopping away, making cups of tea, hoovering, menu planning.

woodrunner. listening to woes and emotional soothing!! I love that! That is definitely my role too.

ElleMcFearsome Fri 28-Feb-14 10:07:15

H/hold composition: Me, f/t student student but based at home, DH f/t work DD1 (18) college/pt/work, DD2 (15) school. In case it matters!

Dishwasher: (un)loading - everyone
Cooking: 70% me, 15% DDs, 15% DH
Ironing: 100% me
Bedrooms (inc. making/changing beds, tidying, hoovering, dusting etc): DDs do their own, I do ours.
Bathroom: 100% me
Rubbish/recycling: 50/50 DH and me
Hoovering/dusting all but bedrooms: 85% me, 15% DD1
Kitchen worksurfaces, floor, cooker/hob etc 80% me 20%... others (always amazing when someone other than me has done it - magic fairies, I think!)
Household admin: 100% me
Cat litter tray/flea treatment/worming/vets appts: 100% me (grrr)
Shopping: depends on who wants to do the supermarket run, usually me plus DH or DD(s)
All family/birthday/friends/social stuff: I arrange, send cards etc for DH and I. Tend to lead regarding socialising. DDs sort their own social lives out!
Decorating: split every which way.
Anything involving the car: DH
DIY: DH until he admits he can't do it then me.
Teen support: 80% me, 20% DH
Homework/study/education choices: 90% me, 10% DH

Sylvanas Fri 28-Feb-14 11:43:50

Just me and Dh in our flat, no DC yet.

Dishwashing - Daily 95% me 5%DH
Cooking- Daily 90% me 10% DH
Vacuuming - Weekly 100% DH
Carpet spot cleaning - 2-3 times weekly (sick cat) 100% DH
Carpet cleaning (1 room each time) - Monthly 100% DH (he likes his carpets)
Cleaning worktops - Daily 95% me 5% DH
Quick kitchen clean - Weekly 70% me 30% DH
Full kitchen clean - Monthly 100% me
Quick bathroom clean - weekly 50% me 50% DH
Full bathroom clean - Monthly 100% me
Laundry - 3 times weekly 80% me 20% DH
Cat litter scooping - Daily 100% me
Cat litter replacement / cleaning trays - Weekly 100% me
Feeding cats - 2 times daily 90% me 10% DH
Taking rubbish out - 3 times weekly 70% me 30% DH
Taking bin to the opposite end of the road for collection/ bringing it back - Weekly 100% DH
Quick tidy of living room - Daily 100% me
Full tidy of flat - Weekly 50% me 50% DH
Grocery shopping (online) - weekly 70% me 30% DH
Putting away grocery shopping - weekly 30% me 70% DH
Window cleaning - less often 100% DH
Full clean of flat - less often 60% me 40% DH

Household admin. - as needed 90% me 10% DH
DIY - as needed 80% me 20% DH
Listening to unreasonable complaints form neighbour with tinnitus - as needed 100% DH
Fixing/ rebuilding the computers - as needed 100% DH
Swearing at/ threatening computers - as needed 100% me

SoMuchToBits Fri 28-Feb-14 12:24:26

At home are me (SAHM), MrBits (works FT) and ds (13). No pets.

Ds makes his own bed, puts his laundry in laundry box, and often sets table, helps clear table, gets own breakfast, and sometimes helps with cooking dinner (chops vegetables etc).

Other than that:-

Planning meals (weekly) - me
Food shopping (weekly) - me
Cooking meals (daily) - me
Loading dishwasher (daily) - all of us
Emptying dishwasher (daily) - me
Other washing up - mostly me
Washing (when it needs doing)- me
Ironing - me
Putting laundry away - me
Dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning sinks, basins, bath, loos etc (weekly) - me
Supervising homework and helping organise ds's social life, school stuff etc - me (although he doesn't need much help these days)
Giving ds lifts (two or three times a week) - MrBits, as I don't drive
Anything else to do with the car - MrBits
Paying bills - MrBits
Gardening - me
Putting out bins - me
Planning, buying and sending birthday/Christmas/other gifts and cards - me

BlackeyedSusan Fri 28-Feb-14 12:29:26

ex h takes out the bins and recycling when he visits the children. maintains the computer.

children(7 and 5 with asd) help clean the windows in the living room with vinegar. both help tidy up to earn computertime. both take pots though to the kitchen... but ds threw them behind the plant pots. dd likes to clean the bathroom basin. they both help to load the washing machine. dd tidies the books on the stairs. (bet that is not on your list!) dd washes up when at granny's and makes her own lunch and helps with breakfast.

everything else I do (or not)

do you have cleaning the drains on your list. we are supposed to do that weekly according to our lease!

wash up.
put pots away
wipe surfaces, cupboards, cooker, tiles for splashes
clean fridge, oven
plant and water plants, wash plant pots, buy compost.
wash recycling and take to school for models
buy uniform, label and maintain
sweep/wash/hoover floors.
oil furniture
dispatch local wildlife for burial at sea kill spiders flush down loo
clean paintwork (paint and prepare it in the first place)
put up /take down decorations
change lightbulbs
all diy or organise trades.
washing, hanging out clothes and put away, buy and sort out outgrown ( i do not iron)
planning food, shopping, putting away cooking
clean bathroom
change bedlinen.
mend stuff.
sweep up sand (indoor sandpit)
wash bathtoys
clean microwave
tidy cupboards and drawers
buy, wrap presents
supervise homework/spelling/reading
do physio/ot for both children and salt for ds. liase with health professionals
read the meters

BlackeyedSusan Fri 28-Feb-14 12:30:43

fill car with petrol organise insurance, mot, servicing, repairs, check oil, water, wash car

TheSkiingGardener Fri 28-Feb-14 21:54:30


Empty dishwasher
Empty bins
Do recycling
Put bins out




Household admin
All other cleaning (oven, in-between hoovering etc)
Sorting out The Crap Upstairs
Putting the roof box on and off
Mending the children's toys

marriednotdead Fri 28-Feb-14 22:31:36

Family composition- me, DH, 2 x teen DS's. Some chores are on a rota to save arguments!

Cooking- 50/50 me & DH
Laundry- 50% me, rest split between DCs (rota) and DH
Bins/recycling- everyone (rota)
Washing up- everyone (rota)
Setting/clearing table- DCs (rota)

2 x week
Shopping- me/DH
Clean bathroom- DS's (rota)
Vacuum- DS's (rota)
Ironing- me/DH as DSS burns carpets

Mop- me/DH
Change bedding- everyone does their own
Vacuum/tidy bedrooms- ditto
Bake- me

Random below- until very recently all me but DH now shares smile
Change lightbulbs
Shopping for non groceries, clothes etc.
Fix broken stuff
Pay bills
Sorting crap
Making appointments
Household admin
Cleaning cooker/fridge
Gift planning/buying/wrapping
Car maintenance, petrol, washing
Pest control <shudder>

GetKnitted Sat 01-Mar-14 00:52:10


I cook
DH washes

I clean the kitchen
DH cleans the bathroom

I change the bedding
DH does the bins

I do the boys bags and breakfast
DH gets them showered and dressed

We both vacuum and do the clothes washing

Obviously we both do all of these jobs some of the time

DuchessofHaphazard Sat 01-Mar-14 10:41:24

Getting kids up / breakfasted / to nursery/school - me
Picking kids up - me / DH (about 70% me, 30% DH)
Making dinner - DH / me (recent, used to be 100% me, now DH does most of week day cooking)
Washing up / clearing kitchen - me
Dusting / hoovering / cleaning kitchen & bathroom - cleaner
Tidying toys - DS and DD
DIY - DH / me
Loading dishwasher - DS
Laundry - me / cleaner
Changing sheets - cleaner
Ironing (rare) - DH / cleaner
Getting kids to bed - DH / me

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