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COMING SOON: The Barclays Online Business Fortnight

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 30-Sep-13 11:10:54

Do you own your own online business? Thinking about starting one? Want to make your off line business online? Have an interest in all things business? Read on!

On Monday 7th October, Barclays are starting the Barclays on Mumsnet Online Business Fortnight. There will be a key theme each day and Barclays will be bringing you experts, how-tos and lots more to help you take your business to the next level online.

Barclays say "With Online Business Fortnights we're talking websites, social media and marketing to name a few. Everything will be designed to help you with the things that really matter more customers; better brand awareness; cost effectiveness; and growing your business".

But if you have any thoughts or suggestions on what you need some expert advice on, let them know below.

Until then, there's lots of business support on Barclays on Mumsnet.

The fortnight will run 7 to 20 October 2013. We'll post a link to this thread on the 7th so keep and eye out!

If you'd like to receive a daily email over the fortnight with a link to the latest content/ updates please sign up here now. Your details wont be shared with Barclays.

thanks MNHQ

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 01-Oct-13 20:10:34

I am all in favour of anything that supports MNtters in their business endeavours, so good to see this.

It might be bad form to complain (!) before I have seen what the 2 weeks will bring...but I will!

If Barclays are using external experts (as opposed to Barclays' staff) to talk about marketing, social media etc I wanted to say it could have been an opportunity to offer the chance of being an expert to those MNtters on the freelance/business start up boards.

I do appreciate that Barclays have sponsored this, so it really is up to them how they run it...But IMHO it could have delivered them more MNtter engagement and greater brand awareness for their buck if they'd run a 'find an expert' competition as part of this activity.

I know relevant MNtters can post on the various threads but most of us just have an anon username.

These boards aren't that active but I think there is probably a much larger audience than those that post.

Anyway, look forward to seeing what the fortnight brings.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Oct-13 11:22:43

Hi MrsMargoLeadbetter - thanks for the feedback - Barclays will take it on board for future projects for sure.
There will be a thread for the fortnight (I will post a link on this thread to it) where MNers are very welcome to share ideas, tips and ask for help from each other. PLUS there will be a chance to speak to JustineMumsnet (co-founder of MN) about her experiences with online business.

Lots to come...!

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