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Share your Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg 'n' Spoon moment for your chance to win a £200 JL voucher NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 24-Jan-14 09:22:08

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Egg ‘n’ Spoon is back for another Easter!

For those of you who don’t know what Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon is – every box contains four chocolate eggs, each brimming with a light and fluffy mousse, packaged with little purple spoons and all wrapped up inside a real purple egg carton. Cadbury say "As chocolate treats go, we think they’re a little more exciting than your everyday variety and just a peel, bite and spoon away from a shared treat moment grin".

So to help celebrate the return of Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon, Cadbury have asked us to find out about those spontaneous joyful little moments you share with your DCs. Whether it’s a flour-covered giggling fit after an hour’s baking session gone-messy, when your DC says something at completely the wrong time (cue much blush all round), or the time when an innocent car washing session turned into a mad water fight… Big or small, if it’s a shared moment filled with joy, Cadbury want to hear about it. You could even have a photo lurking on your phone you're willing to share which perfectly sums up these kind of moments smile

For a chance to win a £200 John Lewis voucher please share your stories and/or photos on this thread of joyful spontaneous moments you and your child have shared. Everyone who posts on this thread will be entered into the prize draw.


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beeelaine Wed 29-Jan-14 10:55:52

My man has had a bad back for a couple of years now and he finds it hard to go camping as sleeping on the floor is not good for him, so me and our son like to set the tent up in the garden, our egg and spoon moment is when we have a sneeky 'midnight feast' in the tent, our son loves camping out during the warmer weather! x

museumworker Wed 29-Jan-14 12:37:46

Got caught in a heavy downpour with DD once - no coats or waterproof shoes. We ended up running and laughing, and jumping in the puddles! We were soaking by the time we got home, but smiling. A towelling down, some PJs and a hot chocolate later we still had a grin on our faces!

Fletch049 Wed 29-Jan-14 13:15:56

My sister n daughter loves these, think they are expensive though.

LaTrucha Wed 29-Jan-14 13:29:25

I have, through silliness born of pure desperation, managed to make tooth-brushing time joyous. Each morning and night, from the depths of my subconscious, just the right combinations of silly songs and noises spill out of my mouth for just long enought to get the dcs smiling and opening their mouths. I wish it had happened sooner but i'm very greateful now!

Puddlesuits and wellies jumping in the potholes at the harbour, too.

IPokedABadgerWithASpoon Wed 29-Jan-14 14:10:25

Mine has to be watching ds1 (just returned 3) make ds2 (8 months) laugh by dancing around or making funny noises at him - the baby will start belly laughing which makes ds1 giggle until they both can't play anymore, very sweet to watch!

HootyMcOwlface Wed 29-Jan-14 20:06:17

My DS has fits of giggles when his cuddly bears come to life, like when they have a drink or kick a ball. He laughs his little head off and we all end up joining in too.

silverlace Wed 29-Jan-14 21:06:54

My DS aged 7 giggles hysterically in the bath when I pour water from a jug on him from a great height. He just loves it.

aristocat Thu 30-Jan-14 17:44:08

A joyful moment here is simply baking with DD. She enjoys it so much and loves to really get 'stuck in' and get her hands messy with things like scones and bread.

I enjoy cooking so to see my little girl love it aswell is a delight and afterwards we can have our (chocolate) cake and eat it too grin.

salsmum Fri 31-Jan-14 09:30:32

My Daughter was born prematurely at 29 weeks, we would spend most of our first year back and forth to Hospitals. My son was 4 and a half when we attended a clinic which was also a shared IVF clinic...A lady walked in proudly with her 3 babies in the quiet waiting room and my son stood on a chair and pointed at her and shouted at the top of his voice look Mum...giblets! We were blush but it certainly cheered up an otherwise dull day!

When my DS and DD were little, I came into my bedroom one morning to find they had put on some music to dance to.

They were both bouncing on the bed stark naked, and singing along (very loudly and out of tune) to "Jump" by Van Halen.

Punkatheart Fri 31-Jan-14 21:32:25

My teen has lots of problems and when she laughs, it is such a blessing. Running across a field because we thought an innocent cow was a bull and forgetting that life was hard, was probably the most fun.

woodchuck Sat 01-Feb-14 11:35:16

My DCs are getting older now, so we have different kinds of spontaneous joy moments. I guess DH still does a lot of the roughhousing that he has always done with them, and they still love being jumped out on and tickled etc. I am finding my interactions withthem much more 'grown up' these days. They love wordplay and puns and all three of us were totally kinked laughing last night when watching a Muppets/Lady7 Gaga special, where Gaga was singing 'take me to Venus' and DD (age 8) totally misheard!

DinoSnores Sat 01-Feb-14 20:06:30

One of our moments would be watching the children (3.5yo DS and 11mo DD) 'chatting' and giggling with each other. It is amazing that they can communicate in their own way with lots of squealing and giggling and to see the delight that they both take in each other!

Cherryjellybean Tue 04-Feb-14 17:31:28

I once suggested that 2 year old dd tried to catch a pidgen as a way to get her to walk down the high street. Its turned into the best game ever as she looks hilarious, never gets close to them, and i have even seen people in the street laugh with us smile

flamingtoaster Thu 06-Feb-14 12:23:10

DS always loved puddles and we used to go puddle jumping (with him in an all over suit) when we could. One summer we were at an outdoor event and there had been torrential rain for several days which produced the biggest puddle anyone had ever seen at one end of the field. My son (then 2) wanted to paddle in it so we all did - it was great fun. As we walked back to the car I could hear a funny squelching noise - and realized it was coming from DS. We looked at him and realized his wellies were full of water - right up to the very top! We laughed so much we were almost in tears as we emptied out his boots.

Lovewhereilive Thu 06-Feb-14 18:23:34

DS3 being ever so serious and trying his best to copy all the dance moves to wannabe by the spice girls on just dance. The dinosaur onesie topped it off!

Wjjkl Fri 07-Feb-14 11:53:54

When my son smiles & wriggles crazily at my terrible singing complete with actions! At least he appreciates the "tunes"!

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 07-Feb-14 12:15:24

Hi everyone, thanks for all the posts smile Congratulations to clippityclop who won the prize draw for a £200 John Lewis voucher. We'll be in touch shortly.

feathermucker Thu 27-Feb-14 09:49:10

When I was very poorly with a bad back, my 7 year old son was fetching me little things like a drink, snacks and drawing pictures to cheer me up. he even did little 'shows' to "make you hapoy Mum".

Difficult few years for us, but hes my light xxx

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