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What is your favourite record in the Guinness World Records Book - if you or your DCs could be in it what would record would you/ they want to have? You could win £200 for adding your comment NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Oct-13 10:05:18

Guinness World Records say "Our book (in case you didn't know) is the official reference for world records. Distributed in more than one hundred countries and translated into twenty languages, the Guinness World Records book is one of the best-selling books of all time.

Bursting with new and updated achievements, the Guinness World Records 2014 book offers the most inspiring record holders, new topics such as Superheroes and Venom, and feature chapters on urban life, the circus and our dynamic Earth. The Augmented Reality feature is back, with even more 3D animations. Live through the exciting experience of seeing record holders erupt from the pages in front of your eyes in full 3D. If you liked it last year, you are going to love it this year!"

To celebrate the launch of the 2014 Guinness World Records Book the team there have asked MN to find out from you what your favourite record is in the Guinness World Records Book and why? And - if you or your child(ren) could have a record entry in it, what would it be?

Add your comment below and you'll be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 Amazon voucher! grin

Thanks and good luck

PS If you haven’t got your copy yet, the 2014 book is now available in-store and online.

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 31-Oct-13 14:54:08

Thanks for all your comments! The winner of the prize draw is michelleblane - congratulations smile I'll PM you for your details shortly.

Mamafratelli Wed 30-Oct-13 20:49:41

My favourite record is the most smurfs in one place at a time.

My dd wants to attempt to get the world record for the longest hair in the world rapunzel has a lot to answer for

poopoopoo Wed 30-Oct-13 08:57:06

Our favourite record is the: GIRL SCOUTS OF SOUTHEAST FLORIDA,
My little girl would like to hold the record for singing for the longest (and loudest)
My little boy would win the world record for the loudest tantrum! shock

LordPalmerston Wed 30-Oct-13 04:02:39

Son would like to be youngest person to know the periodic table off by heart. I know.

Love the book. Already got this years

ThePortlyPinUp Tue 29-Oct-13 10:55:58

We love the smallest animal records, ie the smallest dog or horse. Dd's would like to hold the record for most annoying children, well they seem to have been practicing really hard for most of this half term...

TiggyD Tue 29-Oct-13 10:25:15

I'd like to be in as the richest person in England The World The Galaxy THE KNOWN UNIVERSE!

Could this be arranged please? It's on my bucket list, and I have a nasty cough at the moment so don't hang around!

mercibucket Tue 29-Oct-13 10:00:15

The highest guinea pig jump but I reckon ours could beat it

We would like any kind of eating record or football record eg longest football match played

Tiggles Mon 28-Oct-13 20:19:20

Like lots of PPs it's the fingernails that I have to look at. Recently though DS2 (7) chose to buy the Olympic Guiness World Records and he is enjoying reading me lots of little facts from there.
In terms of setting records DH is currently working really hard to try and set a cycling world record. I don't have the motivation to set any myself.

wheretoyougonow Mon 28-Oct-13 19:44:22

Well ours has to be any 'eating' records! The more obscure the better. I am sure my boys would live to take on the worlds biggest burger!

supermam Mon 28-Oct-13 19:39:15

Yes, it's got to be the longest nails that fascinate me too! I mean, they must have servants to help with daily life.(Driving? Typing? Toilet?!!!) When I was 11 I was convinced that I could hop on one stilt longer than anyone else! ( 75 times, if you're asking - and no, I don't know why! ) I still like to think I could do it today over twenty ( ahem) years later!

atomicyoghurt Mon 28-Oct-13 19:12:04

Always the longest beard or nails. Gross and dedicated.

Ours must be the longest continuous period of interrupted night's sleep. 6 years and still counting.

whattodoo Mon 28-Oct-13 19:07:41

Wasn't there one about the most dominoes toppling in a row? I'm sure I remember seeing that on TV.

Mine would be how many episodes of Scooby doo I can recite word for word.

Letitsnow9 Mon 28-Oct-13 17:36:57

The most paper cranes collected or longest distance on a space hopper

newtothenet Mon 28-Oct-13 10:50:42

I like the ones about circus skills. I find the abilities of some people to perform such physical feats as tight rope walking amazing!

I'm not sure what our record would be - quickest time to change a nappy?!

k8vincent Mon 28-Oct-13 09:36:14

I still remember seeing someone with these enormously long fingernails on 'Record Breakers'. Apparently the current fingernail title holder can actually cook and clean with her 20 feet nails. How?

I also love the recent record for the longest scarf knitted while running a marathon.

Do they offer a world record for number of days lived entirely on crisps alone? Longest time spent in pajamas over a week holiday? DS1 would definitely like to build a record breaking Lego tower. DS3 is currently working on breaking the record for the shortest time a pair of shoes can last before he puts a hole in the front. Currently 5 days.

mumsbe Mon 28-Oct-13 08:57:52

I like the how long you can keep a malteeser up by blowing record but our record would be how many we could eat in a min

moldingsunbeams Sun 27-Oct-13 22:57:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

3bunnies Sun 27-Oct-13 12:10:06

I used to love the smalest and tallest people.

I think that dd1 deserves a place for the longest continuous bf session - it was about 7 hrs, got tougher with the younger ones!

OPeaches Sun 27-Oct-13 10:53:29

I always loved the strongman records when I was wee. To this day, I love watching Worlds Strongest Man on TV.

If we were to hold a record in this house, it would be for ownership of the most pieces of jaggy painful-to-stand-on Lego.

shobby Sun 27-Oct-13 04:08:22

I have a very vivid memory of a woman on Blue Peter trying to break the record for the longest distance walked holding a house brick in one hand, I recall her walking around a roundabout at the old BBC centre? Sounds easy but you couldn't swap hands and a brick is heavy!! No use whatsoever but every time I move bricks around on my allotment I think of it! smile

pindorasbox Sun 27-Oct-13 00:30:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DanFmDorking Sun 27-Oct-13 00:23:37

My favourite Guinness Book record is the island in a lake which is on an island in a lake on an island. It’s in Canada and I’ve always wanted to go there and have a picnic!

ouryve Sat 26-Oct-13 21:57:36

HellMouth - I think I set the record for the longest wee, yesterday, after sitting in a traffic jam on the A1 for over an hour - a 30 minute journey took almost 2 hours! Remember when Austen Powers came out of suspended animation? It was like that.

ouryve Sat 26-Oct-13 21:55:12

I asked DS1 this, earlier. He said he wanted to know who the richest person in the world was, but wanted to have the record "for the longest raspberry PPPFFFFTTTHHHHHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

rachel2kids Sat 26-Oct-13 21:19:18

Hi, new here. I saw an episode of Guiness World Records where a guy was breaking melons with his head! Hilarious

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