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Tell More Th>n your top tips for making moving home easier - £240 voucher prize draw NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Nov-13 12:01:13

More Th>n would like to find out Mumsnetters' top tips to make moving home a little easier.

Heres what More Th>n have to say, "Life can be full of little frustrations. At MORE TH>N we want to help, and that's why we love collecting and sharing all sorts of tips and tricks that make life that little bit easier. We like to think of them as 'helping hands', those clever ideas you never knew you needed to know. We're always on the look-out for more great hints to share, so if you've got a top tip, let us know."

To get some inspiration, watch the video clip below and then share your own top tips on this thread.

Do the suggestions given in the video appeal to you, or not? Which, if any, would you try out? Do you have any of your own to add? Do you pack duvets into your cupboards to save on space? Maybe you write the contents of each box on the box after youve packed it to make it easier to find the right box in your new home? Or do you make sure there are lots of biscuits around to fuel the hard work grin?

Everyone who adds their comments to this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £240 Amazon voucher.

Thanks and good luck,


Spirael Tue 19-Nov-13 12:01:36

Don't bother removing your clothes from the hangers, just fold them up into the box with the hangers still on. Then they're ready just to pull out and hang up again after you arrive (and assemble the wardrobes)!

Fumnudge Tue 19-Nov-13 12:17:09

We have never been able to afford removal firms so we start packing from the back of cupboard when we start house hunting!
It makes your house neater for viewers and its amazing how much non essential stuff (unwanted gifts, seldom used items etc) you accumulate. It's a nice spring clean!

Purplehonesty Tue 19-Nov-13 13:10:46

Love the walnut tip - tried it on my floor today where it was scratched by the move! Fantastic.

Moving is a great time to declutter so I'd suggest starting that as soon as you know you are moving and get rid of the junk you took with you on your last move and shoved in the loft.

When we moved into our new house we bought a stack of those big plastic storage boxes with lids from tesco. We then went though everything in the loft and cupboards, threw half away and labelled the rest clearly in the boxes. It was so easy to quickly empty the loft and put it all into the new loft. And now it's really easy to find stuff when we need it.

I also visited halfords to get boxes and they had really strong ones from car parts etc. they even loaded them into the car for me!

BellaVida Tue 19-Nov-13 13:16:07

We have moved home several times, including different countries, pre and post children. My tips would be:-
-Always keep important or sentimental items with you- including favourite teddies!
-Take a food/drink bag with you at all times and have an easy option ready for the first meal in your new home.
-Prepare sleepwear and a change of clothes to avoid digging through cases/boxes when you arrive.
-Keep a first aid kit to hand to deal with and cuts and bumps along the way.

MikeLitoris Tue 19-Nov-13 14:14:41

Get a babysitter. Dc do not help. Ever.

Get some professionals in if possible. They know what they are doing.

Pack a box with tea making stuff, lightbulbs and loo roll. Never let it leave your side.

If all else fails hire a skip. Throw everything out and start from scratch in the new house! grin

Willemdefoeismine Tue 19-Nov-13 16:20:12

I would say:

firstly if it's at all possible, declutter before you put your house on the market!

Secondly, pack and label (and ensure it goes in the car with you rather than the removal van!) a large box full of "things you will need as soon as you arrive": from kettle and tea/coffee/biscuits and mugs, toiletries, bedding/towels and night attire! And if you are particularly fastidious house-proud, a bucket, scrubbing brush, rubber gloves and mop and disinfectant/cleaning potions.

Thirdly don't obsess about leaving your old house spotless - you will worn out before you even face the tip that your new house might be in! If you can afford it, pay for a cleaning company to come in and blitz the home from which you're moving and possibly the one you're going to too!

I would second handing over responsibility of the children to a relative not involved in the move so you can get on with it at both ends without the distraction of excited youngsters!

InMySpareTime Tue 19-Nov-13 16:31:45

Keep plenty of small plastic bags in the run up to moving day, then when you disassemble each item of furniture (usually the beds) put all the screws and fixings for it in one bag and tape the bag to the frame (or a big bit of the structure).
That way you know you haven't left the screws for the DCs beds at the old house by mistake like I did
A "moving-in" book is a nice touch for your buyers, with useful info like addresses and numbers for Doctors/schools/Sure Start/takeaways/supermarkets, and what days bins are collected.

ILoveAFullFridge Tue 19-Nov-13 17:19:52

If you have young children, walk them through what is going to happen, step by step, several times over in the weeks and days before the move. Be specific "Your cot is coming with us to the new house, it will travel to the new house in the moving van. Mr Bear is coming with us to the new house, he will travel in your stripey bag and you will carry the bag. The blue carpet in your room is staying here, it will not come with us to the new house."

What is obvious to you us not obvious to them. It is very reassuring for them to understand exactly what is happening. My dc (then 5 and 3) worried that if we are leaving the stove and the bath, we might also be leaving the toys and the cot. Why were we leaving the fitted carpet, but taking the rug? If we were leaving the garage, and binning some of its contents, what would happen to the bikes and the paddling pool?

10thingsihateaboutpoo Tue 19-Nov-13 18:23:04

This thread is great timing as we're moving soon, some great tips on here! I second those who have said declutter declutter declutter! Less to pack/move/unpack.

We paid for the removers to pack it all, and then unpack at the end. So, so easy! I totally recommend it.

JoanneNDubz Tue 19-Nov-13 18:58:23

Label each box with where it's come from because then you can just place the box in the new house in the room it's meant to go in.
If moving with animals and small children get someone to look after them whilst unpacking.
Put your kettle,tea,coffee,sugar,milk and cups in a bag with you so you can have a cuppa whilst unpacking.
Toilet rolls and cleaning essentials in a small bag so you don't have to find them.
Chuck away all your junk so you can start afresh.
Don't manic pack take your time otherwise you will pack things you need.
Get everything cut off,and sorted ready for new house.
School forms etc.

PurpleCrazyHorse Tue 19-Nov-13 20:26:40

If using removers, designate a room that contains everything you're not giving them to take (e.g. use a bathroom). Stick a note on the door and they'll know to ignore that room. We found this useful as we wanted to transport some treasured possessions and electrical items ourselves, plus had a suitcase and hoover etc to go in our car too.

Colour code your boxes, or label them with a letter denoting the room. At the new house, stick corresponding labels on the door. Really useful to ensure your removers pop them in the right rooms, don't forget to label furniture (esp the heavy items if using removers!)

Set up your beds as soon as you arrive, including bedding. You'll be knackered later.

MadMonkeys Tue 19-Nov-13 21:26:34

Label every box (not with post it notes, they just fall off) and label the rooms as soon as you arrive. Take boxes of valuables/documents etc to a friends before moving day so you don't have to worry about them going astray on the day.

Take a box of provision for the day including sugar (removals men ALWAYS have sugar in their tea smile).

Try not to jump up and down with excitement when the removals men turn up, it destroys your credibility grin.

DziezkoDisco Tue 19-Nov-13 21:30:06

Make your beds up before you do anything else.

CheeseTMouse Tue 19-Nov-13 21:31:28

When we moved we had an overlap as we moved out of rented into our own home and this was invaluable as we were able to decorate properly first. We haven't done as much DIY since so it was brilliant to get a whole chunk done.

As for moving we decided that we only needed to have 2 usable rooms to start with - the kitchen and our bedroom so we focussed on sorting those out first... with the consequential impact on packing where we made sure we had that stuff well labelled.

sharond101 Tue 19-Nov-13 21:50:22

Do a big clean before you take anything into your new home, it's much easier and more thorough than working around about boxes. Label all your boxes by room and mark the urgency of opening on the box. Concentrate on one room at a time. At least one room will be live able a short time into your adventure.

sharond101 Tue 19-Nov-13 21:52:00

Take your clothes carefully out of your wardrobe still on hangers in small bundles and wrap an elastic band around the top of the hangers to join them together. At the other end carefully remove the elastic band and easily place in wardrobe.

LentilAsAnything Tue 19-Nov-13 23:49:54

Declutter now. Ideally before you sell your own home.
Use small boxes that are easier to stack and carry than bigger boxes. Label the boxes clearly - contents and room. I do use suitcases too, they are very handy, especially when doing the moving yourself.
Clean the new house before you move all your stuff in. It will never be so easy to sanitise once all your stuff is in.
Ideally have a few days to move, so the pressure is reduced. Not always possible, I know.
Budget for a takeaway for that first night.
Make the beds and get night-time stuff ready as soon as you get in, so when you are ready to drop, you know you can just sink into bed, and not have to tiredly make up beds etc.
Be a minimalist. Start now. Use the opportunity of a new home as a fresh start to declutter.
Don't leave the removal van's keys lying around for toddler to hide, resulting in your having to ransack the old house and then empty the van until you have found them in amongst his huge tub of toys. <true story>

IAlwaysThought Wed 20-Nov-13 00:18:29

Declutter, declutter and declutter some more. Make lots of list and be more organised than you have ever been before. Have a file! Measure everything and carry a tape measure at all times. Photograph everything. All your furniture and every square inch of your new house or flat. (Ok, I may be going a bit OTT but you get the drift)

If you are able to afford some extra help then do so - extra child care or help with cleaning can be really useful.

Hopezibah Wed 20-Nov-13 00:21:02

I like the roller case tip. We borrow one of those sack barrow things for heavy items - that really helps.

Get friends that you trust to help you - otherwise it feels really frustrating doing SO many journeys to and fro to the van to load and unload.

We don't worry about labelling boxes as it does all end up in a muddle anyway - but we just make sure we know where a few key essentials are that you may need that first day/night.

Is there someone nearby the kids / dog could stay with so they don't get unsettled on the first day when everything is chaotic?

Have a HUGE declutter BEFORE you move - nothing more frustrating than moving tons of stuff only to throw it out afterwards.

justmuddlingalong Wed 20-Nov-13 00:32:47

Duvets and bedding are great for wrapping bigger breakables, like glass light fittings and tvs in before boxing. Ask family or a friend to watch pets for the day, if you're not moving too far. Get a takeaway for tea the first night in your new home, you won't feel like cooking!

LonelyGoatherd Wed 20-Nov-13 08:58:43

Definitely write the room destination and brief contents list on the box.

We bought naice storage boxes from ikea and an expedit unit for the new house - packed stuff into boxes and they were ready to go away (chargers/leads, stationery, gifts/cards/wrapping, old uni files, etc).

Pay for a cleaner to come and blitz the old house so you don't have to!

If you haven't unpacked a box within a year, take it straight to the charity shop!

ibbydibby Wed 20-Nov-13 09:07:27

When you arrive at new house, make everyone a drink (using the stuff you have packed specifically for this purpose). Then make sure that everyone who will be sleeping at the new place that nigth has a place to sleep - so put beds up, or at least mattress in place, with bedding. Then you can concentrate on other rooms and eventually tumble into bed, without having to cope with sleeping arrangements late at night.

blueberrycupcake Wed 20-Nov-13 09:17:10

Label everything and write which room it needs to go to.

Pack a suitcase as if going away for couple of days with few changes of clothes, toiletries and other essentials. That way you don't need to worry about finding the boxes with the clothes straight away.

wonderingsoul Wed 20-Nov-13 11:56:30

iv had to move country and house quite a bit. so my top tips would be-

start ealy, collect boxes from shops.

choose the room you use the least to store box's.

lable the boxs.. i.e kitchen/ kids rooms /parents room/toys

pack what you dont use on a daily basis pictures/photo frames etc.

adding more the closer to the date.

night of the move order take out smile

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