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Is your DC Moshi Monster mad? If they could create their own Moshling, what would it be? Add your comment and you could win cinema vouchers NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Dec-13 09:20:57

Moshi Monsters: The Movie hits the big screens on 20 December and features some exciting new Moshlings! So we want to hear about what sort of Moshling you'd create if you had the chance!

It could be based on an existing Moshi Monster or one you'd like to create from scratch - what colour or shape would he/ she be, what skills would it have and most importantly what name would it have? grin

Are you Mr Snoodle, Poppet or perhaps Luvli?

In the movie you can "join Katsuma, Poppet, Mr. Snoodle, and the other Moshi Monsters in an action-packed, song-filled race against time! What's Dr. Strangeglove up to now... ?"

Watch the trailer here:

Add your comment to this thread and you'll be entered into a prize draw where three winners will each win family cinema vouchers. See T&Cs below.

And don?t forget to visit our Mumsnet Moshi page for more information on the film and exclusive Mumsnet offers!

Thanks and good luck fgrin

NB: T&Cs apply - see below

Three (3) winners will each receive:
A family cinema voucher including, two (2) adult and two (2) child cinema vouchers, valid for one (1) visit to a 2D film showing at an Odeon cinema location. Subject to the terms and conditions of
The Prize is subject to the following:
a) Mumsnet reserve the right to provide substitute prize(s) of similar value should the specified prize(s) become unavailable for reasons beyond its control.
b) Vouchers exclude the following central London Odeon cinema sites Covent Garden, Kensington, Leicester Square, Leicester Square Mezzanine, Marble Arch, Panton St, Tottenham Court Road, West End and Whiteleys.
c) Vouchers not valid for a 3D film showing.
d) Anything not specified in these terms and conditions as being included in the prize package is excluded.
e) There is no cash alternative and the prize is non-transferable and non-refundable.
f) All prizes elements are subject to availability.
g) Prize draw: Friday 27th December at 12 noon

Chocotrekkie Fri 06-Dec-13 19:22:15

Sorry - glasses wearing dog with blue fluffy hair called "huskio"

AnnieLobeseder Fri 06-Dec-13 19:24:47

DD2's (5yo) Moshling looks like a chocolate coin, with a golden back and a chocolate front. She has brown eyes and long feet, and her name is Choccie-Choc. She likes to eat all kinds of chocolate.

She has a brother who is also a chocolate coin and has small feet with long hands. They love each other.

Lurleene Fri 06-Dec-13 19:31:32

DS (age 8) would like a Moshi called 'Dings the Alarming Varmint'. Dings for short.

Dings has an alarm clock face and uses his bell to distract when pick-pocketing. Dings is one of the Naughties.

AnnBryce Sat 07-Dec-13 13:36:58

Ds2 has had his worked out for quite a while. his is called 'huggler' - he is purple with fluffy spikes. Likes: Monsters that like huggin' & spaghetti. Dislikes: Monsters who don't like hugging & macaroni cheese.

HeadlessHeadmistress Sat 07-Dec-13 14:29:54

DD (age 6) would create a moshling called "Blobby".

It would look like a pink blob, and it's special skills would be blobbing around and it can change shape into anything it wants.

It would be in the fishies set because it lives in the sea.

fahmida Sat 07-Dec-13 15:46:52

Dd (7) would like a Moshi shaped like a lamp, and it would be called 'sparky'. It lights up in the dark of course!

2468Motorway Sat 07-Dec-13 20:54:38

Dd would like a Christmas Moshi shaped like a red and white striped candy cane tied up with a piece of ribbon a bit like a bow tie with a sprig of holly. It would be called Cain-Dee.

PavlovtheCat Sun 08-Dec-13 11:48:10

DD's moshi would be a female, thin, tall, with lots of dresses to change into in her wardrobe. Hair would be curly, colour would be gold. Her skin colour would be brown, with fur all over. Two eyes, three arms, three legs.

She can ride a bike, she can make films, she can speak to dogs and cats, roar as loud as a lion. She might look cute but she is actually very fierce. She likes playing with other Moshlings, and gets on with every one she meets.

Her name is Fury Lucy.

confuddledDOTcom Sun 08-Dec-13 17:55:08

my daughter is taking this very seriously and is in the process ofa total design, even using her top trumps cards to write a skill set.grin

trice Sun 08-Dec-13 20:34:22

Dd has decided on a yellow baby platypus moshi called duckie-puss. It loves aqua aerobics and glitter nail polish for its claws.

POTC Mon 09-Dec-13 13:14:33

DS2 (6) loves moshi monsters just because he's a big collector of things!
His would be a boy moshi, blue and green coloured with long hair in a quiff. He likes chewing bubblegum and when he gets excited the bubblegum blows up into a balloon around him so he can float off and then pop the bubble and gently land when he's reached where he wants to go. His name would be Flymania.

bestbefore Tue 10-Dec-13 16:34:12

My DS says his would be green: called green fluff - he would be a hero!

CarmonEileen Tue 10-Dec-13 19:14:26

Dd 6 loves M.M, she has a membership for 6 months, plays occasionally I tend to do the leg work ;-)
She likes Broccoli Spears, her moshi would be called PixieSnot (oh dear) as she has a horrid cold at the moment. She would have a snotty nose and carry a pink tissue.

getyourshoesonNOW Tue 10-Dec-13 19:44:01

DS1 (9) would like a reindeer Moshling with a green nose called Rudy. He's good at finding the way with his nose and sniffing out objects with his nose. He'll be brown.

Ds2 (7) would like a pancake shaped Moshling. He'd be round and his name is Patrick. His skill is flopping on people. He's brown.

Raahh Tue 10-Dec-13 23:28:21

DD1 loves Moshi monsters, she is 7.

She drew a moshing for me that she based on her little sister (who is 3, and something of a monster). So it would be called 'Pipling' (sister is Pippagrin), would have bright red curly hair,have a squishy blob fish body (they are both OBSESSED with the poor ugly blob fish) , green eyes,with very, very long lashes, wear pyjamas and princess patterned socks. Skill set- frisbee throwing .

So now you know.

Lurleene Wed 11-Dec-13 14:02:02

Sorry, slightly off topic but my DS was very disappointed this morning when he opened his Moshi Monster advent calendar and the window was empty. fsad

Does anyone else have the Mega Bloks calendar and if so would you mind telling us what the item was today (11th)?

NettleTea Mon 16-Dec-13 19:54:39

It would be a bit like a Katsuma, but with fire tail for battling. It would be called FireBlaze (DS, 7)

asuwere Wed 18-Dec-13 16:27:00

DS (7) says he would make a red gooey one that looks like a puddle! named "gooey"
DS (5) would make a blue sticky one that just goes up and down walls! named "gooey"
DD (3) would make a pink one that looks like an ice cream cone! named "ivyrose" smile

Aethelfleda Wed 18-Dec-13 16:32:12

Myy DD1 would invent "Bill Blanket", a Moshi who walks around almost entirely covered by a large fluffy jade green blanket, with just his bare (yellow) feet sticking out the bottom.
His Moshi noise would be humming a tune and then giving an enormous sneeze (ruffling the blanket). No One Has Ever Seen His Face.....

silverlace Fri 20-Dec-13 18:53:15

My Ds's Moshi monster is like a blueberry but with a pineapple's top on his head. He has banana legs and arms and his fingers and feet are apple cores. He is quite round.

His name is Fruit-bowl.

His special powers are he can turn people (Moshi Monsters) into robots by shooting apple cores and he can turn into a Super Moshi.

elfinmyst Mon 23-Dec-13 21:45:26

My youngster would have a new kitten moshi called Arthur who would be shy and nervous and his noise would be 'meep' and all the other Moshis would have to look after him

kaybags Wed 25-Dec-13 23:35:19

My DS and I were talking on our way to an orchard festival about designing a moshling called Granny Smith - it would be an apple with glasses and a bun, carrying a basket of apples that it would feed to other moshlings.

tinypumpkin Thu 26-Dec-13 22:18:29

DD would have a purple monster/ dog (a combination apparently) called Peeva. It would like to dance and would have pink ears.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 27-Dec-13 09:58:46

Thanks for all the imaginative suggestions!
Am pleased to say the winners of the cinema tickets are: trice, maybefaraway and PavlovtheCat thanks fgrin

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