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NOW CLOSED Tell Pink Lady® what would have been on your bucket list of things to do before you’re 21 – a bottle of pink Taittinger champagne and flutes worth £100 to be won

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 08-Jul-13 14:19:50

As part of their 21st birthday celebration, we've been asked by Pink Lady® apples to find out what was on (or is on if you're still that side of 21) your bucket list of 'Things to do by the time you're 21'.

They say "Pink Lady® apples first arrived in the UK 21 years ago and we are celebrating in true Pink Lady® style! We're running an on-pack promotion where you can win one of 21 prizes that are on our birthday wish-list, including a trip to the Big Apple, a week in Tuscany and a jaunt on the Orient Express. Between turning 21, the traditional 'coming of age', and a wish-list packed full of adventures, it got us wondering what people did, or thought they would have done, by the time they hit this major milestone."

So, did/do you have a bucket list of things to do before your 21st birthday? Maybe you wanted to see the world or go on holiday with your friends? Did you aspire to go to university or start climbing that career ladder? Maybe you were determined to do a skydive, or get the piercing you'd always wanted? Or perhaps it was as simple as falling in love? Did you achieve any of them? Any epic fails?

Is there anything you wish you'd done before turning 21? If you could, what would you tell your younger self to do? What would you advise your DC's to do before they are 21?

Whatever you did or wish you had done, Pink Lady® would love to hear about it.

Everyone who adds their comments on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer can win a bottle of pink Taittinger champagne and two champagne flutes worth £100.

Please note your comments may be included on Pink Lady's social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), and possibly elsewhere, so please only post if you agree to this.

Thanks and good luck,


PS For a chance to win a prize from the Pink Lady® 21st birthday wish-list, pick up a specially marked pack in your local store from 1st July and enter the competition here.

TotallyEggFlipped Mon 08-Jul-13 19:37:26

I didn't/don't have a bucket list for any particular age, just things I aim to do.
I've done a sky dive, been white water rafting, travelled independently, run a marathon and started a family. The only thing I wish I hadn't waited so long for is to start a family, but that's not really a 'bucket list' ambition. It's something you do when the time is right.
With the benefit of hindsight, I'd make a list of countries I wanted to visit 'before I settled down'.
For things to do by 21, I'd suggest:
Go to x number of live gigs
See a top comedian live.
Go to a festival
Camp in the wild
Skydive/bungee jump/whitewater raft
Run a 10k/whatever distance.
Cook for a dinner party
Eat in a fancy restaurant

Leanna1984 Mon 08-Jul-13 20:08:16

See the world
Volunteer in a wildlife reserve in Africa
Be confident and happy with who I am
Swim with dolphins
Save a deposit for a house

Bit of a long shot weren't they !

to remember that life is short so don't put off things until you are older, thinner, richer, get that job, finish that job etc. so go to anywhere you want to go and don't think you need a partner to be happy, make yourself happy or my favourite saying that I wish had ruled my life when I was young... 'don't look for the light at the end of the tunnel... stomp along it and turn the fucker thing on yourself'. <thank you Sarah Millican>

ChocChaffinch Mon 08-Jul-13 20:15:29

Go shopping in New York
drive on route 66
do an army assault course
get a tattoo
Fall in Love

have done some of these. Haven't made it to America yet..
I add them as I go - I'm absurdly proud that I've

stroked a zebra
ridden a racehorse

skyeskyeskye Mon 08-Jul-13 20:18:10

I was very shy when I was a teenager and I wish I had had the confidence to do more things, like go to college, or uni, or move out of home

Wonderstuff Mon 08-Jul-13 20:42:08

Gosh 21 is so young. I wish I had taken more risks, grabbed more chances, at uni I studied and socialised, wish I'd joined more groups, done more work experience, realised that I didn't need to settle down. I was engaged at 21, married at 22. Wish I'd slowed down, lived on my own for a little longer. I now have a lovely family, and have been married 12 years, so it's all good, but I wonder...

I did go to uni, travel across Europe with college friends and to Morocco with uni, go to Glastonbury, leave home, go on a protest march, some excellent clubs, see amazing live music, spend a summer lazing around, have several jobs, make some fantastic friends.

YourHandInMyHand Mon 08-Jul-13 20:47:11

I wish I could tell my younger self to follow my own path not someone elses.

My DS is 8 and on his list is "visit every country in the world". I admire his enthusiasm! grin I am rather past 21 but would love to visit more countries too, take in some festivals, pass my driving test, and maybe (gulp) meet someone new and amazing. A girl can dream! smile

Those who like Pink Lady apples - Morrisons have them half price at the moment.

RachelHRD Mon 08-Jul-13 21:08:52

Gosh, looking back 21 does seem so young now I'm 43!!

I was at Uni at 21, living it up and having a great time, so I wouldn't change that. I'd taken a year out and worked for my Dad which was good experience but I think I'd have got so much from travelling for that year as many of my friends did. I always thought I'd do the travelling at a later date, but never got around to it. Guess I'll have to save it for when I'm retired and the kids are grown up!!

21 is just the beginning so I would advise others not to try and cram too much in before it - there's plenty of time to do it all, so take your time and enjoy it smile

Kormachameleon Mon 08-Jul-13 21:10:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YeahBuddy Mon 08-Jul-13 21:16:30

I wish wish wish I had done more, taken more risks and enjoyed life a little more, lived rather than just existed before I had the responsibilities of a house and small children.

maybe I can do all the things I wanted to do before I have my second 21st (at 42) wink

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 08-Jul-13 21:17:14

Travel as much as you can. Take opportunities to do once in a life time things as they probably won't come again. Don't wait for things to happen for you- make them happen! Party. Have fun. But be safe.

HelgaHufflepuff Mon 08-Jul-13 21:17:57

I didn't have a "Things to do before you're 21" list, but think it's a great idea! might have to apply the idea and tweak the age a bit for my next <cough> big birthday grin
Things I'd have put on my list would be to go to concerts. Any big and loud concerts unsuitable for small kids.
Go to a festival. Can imagine it'd be a lot more tolerable in the mud and tents with mates and beer instead of small children.

Nerfmother Mon 08-Jul-13 21:19:06

Before 21? I feel sorry for teenagers now! Stay at school til 18 as you have to, go to uni and rack up debt, try to save for a house, and a pension, and maybe squeeze in an orange Wednesday!

HotCrossPun Mon 08-Jul-13 21:25:26

I really, desperately wanted to fall in love and have a family. I had a bit of an unsettled upbringing and I longed to put down roots in that way.

I didn't quite manage it by 21 grin

But now I have a lovely DP and my first baby on the way so it's nearly crossed off the list!

aristocat Mon 08-Jul-13 21:38:22

I didn't have a bucket list but definitely had things that I wanted to do! This involved having a successful career and I can remember not being very interested in children/babies.
Myself and DH were enjoying life and going on holiday/working hard .... I really had not given much thought to starting a family until my parents passed away.
I now have 2 DCs and am a SAHM (which I enjoy so much)

Is there anything you wish you'd done before turning 21? If you could, what would you tell your younger self to do? What would you advise your DC's to do before they are 21?
Enjoy yourself and understand that sometimes we have to change smile
I often wish my parents would have been here to see my DCs.

talkingnonsense Mon 08-Jul-13 21:40:00

Have sex!
Travel anywhere you can.
Wish I'd worked out back then that I was totally gluten intolerant.

ratbagcatbag Mon 08-Jul-13 21:48:35

Mine was to have my own house (mortgaged, but mine) I did it at 20 years and 7 months. Just got it in. Only 15 years to go which is great at 30.

I wanted to travel, but never happened. One thing I'd class as an epic fail, living beyond my means, took me ages to get out of stupid debt I'd ran up going out any buying stuff for stuffs sake.

I'd say travel, experience different cultures, be happy with yourself. smile

manfalou Mon 08-Jul-13 21:53:14

Get an Education
Traval as much as possible
Meet the man of my dreams!
Party Party Party

... went on Safari when I was 20, met my partner at 16 and then had a baby when I was 21! Now 23 and don't regret anything! Didn't Party hardly at all but I'll make up for that in later years ;)

missorinoco Mon 08-Jul-13 21:56:50

I didn't have a list. I achieved what I wanted - went to university, but that sounds very dreary.

What would I recommend - try to cherish what is unique about yourself rather than castigating yourself for not fitting in with the crowd.

IceNoSlice Mon 08-Jul-13 22:21:35

I achieved what I wanted to at 21: uni, worked abroad in vacations, partied hard, got a tattoo, travelled on my own...

But I was insecure and never thought I was pretty/thin/funny enough. So some of these experiences were not as brilliant as they should have been. Advice for a young me/ my DCs:
- if a 'friend' makes you feel bad or worthless, they are not a friend. Move on. It is easier to make new friends at this stage than any other.
- you are thin enough.
- you will look back at photos and think how pretty you were. Realise this now instead!
- don't be afraid to admit a mistake and change your mind. Don't waste time on the wrong degree/job/boyfriend if deep down you know it's wrong.

One other thing... Life doesn't stop at 21, it has barely begun. If you haven't travelled to all the countries you wanted to, there is plenty of time. I travelled at 18, 21 and 29 and had the best time at 29. Wiser, more mature and able to appreciate it all more (and less hungover).

sharond101 Mon 08-Jul-13 22:22:29

travel and have more boyfriends (i married my first boyfriend!)

earlymidlifecrisis Mon 08-Jul-13 22:25:36

Not a typical Bucket List entry, but I wish I'd had more confidence in myself and followed my dreams. I got there eventually... but I took the long (although very scenic!) route.

Punkatheart Mon 08-Jul-13 22:41:15

I wanted simply to have adventures and yes, fall in love. So I became an anarchist - did some crazy and dangerous things, then met an older man - a journalist. I would advise my own daughter to be more sensible, not drop out of university as I did, to let her head rule her decisions.

trice Mon 08-Jul-13 22:44:59

I wanted to make new friends, see new places, become independent.

I met the love of my life and set up home before my 21st birthday. Best decision I ever made.

halestone Mon 08-Jul-13 23:06:41

Go on a girly holiday Abroad.
Go to college
Travel by myself somewhere
Go in a hot air balloon
Swim with Dolphins
Pass my driving test and get a car

I managed 3 out of the 5 and am still waiting to travel by myself (highly unlikely now DD is here. And i would still love to go in a hot air balloon but DP won't take me up on my hints.

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