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Let’s talk conception and lube! Share your experiences and thoughts with Balance Activ and you could win a Cambridge Satchel full of Balance Activ products (worth £250) NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 02-Dec-13 10:41:07

Balance Activ want to hear Mumsnetters' thoughts and experiences about using lube when TTCing.

Here's what Balance Activ have to say, "We conducted a survey of 2,000 women across the UK and we discovered....

~ 46% of women trying to conceive experience pain during or after intercourse due to vaginal dryness
~ Normal off-the-shelf lubricants are spermicidal yet 25% of those trying to conceive are using lubricants that are as toxic to sperm as contraceptive jellies"

Balance Activ are promoting their new sperm-friendly lubricant developed specifically for couples trying to conceive - giving a boost to sperm motility, helping create the right environment for sperm to survive as well as providing lubrication which is sometimes needed.

They say "The vagina can be a harsh environment for sperm to survive because its pH level is 4.5, in contrast to semen which is between 7-8. Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel and Spray has a pH level of 7, creating the ideal environment for sperm to survive. Both products also benefit from a key ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is naturally present in the vagina and cervical fluid, which allows the sperm to move more easily towards the egg. It is safe, natural, odourless and non-sticky, designed to help couples trying to conceive."

They'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences of using a lubricant during conception and how it can help. As well as any experiences of using regular lubes when TTCing. Where do you get advice on this topic from? And have you heard or read about any issues with jellies or lube when TTCing?

Every MNer who adds a comment to this thread will be entered into the prize draw to win a Cambridge satchel full of Balance Activ product (worth £250)!

They also have 30 free samples of Balance Activ Fertility Spray to give away. Winners will be chosen at random from all comments placed before 16/12/13.

Thanks MNHQ

KatoPotatoHoHo Mon 16-Dec-13 13:21:46

Well done everyone.

MrsCog will you be telling all your friends and family you won a huge satchel of lube??

Happy Skooshing ladies!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 16-Dec-13 13:18:43

And the following MNers all win a sample of Balance Activ Fertility Spray - abbykacz, bakingqueen, BrittleStick, Bubbles85, CakeLab, cheshirekat1, DinoSnores, DontCallMeDaughter, endoflevelbaddy, flymo79, GreyWhites, Ilikesweetpeas, KateOxford, ladybunnikins, Letitsnow9, Littlemissexpecting, Luckystar1, Macdog, MrsClauswearsspanx, PenguinSalute, Punkatheart, QuickQuickSloe, RemoteControlGeekToyOfTheYear, seasavage, ShreddedHoops, SpicedTeaAndXmasCakeOrDeath, StarsAbove, Steffanoid, Thatsnotmyfigure and Vikkijayne2507

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 16-Dec-13 11:54:00

Thanks for all the comments: mrscog wins the Cambridge satchel full of Balance Activ product (worth £250) - will do the 30 extra winners shortly

whatareyoueventalkingabout Sun 15-Dec-13 20:09:46

I haven't ever needed to use it but would use this for sure!

Ilikesweetpeas Sun 15-Dec-13 20:08:34

Never heard of this but would give it a try, when you are TTC anything that helps is welcome!

Sleepingstarsmommy Sat 14-Dec-13 22:28:14

Been pregnant 4 times. Only used a special lube for the first pregnancy although I can't remember the brand. The other 3 pregnancies we just used our normal lube or none at all and still conceived on our first cycle of trying. Currently on our first cycle of trying to conceive again and using our usual lube. Maybe if we're not successful then I may invest in some but do think it is expensive. Have to say we didnt it particularly nice either.

Vikkijayne2507 Sat 14-Dec-13 21:25:08

I had read that normal lube was antisperm but I often found I needed to use something to get me in the mood. I only knew of 2 pro sperm lubes and one of them I couldnt get in any local chemist. We used normal lube a few times and went without. Im not sure which one we were doing as we TTC 5 times in 1 week some with normal lube some without I was very lucky and fell pregnant within first 2 months of trying. I was about to buy the lube for sperm but i got a bfp instead

GreyWhites Fri 13-Dec-13 22:56:53

I love a bit of lube, always have, even before TTC. So far whilst TTC I've relied on Conceive Plus and Pre-Seed. Spent 2 years trying to get pregnant, got pregnant this year then had to terminate pregnancy on medical grounds at 14 weeks. I'm in my early 40s now so I'm aware my time is running out and am back on the TTC treadmill. Frankly I'll try anything at all that helps right now. I've even resorted to crystals, for flip's sake.

Punkatheart Fri 13-Dec-13 01:05:07

I am very open-minded and liberal about most things but this is the one thing that makes me uncomfortable. Tried it once, really didn't like it! But it is a hard topic to bring up!

Punkatheart Fri 13-Dec-13 01:04:05

I am very open-minded and liberal about most things but this is the one thing that makes me uncomfortable. Tried it once, really didn't like it! But it is a hard topic to bring up!

TinselandGretel Thu 12-Dec-13 21:49:48

We TTC'd for years, lube was necessary because having sex on a timetable is less exciting than spontaneous sex!

We used pre-seed ferility lube, found it expensive but we were desperate and happy to try anything that would help. We did get pg, not sure if the Pre-seed made any difference or not.

RemoteControlGeekToyOfTheYear Thu 12-Dec-13 21:31:27

Been struggling ttc for a long time now. Lube is most definitely a must for us. Currently using Conceive+ because we like the pictures on the box that show the difference between sperm trying to swim through ordinary lube and sperm swimming through conceive+. Those kind of pictures give a lot of confidence to long-term ttcers

StarsAbove Thu 12-Dec-13 19:29:59

I had no idea lube could help or hinder when TTC. I got pregnant very quickly, I suppose I would have done more research if it had taken us longer. I suppose it is good to feel you are doing everything you can to maximise your chances.

As far as where to get advice when TTC - MN of course! I used an app to predict ovulation days too.

Readynow Thu 12-Dec-13 11:39:25

We have been using Conceive Plus for a while now TTC #2 & conceived #1 whilst using it. I did not know there was another conception friendly lubricant on the market.

EmsyM83 Wed 11-Dec-13 18:21:37

We use KY as a general rule, I tend to react to Durex. Never given any consideration to conception friendly stuff before and not really had any issues. I probably would look into it if was to have issues.

BeigeBuffet Wed 11-Dec-13 11:26:58

I didn't know that some lubes were spermicidal. I would definately consider using Balance Activ as we are about to ttc from this month on. I'm not so sure I would use a spray but certainly the gel sounds like a good idea. It sounds like a win win situation, sex feels better and your chances are increased-result!

gasbird Tue 10-Dec-13 22:49:25

Tried pre-seed, seemed to work!

Bubbles85 Tue 10-Dec-13 13:58:41

Well I didn't consider that lubes could be spermicidal. We fell pregnant after two months of me stopping the pill. We had made a conscious decision not to 'try' but just to stop preventing it and see what happened. So we didn't change any habits, although I did stop drinking alcohol (luckily) just in case it did happen quickly! Although now i know about the lubes, I will definitely consider a sperm safe alternative if we choose to have another baby at some point.

PenguinSalute Tue 10-Dec-13 10:48:11

I had never even heard of lube that aided conception! I fell preg very accidentally quickly with DS so it wasn't really something I considered. However, we hope to start trying for DC2 in the next year, so it's good to have the info that there are things like this to try if necessary. I have used BalanceActiv products before and found them good, so would definitely think of them as a reputable brand to try.

cheshirekat1 Tue 10-Dec-13 10:04:03

Took us a few months to conceive and I have to say I hadn't even thought that lube could help get the swimmers on the move, now I've read it, it does make sense. Important though that people recognise that some lubes are bad for sperm....

TinselBankWadger Mon 09-Dec-13 21:36:53

I managed to conceive several times with nothing other than natural lube so should I ever be lucky enough to be trying again I would continue to take the natural route.

Also, I have had issues with thrush in the past and the thought of changing the ph balance of my vagina is frankly very off putting! It's the ph it is for a reason. Okay yes if I was having a lot of trouble TTC maybe I would consider a product such as this, but I'm in no hurry for another protracted dose of thrush (especially if it worked and I got pg as then I wouldn't be able to treat the thrush effectively).

DontCallMeDaughter Mon 09-Dec-13 18:38:31

We used Balance Active and I thought it was excellent. Really easy to "apply" and kept things moving so to speak!! I did find it a bit watery but maybe I just used to much.

We also got a bfp the first month we used it after 11 unsuccessful months beforehand. So I'm a fan smile

KatoPotatoHoHo Mon 09-Dec-13 17:30:57

Very interesting about other products! Would be keen to try this when my mirena comes out in Jan!

Thatsnotmyfigure Mon 09-Dec-13 16:11:32

We did use a lube when ttc no 1. To be honest we haven't tried this time round but thanks for the reminder!!

Macdog Mon 09-Dec-13 14:05:07

Like many others on this thread, I had no idea about these products.
I'd probably have tried them when TTC

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