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Life-insurance - do you have it sorted or is it on the to-do list? Share your thoughts and ask Aviva's expert your questions - £150 high street voucher to be won - ANSWERS BACK

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Nov-13 14:33:36

We've been asked by the team at Aviva to find out if life insurance is ticked off your list of things to do, lurking at the bottom, or is something you keep meaning to get around to but never quite manage it? If you sorted it, why? If you're yet to do so, why not?

Aviva says "As parents we instinctively do everything we can to protect our children. We cover them in sun tan lotion, make them brush their teeth and take steps to keep them safe on the move. Yet, despite our best intentions, when it comes to financial matters, such as sorting out life insurance, other things often take priority. If the unthinkable happened, life insurance can help protect what matters most to your loved ones. That's why we want to make it easier for you to find out answers to your pressing questions."

If you have a question about life-insurance post your questions on the thread and we'll choose some for *Aviva's expert, Louise (see image), to answer. Her responses will be posted on this thread by 18 November.

About Louise: "Louise has worked for Aviva for 24 years and, after gaining a wealth of experience across the insurance business, is now Distribution Director. She is also responsible for the marketing and communication strategy for protection. Louise is extremely passionate about families protecting themselves financially and is a dynamic spokesperson in the national press on the subject.

Aviva's free new parent life cover initiative, which has helped more families become financially protected, is Louises brain-child. She was also instrumental in developing an emotionally engaging approach for Avivas life insurance TV advertising campaign, which created considerable interest, debate and praise.

Louise's contribution to raising awareness levels of protection and challenging customer behaviours has been recognised through a number of key industry accolades. Louise is married with 5-year-old twins and lives in Yorkshire."

So please share your thoughts below - have a look at their info on their special pages on Mumsnet - everyone who adds a comment or a question below will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £150 high street voucher.

thanks and good luck

PS Please note your comments, anon of course, may be used by Aviva on MN and possibly elsewhere.

LouiseColley Thu 21-Nov-13 15:38:28



- Is there any way to make sure that if I died and DH remarried and then died before his new spouse, our children would receive some of my payout? I wouldn't want to leave it in trust to them as I can imagine a lot would be needed to pay for childcare and other expenses but I wouldn't want them left unprovided for either.

- The thing that puts me off getting additional critical illness/injury cover is that it seems that insurance companies try very hard to not pay out. Can you talk a bit about that please?

Hi AndHarry. There are ways of ensuring that your children would be protected in this circumstance. I suggest that you seek financial and/or legal advice to ensure that the relevant instructions are in place.

It saddens me that people still think insurance companies try to avoid paying critical illness claims, when in reality we pay the vast majority of claims and we much prefer telling people that their claim has been paid. We publish our claims figures every year and last year we paid out 99.3% of life insurance claims and 92.5% of critical illness claims. My top two tips are; make sure you fully complete the application form, and if in any doubt speak to your provider or financial adviser.

LouiseColley Thu 21-Nov-13 15:46:52


Should I still be paying my ex-husband's life insurance? It's designed to cover the mortgage for the house I'm still living in so maybe I should..?

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I’m unable to give you an answer as there are quite a few unknowns – such as who is responsible for the mortgage payments. It’s certainly worth you speaking to a financial adviser about this though.

LouiseColley Thu 21-Nov-13 15:47:50


We have life insurance through Aviva. What I am terribly confused by is the trust element. We'd like to write it into trust but there's no indication of whether a trustee can be a beneficiary, and when I've phoned Aviva to ask they just say they can't help. Great! Would also like to know how to deal with future children. For instance, can I make DH both trustee and beneficiary so he can dole it out as appropriate to DD and hypothetical future children? Why can't I put future children on it-why do beneficiaries have to be named specifically? I know we need to go and see a solicitor about this but we don't have a spare £500 and it's driving me nuts. that something so easy is made so difficult by such a stupid form.

Hi Antoinette. Its great to see youre considering using a Trust to distribute the proceeds of your plan to ensure the money gets distributed as youd want. However, this can be complicated so you should make sure you speak to a financial adviser so you fully understand the terms of the policy.

OPeaches Sun 24-Nov-13 11:05:43

We have life insurance simply because the financial advisor who helped us with our mortgage arranged it. I actually has no idea how much we are insured for, but I remember he got us to change it once we had kids.

We son have critical illness cover, purely because it was so expensive and I've heard so many stories of companies finding ways not to pay out. We weighed up the odds and decided not to. Fingers crossed we'll never come to. Regret that decision.

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