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Tell B&Q about your unloved garden - £150 giftcard to be won NOW CLOSED

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Jul-13 10:52:47

As you may have seen already, we're working with B&Q, who so far have helped 20 MNers revamp their unloved gardens - soon you'll be able to check out the video of their revamps. MNers have also been posting their before and after pics of gardens they've transformed here so do check out this thread for Mumsnetter garden makeovers!

Now, we'd love to hear from other MNers who might have an unloved garden of their own. Do you have a lawn that's more of a jungle? A window box that's a little bit weathered? Or a patio that's seen better days?

Tell us what makes your garden so unloved for a chance to win a £150 giftcard from B&Q. What do you want to change about it? Maybe you'd like to put down some decking or just get some new plants? What has stopped you from changing your garden?

Everyone who shares their unloved garden stories here will be entered into a prize draw to win a £150 B&Q giftcard.

Please note that any comments you post here may appear on the B&Q pages on Mumsnet and potentially elsewhere.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw

Hissy Wed 14-Aug-13 07:23:11

Well done happynappies hope your garden turns out beautifully! Sounds as if it will! smile

KnittedWaffle Mon 12-Aug-13 23:36:17

Congratulations happynappies! smile

happynappies Mon 12-Aug-13 19:49:01

Wow - I never win anything, thank you MN! grin

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Aug-13 17:14:45

Thanks for all your comments everyone! Congratulations to happynappies, who has won the £150 B&Q voucher - I'll PM you shortly

MaryPoppinsBag Mon 12-Aug-13 08:14:10

We are moving house this week, from house with a garden that was very much loved. To one that has been badly neglected due to the property being let and then on the market for four years.

Cannot wait to get in there and get cracking. Immediate jobs include knocking down/ filling in a pond, taming a wild hawthorn hedge and making the wobbly patio safe.

I'm a Childminder so safety comes first, but I do hope to plant a few flowers in tubs with the children this year. But next year who knows what we will achieve. Things on our wish list include a summer house for some outdoors learning, a climbing frame, an area to grow fruit and vegetables, a new patio and I fancy circular lawn areas for some reason.

StrangeGlue Mon 12-Aug-13 08:08:39

Our garden has been neglected by the previous owners for years! We're about to start a massive project with having it terraced, little retaining walls built and a deck put in. It's going to be so much work though but worth it as at the moment dd can't easily play out there and the cats constantly come in coated in grass seed!

Oh and £150 would mean that once its a terraced and decked blank slate we could buy some plants to put in it! And maybe some decking stain.

LynetteScavo Sun 11-Aug-13 22:49:23

I have a jungle, rather than a garden. I'm constantly fighting it, pulling up plants and cutting back brambles. It's worth it when I put the effort in, as there are some really lovely plants hiding under the jungle bits. I adore the two apple trees. smile

The patio is tragic, though. I was probably laid circa 1972, and we'd love to deck over it.

pixwix Sun 11-Aug-13 21:50:10

Oh sweet baby jesus! don't talk to me about unloved gardens...

I put everything on hold in the summer months whilst I try and keep on top of the garden. I have a patio bit with weeds growing through, then there's a small wall, which needs re-cementing, then it's a 'lawn' divided by a path, lots of shrubs and bushes round the outside.

But at the back, I border onto a woodland path. The fence is falling down, and 'things' grow through.

Actually that is an understatement.

But I largely keep on top of it.

But triffids lurk. Am frightened to let small children out to play in case they disappear with a squeal, wrestling frantically, and leaving behind a folorn flip-flop as the only sign of their existence.

Sometimes, I come home from work, and stand there in my uniform, regarding the garden wistfully. I feel pathetically grateful everytime I come home from work that the whole house hasn't been reclaimed by the garden, and not been dragged into the voracious undergrowth, with just the letterbox askew on the front drive, as a reminder of where I used to live...

mumofboyo Sun 11-Aug-13 20:28:58

We moved into our new home in November last year and have done nothing with the gardens. The lady who lived here before was a keen gardener and had planted borders all the way around front abd back, with trees and lawn in the middle.
We are not green fingered. At all. We have a baby and a toddler who would love to play out but at the moment it's just not suitable.
There are weeds and nettles, some poisonous plants, stones, cracked and missing flagstones, and the borders, that were beautiful and lively and colourful, are now overgrown and jungle-like, and are encroaching onto the grass.
We have no shed and few tools. Our lawnmower, which we swapped with a relative who gave us her petrol one for our electric one, conked out and won't even start now which means the grass is getting longer and more overgrown as the weeks pass.
The gardens are too big and too overgrown for us now and we just don't know where or how to start.
Ideally we'd like both front and back to be part flagged and part grass, nothing else, so that they are easy to maintain, look decent and well kept so the neighbours don't complain and most importantly are safe for the children to play out in.

FrillyMilly Sun 11-Aug-13 18:47:07

Our garden is just a square of lawn with some dead Trees and weeds at the back. The lawn isn't even grass it's some sort of moss. Id love to rip it all up, lay some turf and add a nice neat flower bed. I'd also love to have a decked area so we have somewhere to sit without sinking in to the moss/grass.

revolvenotevolve Sun 11-Aug-13 16:03:15

We live in a first floor flat but are lucky enough to have a large rooftop type 'garden' where the children can play. The 'floor' is grey and the area is very bare, boring and dull.
I spend ages browsing various website to feel inspired but find I lack both the know how skills and finance t create the rooftop garden I dream of.So far I have one pot in it with a beautiful young apple tree and my daughter delightfully found it's first apple last week hiding under a leaf!

Debzarella Sun 11-Aug-13 15:57:22

For me, the thing i desperately crave is some greenery in the daughter is now just starting to crawl and i want her to be able to play on a lawn and have a swing etc, but am unable to do this on awful industrial concrete and slabs. I am on maternity leave again so we are only on 1 salary for the foreseeable and therefore the garden has been unable to become a priority in the bog long list of things needed to be done. A voucher to help get the garden started so our little one can play outside would be a miracle!

ohcluttergotme Sun 11-Aug-13 14:44:27

We moved into our house 5 years ago and both the inside and outside needed a lot of work. We bought just before the market crashed and for 5 years now we have been crippled with mortgage costs and childcare fees with nothing left over for either house or garden. We cut the grass and that's all we can afford to do.
It's a decent sized garden and with a little help it could look really nice. Would love to plant some flowers, have some hanging baskets and potted plants and just make it look nice and full of colour. X

FOMOphobic Sun 11-Aug-13 13:53:14

I can't tell you about my unloved garden as it is loved, very. We do spend some money and plenty of time on it but it's one of those things you could keep going forever with.

The next projects are to build some sort of fencing at the side at the end where it's been gone for years and replaced by bushes and wire fencing, and to increase the planting to try and acheive more dense borders, including more height.

bigreddrum Sun 11-Aug-13 12:39:02

Garden is not too bad although it is the size of a postage stamp it is but let down by a shed that is too small and falling to bits and nowhere to store our rubbish or children's toys.

We need to invest in a bigger shed and move it to the shady area - it is currently taking up the small patch of space that is bathed in sun for most of the day.

Main thing stopping us doing this? Money!

confusedofengland Sun 11-Aug-13 12:35:50

We are about to move into a house with a very unloved front garden. Obviously we feel this is a shame, particularly as it can be seen from the street, and all the other houses in the row have lovely, well-tended gardens.

There was, until recently, a big tree in the middle of the lawn. This has been chopped down, but the stump & roots are still there. There are also 2 different types of evergreen hedges, which are far too tall & unruly, so block out some sunlight.

In addition, there is a border to one side & at the front of the garden, where the soil is very stony & weedy.

The lawn itself will also need digging up & relaying, as it is at least 50% weeds.

To win a £150 B&Q giftcard would certainly go some way towards helping us to have a lovely new garden for our lovely new house!

flamingtoaster Sun 11-Aug-13 09:50:41

Our garden slopes in two directions which makes life a bit difficult. The top of it is very dry, the bottom becomes waterlogged in winter. We try to do our bit for wildlife (that's our excuse!) so it's all a bit jungly and overgrown at the minute. The oregano is currently in bloom and the bees and butterflies are really enjoying it. We have a small patio but the grey slabs are very uninspiring - I'd love some nicer slabs. We need a new fence along the bottom - it's currently patched (well one section is completely constructed!) from chicken wire, stakes and sticks!

Purplehonesty Sun 11-Aug-13 09:42:56

We have just finished a barn conversion and had no money left over to do the garden.
We have managed to clear the site and put some grass seed down which is starting to look like a lawn but we haven't got a single plant. Unless weeds count!
I'd really like some easy care plants that will grow quickly and add a bit of interest to the bare garden. My dad lives next door and his garden is so beautiful, its taken him years to do so I know it won't be a quick fix!

JakeBullet Sun 11-Aug-13 09:06:12

...can I add a scream about bloody bindweed? Hate the stuff and am forever pulling it seems impervious to everything I spray or drop in it too,

Have a lovely row of sunflowers at the moment and the bumblebees LOVE them. I also have Buddlea for the butterflies.

I will at some point recover the very neglected lawn....a bit at a time.

MummyPig24 Sun 11-Aug-13 08:47:44

We moved into our house 9 months ago and didn't do much over the very wet winter! Now the weather is better we have been working hard to weed the flower beds and try and grow some fruit and vegetables. However, we don't really know what we are doing or what we have growing that was planted by previous tenants. It seems to have been left to run wild. The flower beds are full of stones and weeds.

We have two small children and not enough time but we all enjoy being out in the garden. We would like it to be something that we can take pride in, but we also have very little money to buy gardening equipment and plants.

damppatchnot Sat 10-Aug-13 22:34:25

Our garden is shared by all our family A beautiful aviary where we can hear the birds sing, a lawn where Bess and Sophie our dogs can romp and play with my children and a border where our cat can sit and doze.
A bird station where wildlife can come and feast and a shed that dad can tinker away in

But whats left for mum? A corner where she can sneek away too and dream of waterfalls and trickling streams. Blissfulsmile

VileWoman Sat 10-Aug-13 22:28:51

My garden is unlvoed because I have three children under five and a hatred of the heat. this summer has not been good to me. I have areas for veg that are covered with weeds bare that really need some annuals on them that need less attention.

NooothingMuma Sat 10-Aug-13 21:34:50

My garden was intended to be a b&q shrine grin.

I have 2 huge L shaped planters made from decking, one is well stocked, the other looks quite sad.

The "lawn" is a lush green colour, only not a blade of grass to be seen, all springy moss.

The biggest problem is being overlooked on 3 sides. Two sides have low fences in a dangerous state of repair, but the whole of the bottom of the garden is virtually open, two strands of thin wire strung between concrete posts, not ideal with a inquisitive 3 yo Dd sad

It would be wonderful to be able to secure the garden and plant up the other "coffin" (first one cost over £200 to fill)

Then I could sit out in my b&q steamer, with my wine b&q Moroccan style lanterns, looking across at my b&q table and chairs (recently liberated after 5 years in the dining room) while Dd does the hard work with her b&q tool set and wheel barrow grin

Oh did I mention I blardy love b&q grin

Hissy Sat 10-Aug-13 20:56:13

My garden is my favourite place on earth sometimes. It has a large surface pond, and I get it tidied once a year to prepare it for the winter. My landlady is fab, often sending the gardeners herself, but she is removing the pond this year as it is too much to clean/maintain.

Sadly I don't think she's aiming to replace it with anything, and the birds in the area love coming to the garden to bath and to drink.

If I were to get £150 I would get a small water feature that they could enjoy, and drink from.

melliebobs Sat 10-Aug-13 19:53:19

My garden. Actually scratch that. Yard. Is unloved and a complete eyesore. Worst of all, living in a terraced house it's completely looked over by all angles by our neighbours. The shame sad. We've been in our house 4 years and in that time other stuff has just took priority, we didn't spent too much time in the garden to start with and we've not had the time or spare money to sort it. The winters have took its toll on the yard so with dd1 now here I want to make it into a nice safe area for her to toddle about in and also so I can spend some time outside with her without looking at the mess it is and end up back inside. It's something we plan to sort next spring/summer (house has been a doer upperer and we've done 1 room a year)

So. What I'd do.
The 3 walls need repointing. That's DH job
Then I would paint it with white masonry paint to brighten it up
I'd get a new back gate. It's all rotten and every time we go in or out a new chunk of wood falls off. It's all jagged on the top and its come off one hinge. So when we've got that I'd paint it a bright colour too. Maybe purple
I'd get a new shed. We only need a small one cos of space but the one we have at the moment you have to be careful where you stand Cos it's a matter if time till you go through the floor
Rather than get new paving stones I'm going to copy some of our neighbours and get it astro turfed
I'd get a bench or some form of seating
I'd get a box for under the kitchen window for some flowers
I'd get a box/netting for some climbers on our side wall
I'd get a couple of planter tubs so they are out of the dogs way and he doesn't dig it all up
And last of all as we have to keep our bin and recycling bins in the yard rather than back alley I'd try and build or find some storage so they are out of sight

Ambitious but will make it a much more usable and pleasant space smile

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