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Watch episode 2 of Shop Talk where CarrieMumsnet discusses how to reap those shopping rewards NOW CLOSED

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 22-Oct-13 14:16:20

Last week MNers were asked whether they would spend £50 cash differently to £50 in reward points. Watch episode 2 of Shop Talk now to see if your comments made it on the show!

Barclaycard Freedom Rewards, in association with Mumsnet, have created a new weekly online chat show: Shop Talk. Over the next few weeks, they'll be looking for MNers' shopping tips and tricks on a range of topics.

Here's what Barclaycard have to say about the show: "Shop Talk is a weekly chat show where we tackle the big shopping stories that you're talking about. A different presenter will host each show each week and this week its Julia Bradbury. Two panellists, including shopping blogger Emily and Carrie from MNHQ, joined Julia to discuss what you can spend your rewards points on in preparation for the winter.

With regards to the Barclaycard Freedom Rewards credit card, Barclaycard say: You can redeem your freedom points at the broadest range of high street brands, as well as big online names, worthy causes and great places to spend time with your family. You can even choose how you redeem your rewards points, e.g. vouchers, gift cards, e vouchers etc.

Next week's Shop Talk, hosted by Ben Shephard: shopping online vs the high street, which do you think is best and why? Share your thoughts on next weeks thread here and you could win £150 worth of Apple Store vouchers.



Kelloges0811 Wed 23-Oct-13 22:48:18

I usually use my Tesco vouchers to eat out at restaurants and save my money off supermarket vouchers for a big shop for special occassions. When I have won vouchers I usually spend them to treat my children or husband, depending were they are for. I even spend money or vouchers I myself have been given for my birthday, to treat my children or pay bills. I would only really treat myself with vouchers if they were for something like a spa or pamper day were children would not be allowed. It's the first thing you think of as a 'Mother' and as a 'Wife' is 'How can I treat my children or husband?'

RedBushedT Thu 24-Oct-13 00:23:30

I would spend an extra £50 cash on a day out for my children. if it was reward points I'd be more likely to be sensible and use it to buy staples such as tinned / packet food or loo roll.

MotherOfSoupDragon Thu 24-Oct-13 11:39:43

I tend to use my Tesco points for a magazine subscription each year as I wouldn't buy one otherwise.

Other reward points like Sainsburys and Boots I use when it's near the end of the month sometimes and I just can't afford to shop. Or if not needed for that I save them for Christmas and use them to buy gifts and Christmas food or drink.

An extra £50 would be handy now, as I could spend it on Christmas gifts that I can't start buying yet as dh is out of work.

MakeTeaNotWar Thu 24-Oct-13 11:44:49

I tend to save my loyalty points for treats rather than every day stuff so with my Boots points, i might get a luscious handcream or perfume, with Tesco Clubcard points, we treat the kids to a pizza on the Days Out. 50 cash - while much appreciated - more likely to be frittered away on groceries without feeling i had anything nice to show for it

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 24-Oct-13 11:52:57

We share the reward points; dh gets something, I get something and then we get something we both enjoy/wan.
Aside from boots points, I save them up for Christmas/january sales

If someone gave us £50 cash we'd probablt buy a boxset,game or a few takeaways., so more likely to be wasted!

ShatnersEmptyCatacomb Thu 24-Oct-13 12:31:35

I'd try to save £50 in cash. I'd definitely treat myself with £50 worth of points.

hermioneweasley Thu 24-Oct-13 12:43:48

Usually reward point are poor value and a pain to redeem, so I would opt for cash, unless it had the value of something like Tesco club-card points where you do get a much better deal.

Cash back woukd go on something like a meal out or family cinema outing

worldgonecrazy Thu 24-Oct-13 12:51:40

Cash would be spent in a day. We save rewards points up to splurge at Christmas.

SalBeautyMoll Thu 24-Oct-13 13:54:46

Tesco reward points we use for treats like powerboat trips and a new camera. Extra cash would just get lost in the bank acct.

asuwere Thu 24-Oct-13 14:54:34

I think cash is easy to just get mixed into everyday spending whereas with reward points, it would be spent on something specific. I like to use my tesco points for days out as it feels like I'm getting a lot more from them. I even transfer my topcashback into tesco points to make it go further.

Theimpossiblegirl Thu 24-Oct-13 15:03:09

Cash always gets spent on family stuff or things we need, but reward points are for treats, so I can spend them without guilt.

I shop online a lot and always look for sellers through Topcashback, Quidco and Nectar before making a purchase. I have so many loyalty cards I keep them in a phone sock in my handbag.

Steffanoid Thu 24-Oct-13 17:06:33

dinner out for my mum, she gets lonely and id like to take her out to treat her smile

Steffanoid Thu 24-Oct-13 17:09:38

as others have said if it was in cash form it would just disappear into everyday life

PepeLePew Thu 24-Oct-13 19:40:41

I tend to use "reward" money for things I'd never normally buy - a bottle of perfume, some random toys for the dcs, a meal out for us all. We're lucky to have enough money for day to day living, so I like putting it to one side and working out how to spend it on fun stuff. Vouchers for supermarket stuff just get put towards the next shop. But I'm about to get around £30 of John Lewis vouchers from my credit card spending, and they'll get used for fun, like cash would.

choccyp1g Thu 24-Oct-13 19:43:51

Am I missing the point?
Seems obvious to me; £50 cash goes towards whatever bills are most pressing. £50 rewards goes to whatever is the best thing out of the limited range available.

choccyp1g Thu 24-Oct-13 19:51:24

Having read the other posts, I probably was missing the point.
For me it all depends how hard up you are. For example I'll tend to save Tesco vouchers to get double or more of their value, against treats or restaurant bills.
Whereas one of my friends often uses them immediately at face value for food, rather than putting fit onto the credit card, and not being able to pay it off.

BlackberrySeason Thu 24-Oct-13 20:23:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MollyMango Thu 24-Oct-13 21:26:53

I see rewards more as free spending on whatever I like but money hoes towards my budget.

Having said that I am a points hoarder so never feel right spending so much and ed up not spending them!

sharond101 Thu 24-Oct-13 21:55:52

We have a holiday fund that the extra £50 cash would be summoned to. The rewards points we would use or something we were needing to buy anyway and then we would switch £50 into the holiday fund to account for this.

SortingMeOut Fri 25-Oct-13 08:43:49

An extra £50 cash would be spent on clothes as I'm lacking winter ones after a couple of bouts of winter in maternity wear. Reward points would be saved up and spent on the most appealing thing in the catalogue.

Trills Fri 25-Oct-13 10:02:20

I use topcashback quite a lot and I always turn it into Amazon vouchers, partly because you get slightly more and partly to fund my kindle habit.

talkingnonsense Fri 25-Oct-13 10:15:31

I prefer the schemes like boots, where it converts into mieny to spend in boots, rather than the more complicated nectar/ club card type where you have to grey about the best deal! Current fave is my waitrose because you get a free cup of tea!

Fumnudge Fri 25-Oct-13 11:30:17

Rewards definitely seem more precious than the same amount in money, probably because they take SO long to build up to anything much.
But if I had £50 'freebie' money handed to me right now I'd take my mum out to lunch with a glass o
f fizz, yum

riskit4abiskit Fri 25-Oct-13 11:44:46

I save points up for a 'big shop' at Christmas

If I had the same in cash given to me I would spenf it on a experience, probably a day out for me dm and ds to somewhere like the zoo! I have no idea why I wouldn't think of using points on a day out!

Lightshines Fri 25-Oct-13 12:39:10

I definitely deliberate far more over spending loyalty points than cash, pretty much like everyone else. I do also alter my spending to accumulate more points - looking out for extra points offers, using extra points coupons etc.
We spend the loyalty points (I save Nectar, Boots and a few Tesco) on treats. Favourite Tesco points spend is a Eurotunnel ticket.

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