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Tell TASSIMO about your favourite hot drink and you could win a TASSIMO T20 and 2 packs of T DISCs worth £109! NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Oct-13 15:38:37

The team at TASSIMO would like to know about Mumsnetters favourite hot drinks.

Heres what TASSIMO have to say: "TASSIMO has all your favourite drinks from the brands you love such as Costa, Cadbury, Kenco, Twinings, Milka, Carte Noire and Suchard. With more than 35 different drinks for you to choose from, including classic Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Hot Chocolate and Tea, yours will be ready at the push of a button. Its as easy as one, two, tea."

So, what are your favourite hot drinks? Do you like to start your day with a latte or cappuccino? Maybe you drink gallons of tea each day? Or do you keep it very simple with the odd espresso?

Are there any coffee shop drinks you wish you could make at home? Perhaps a Latte Macchiato Caramel? grin Or maybe a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows? Have you ever tried to recreate these at home? Or do you consider them to be an occasional treat? If you're a tea drinker, do you like to stick to your favourite brew or try new varieties?

Whatever your hot drink of choice is, TASSIMO would love to hear about it.

Theyd also love to know whether you have a TASSIMO or whether it has made it onto your wish list. If you have a TASSIMO, tell us what you love about it! Feel free to share any of your TASSIMO recipes from your repertoire.

Everyone who adds their comments to this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a TASSIMO T20 and 2 packs of T DISCs worth £109.

Please note your comments may be included on TASSIMO's social media channels, and possibly elsewhere, so please only post if you're comfortable with this.

Thanks and good luck,


PS you can grab a TASSIMO T4 for £45 on their Facebook page for a limited time only. Here's the link:

supermariossister Tue 01-Oct-13 21:35:24

We used to have a private owned coffee shop that did a hot chocolate and offered shots of syrup, the mint one was fantastic reminded me of school hot chocolate but whenever i have tried to recreate at home it has been an epic fail! ive got a dolce gusto machine and their chocochino is great but missing the kick of a mint flavour - powder hot chocolates dont come close. i am usually a tea or coffee drinker depending on mood and amount of sleep but winter is the time for overindulgence in hot chocolate

towicymru Tue 01-Oct-13 21:50:51

More choice for non-coffee drinkers. Love the cadbury hot chocolate but would love more herbal tea (especially green tea & cranberry).

GetKnitted Tue 01-Oct-13 23:28:24

I wanted to say hot chocolate, and then I thought ' why am I entering a competition for a coffee maker?' meh, here goes nothing smile

DifferentNow Wed 02-Oct-13 14:55:54

I drink either hot chocolate (but only as a treat cause it has a bazillion calories) or tea. DH likes tea and nice coffee.

EauRouge Wed 02-Oct-13 15:06:59

I do drink gallons of tea but my guilty pleasure at the end of the day is a hot chocolate with a big slug of Cointreau in it.

CMOTDibbler Wed 02-Oct-13 15:09:52

At home, I drink gallons of tea - quite literally as I have a pint mug. Out, I normally have a skinny vanilla latte, but my treat is hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint syrup and whipped cream.

NorbertDentressangle Wed 02-Oct-13 15:11:44

Coffee-wise, I like a skinny latte but often find that some places don't do skimmed milk, only semi-skimmed.

When it comes to tea Earl Grey is my tea of choice, ideally with a decaff option for later in the day.

cakesonatrain Wed 02-Oct-13 16:00:00

My favourite indulgent hot drink is a kind of latte affair. (Instant) coffee + a sachet of hot chocolate and a splash of hot water, with Bailey's instead of milk.
Ok, with all the Bailey's it isn't very hot, but it is delish smile

In a coffee shop I usually go for a chai tea latte.

babster Wed 02-Oct-13 16:04:41

I'd love to be able to make the amazing thick hot chocolate you get in Spain, that you dip churros in. Probably best I can't though, else I would look like the Human Churro Lady.

WhyIRayLiotta Wed 02-Oct-13 16:08:11

I like hot whisky.

Whisky, hot water, cloves, lemon and a big spoon of sugar.

Perfect winter warmer for breakfast lunch or dinner grin

ClaimedByMe Wed 02-Oct-13 16:11:13

I start the day with a cup of chemicals instant coffee, usually a "gold blend" type or whatever is on special offer, dp drinks filter coffee and I do enjoy a cup of it as long as its not strong coffee. I also drink lots of peppermint tea through out the day.

We don't have a tassimo as we can't afford one.

trikken Wed 02-Oct-13 16:11:29

Love a piping hot cappuccino to start the day. Especially when dh gets it for me. I adore coffee in general and am a complete grump monster until ive had some caffeine.

Vajazzler Wed 02-Oct-13 16:13:10

I love hot chocolate too. With lots of stuff whipped cream on top topped with mini marshmallows and grated chocolate too. Hmmmmmmmm!!!!

Vajazzler Wed 02-Oct-13 16:13:32


ClaimedByMe Wed 02-Oct-13 16:13:41

Babster my mum got me a tin of Spanish hot chocolate from either aldi or lidl and it's just like a mug of thick melted chocolate.

Katz Wed 02-Oct-13 16:14:33

I've just discovered chai lattes - so yummy and my new favourite drink.

TapTapBangBang Wed 02-Oct-13 16:14:41

AMT used to do a vanilla steamer... I think just steamed milk with a shot of vanilla syrup and then topped with squirty cream. Gosh it was delicious. I'd forgotten all about it until I looked at this thread. I might have to make it myself (can't be too hard). I mainly drink coffee now. I now have the AMT palomino which is espresso with a little bit of steamed milk. Yum!

ArtisanLentilWeaver Wed 02-Oct-13 16:20:56

Russian hot chocolate made with double cream, vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder and loads of grated dark chocolate and cognac stirred with a cinnamon stick.

The best hot drink of the day for me, is that first cup of coffee. I drink strong coffee (from ground coffee, not instant), with warm milk. I have a pint mug - and that is just about enough to kick start my day!

talkingnonsense Wed 02-Oct-13 16:30:31

I like pints of strong milky tea, and the occasional hot chocolate- am not a coffee drinker. Try to have the some peppermint/ green/ honey and lemon to mix things up a bit, and I like green tea with jasmine.

IvanaCake Wed 02-Oct-13 16:30:37

I love a latte with an extra shot of coffee...I really need a caffeine jolt in the mornings!

I don't have a tassimo but my parents do and I think it's fab. Love being able to get coffee shop coffee without leaving the house smile

parkingwoes Wed 02-Oct-13 16:33:15

I love cappuccino, a cup in the morning wakes me up!

Ebayaholic Wed 02-Oct-13 16:35:51

We really love our Tassimo, particularly the two brands of latte you can buy, however at 50p per cup it's a treat and we don't have one every day.

You can keep your eyes open for deals however- the hotukdeals website last week reported an offer with free delivery and £10 off using a code so we ordered a load which works out at 35p per cup.

Littlegreyauditor Wed 02-Oct-13 16:39:31

Tea. I cannot even begin to be civil until I have tea in the morning. Straightforward tea too, no faffing about, although I will occasionally drink mint tea in the summer.

In the evening I like a cappuccino or better yet, since the weather has turned nasty, a hot chocolate.

If I am in a coffee shop I generally combine the two and have a mocha.

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