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NOW CLOSED Chance to win a copy of Warburtons new and exclusive breakfast handbook or a hamper of breakfast goodies...

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-May-13 14:18:57

Following on from the survey and thread at Christmas Warburtons have been back in touch with us and are pleased to announce their new breakfast handbook has now been published on a limited edition run.
The team at Warburtons say "We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but making sure the whole family has eaten something tasty and nutritious before leaving the house can often seem a mammoth task.
"What's more, Warburtons understands that getting the balance right between a tasty and healthy breakfast, which is also quick and easy to make, can often be a struggle. That's why it has teamed up with child psychologist Tanya Byron to create Breakfast: From Our Family to Yours 'Making Breakfast Easy'.
The books is the culmination of a large-scale study, which involved a mix of 2,000 mums - including 1,000 Mumsnetters ), over 50,000 Facebook fans and focus groups up and down Britain. The handbook includes hundreds of helpful hints, tips and recipes to help you tackle the weekday breakfast rush. Whether it's a top tip on how to entice the kids out of bed, helpful hints on getting the whole family involved in the morning routine, or a delicious recipe, there's something in it for everyone".

Warburtons would love to hear from you again. Share on this thread how you (or your partner) get the family up and out in the mornings and you'll be entered into a prize draw where three lucky MNers will win a Warburtons hamper full of Warburtons product as well as other goodies worth £45 in total.

In addition, there are 100 copies of the book up for grabs: add your details here and 100 MNers selected at random will receive a book.

Warburtons also say: "if you're not lucky enough to win a copy of the book here then do head over to where Warburtons is running another free prize draw".

Good luck!


I get up first, waking up to Classic FM, and then go and make DH and I a cup of tea (sometimes with added masala tea spices)
Then I wake DD(14) and DS(11). DD gets dressed and DS comes down for breakfast - usually weetabix whilst watching CBBC.
DD eventually comes down and talks with DS whilst packing her school bag. I plait her hair and take her to school (10 mins) by car. When I come back I get the bikes out for the boys whilst DH finishes his coffee, and then he and DS go off on their bikes via DS's school. Try to check between us that DS has what he needs for the day, and DD has her bus money and something on her swipe card to get lunch.
Usually works out fairly well. We're never this organised usually but have found you have to be on school-day mornings.
Only probs are DD not usually having any breakfast - sometimes she gets something at school or at break time. (She used to eat breakfast alongside DS when she was younger, but seems to have gone off cereal - probably do need to think of alternatives for her)
And am not really on top of all the school paperwork and reply slips !
Personally I've always found CBBC to be quite a helpful resource in our morning routine to eat breakfast to, but they do get distracted I admit.

MrsHoarder Sun 12-May-13 10:24:59

I make a dish of plain yogurt and fruit (mostly frozen) the night before. Then in the morning it comes out of the fridge, separate a bit off for DS and we eat it followed by buttered crumpets.

givemeaboost Sun 12-May-13 12:24:08

I am up any time from 5.30-7am, all depending on when dd wakes and climbs out of her cot and starts standing on my head trying to look out of the window. breakfast is served immediately on waking, with brushing teeth and getting dressed done afterwards otherwise they end up with choc weetabix covered jumpers before weve even left for school. breakfast is choc weetabix for ds1 and dd and cheerios for ds2, weekends is toast, crumpets, crossionts, scramled eggs..whatever they want.
within the time the kids are up I try and wake myself with a cup of tea whilst trying to get myself washed and ready, all whilst settling fights over tv channels, breaking up wrestling matches, consoling whichever ones been hit in the eye by a nerf bullet and trying not to trip over the cat confused

Babycarmen Sun 12-May-13 13:53:49

I get up at 6.45am and get myself showered and dressed and feeling fresh before anyone else wakes up. Then I wake DP and we get the kids out of their beds and get them dressed. I fix their breakfast and sort DDs school stuff out while DP has a shower, then he makes us coffee and toast which is half eaten before we all run out the door! smile

HannahLI Sun 12-May-13 15:24:25

If I need to be quick to be out the house I put the nappy bag ready at teatime/bedtime of the night before along with pulling out clothes ready for both my boys for the morning. Both boys normally come into our room in the morning and to make us quick the rule is everyone has to be dressed before we go down for breakfast. I normally dress the boys first (or they do themselves if they are in the mood) and shower.
Breakfast is at the table away from distractions and we do it before we enter any other downstairs room that contains toys, and the boys pick what they want whilst I run around and sort it all out. The boys take twice as long to eat as me so I eat with them and then carry on finding shoes and bring the car to the front or prepare the pushchair if on foot!

VerySmallSqueak Sun 12-May-13 17:26:33

Breakfast happens after dressing,washing and teeth cleaning,and getting bags sorted.
Animals even get their breakfast first.
For us it's toast or cereal and I wash it down with at least 3 mugs of coffee before I function fully.

flamingtoaster Sun 12-May-13 19:08:54

I get up first at 6.30 am and waken everyone - by the time they come down breakfast is on the table. If we have to be anywhere incredibly early then everything is prepared the night before - everything we need to take, clothes we will wear, etc. I have also been known to put out the bowls of cereal and cover them with clingfilm, etc. to save precious minutes when doing a very early start!

IrritatingInfinity Sun 12-May-13 19:15:31

I have done my time and trained them well......

Now I get to lie in and leave them to it.

It's heaven. Two DC's are at Uni and haven't yet died of starvation and seem healthy and happy. The other two get up by themselves and make toast for breakfast along with a non surgery cereal and a glass of water. I sometimes leave things ready for them to make a quick smoothie. I often get a cup of tea brought to me in bed.

If I get up at the same time a them I sit on the couch while they get their things together and we chat.

Breakfast is relaxing in our house now.

VeganCow Sun 12-May-13 19:48:55

Utter chaos, every day except weekends. ALWAYS last minute after (several) snoozes.
Everyone rushing, cats and dogs round ankles in the kitchen, and somewhere in the middle of it all, first cup of tea and Warburtons Toastie (honest!) toast with peanut butter!

starfishmummy Sun 12-May-13 19:56:12

We work as a team on weekday mornings. Ds is disabled so needs a fair amount of help so ds and I each have things we do making the most of the time we have. Of course it often goes horribly wrong!!
We are all dressed before going downstairs for a well needed breakfast of cereal and toast.

Hard to imagine it will ever be like that here Infinity smile

Mmm, toast and peanut butter VC, my favourite.
I'm never that organised though until after I've got them to school.

Hopezibah Sun 12-May-13 21:13:06

We focus the kids mind on getting ready in the mornings by incentivising with a quick computer go if they are ready in time. They help get their brekkie ready so that helps because they are getting to decide what they'd most like to eat for breakfast.

missorinoco Sun 12-May-13 21:17:46

I get up fifteen minutes earlier than necessary, to get started in peace. That means when I get the children up I am showered/ half ready and we don't have as much mad dashing about. I'm also not trying to unload the dishwasher/get packed lunches ready whilst getting three breakfasts out.

I tried a tip here and make sandwiches the night before. They taste fine and it makes my morning smoother. Sandwiches take two minutes rather than ten interrupted minutes.

All clothes out the night before, we did the "rehearse the routine" strategy from whatever parenting book I was reading at the time and I remind the children of it if they aren't getting ready.

Smallest DC likes getting out the cereal boxes, and throws a two year old wobbly if he can't so I don't prepare more than that.

No playing/tv until you are dressed and completely ready.

If it all goes calmly there is time to spare, if not, there is time to accommodate a toddler tantrum and stay sane.

I have been known to stick children in the buggy or car shoeless if they play up though.

justaweeone Mon 13-May-13 09:31:35

The magic words to get my children up is 'we have got white bread for toast'!!!

prakattack Mon 13-May-13 10:18:52

Key in our house is timing! I know what time everything has to happen in order for us all to get out on time - we have to be up by X, out the shower by X, eating breakfast by X etc etc.
Main issue here is getting them to eat breakfast quicker - they love their breakfast and eat plenty, and healthily, but it takes ages! And I CANNOT get them dressed before they eat as they inevitably get weetabix or similar down their trousers so I usually end rushing them, clock-watching knowing I still have to get them dressed afterwards (mine are 3 and 1 so roll on the days when they get dressed by themselves...!)

Cambam2010 Mon 13-May-13 10:41:37

I wake up when my 3yo wakes up. Sometimes this backfires spectacularily and we are late for work and nursery! I haven't used my alarm clock since he was born.

On the days where we are on time we have a leisurely breakfast whilst watching morning tv. Usually Peppa Pig. We mostly have cereal but depending on our moods might swap this for toast or crumpets. On the days when we are running late, I run around like a mad thing wishing I had got everything prepared the night before whilst 3yo still sits watchin PP and taking all the time in the world.

Rosehassometoes Mon 13-May-13 11:30:42

DH has his at work.
I prepare toast/cereal/porridge/fruit bread/crepes and fruit for myself and DS (3).

DS has his whilst I feed the baby then I have mine. If I need to keep DS occupied for longer I give him blueberries or raspberries to pick at.

At weekends a treat is a bacon or sausage sandwich on thick White bread with ketchup. DS chooses squares, triangles or rectangles.

JS06 Mon 13-May-13 12:57:11

Husband long gone to work by the time myself and two teens are up, like to get them to eat something substantial so I go downstairs to start breakfast while they see to relevant ablutions.

Maybe a couple of boiled eggs each or some scrambled eggs on toast or an omlette with some ham or cooked veg from the fridge. Son eats like a horse but is only capable of grunting in the morning. My solution - I don't ask him what he'd like next, I simply put it in front of him and he devours it. An apple or a banana, a pot of yoghurt, a croissant or a bowl of cereal. He hoovers it up and then departs. Will I miss all this when it stops?????????? Probably!

MsGee Mon 13-May-13 13:14:56

DH leaves at 6.50 and DD (5) and I snuggle in bed for a bit, then I work and she watches the iPad. Its then a rush round for school, then I get home and have a coffee and a piece of toast before work. Always warbutons toastie bread!

Weekends are much more relaxed with cereal, coffee (hot chocolate for DD), then more toast. It was a bit of a sad day for me when DD discovered 'the crust' (to be fair it took her 5 years). She now demands the crust on the weekend and one of life's great joys is now lost to me!!

MTBMummy Mon 13-May-13 13:16:39

I get up at 5, and shower and get ready for work, I then make myself a cup of coffee and wolf down a slice of toast, at 6 when I leave the house, I make DP a cup of coffee and DD her cup of warm milk (in thermos cups) and leave them on DP's beside table, with a quick kiss good bye.

DP then gets woken up by DD at either 6:45 or 7:15, depending on if it's a nursery day or not, they enjoy their hot drinks in bed together and then go downstairs, DD has yellow circle cereal (cherrios) with no milk. and DP will have a couple of slices of bread (homemade if he's bothered to make it)

Weekends, typically DP will make coffees when DD wakes up and we'll all snuggle in bed while DD recites one of her favorite books to us, and then we'll head down to breakfast, which is typically toast and vegemite for the adults and cereal for DD.

If we're in a real rush, we'll feed DD fruit and yoghurt for breakfast as she wolfs it down. We very rarely have a fried breakfast but if we do, DD will insist on just bacon and sausages

ClaraOswinOswald Mon 13-May-13 14:02:33

I get up and then wake up the kids. Then I have a shower.
After my shower I wake the kids up again and we all get dressed and ready for the day.

They prefer toast, brioche, croissants etc. to cereals in the morning as they are quick and easy. They will often eat a bowl of cereal after school though.

Weekends are a very lazy affair unless we are going out early.

DH works shifts so is sometimes part of the morning routine, sometimes not.

kellyandalice Mon 13-May-13 14:13:05

i normally get up first and do the dd and partners pack up for work and school with warburtons bread.. then shout d.d to get up . Put the kettle on and the toast in and set the breakfast table. Which may result in bickering about whether to have cereal first or toast. But we all eat toast with diffrent things on i love marmalade too wake me up ... puts a bounce in my step.

MrsPresley Mon 13-May-13 15:05:58

I'm always up first, any time between 5 and 6am, not through choice though angry

DS works at night so I don't have to get him up in the morning smile

DD is 11 and sets her alarm to get up around 7am but I still check on her to make sure she is up.

Breakfast can be different each morning, either cereal and toast or fruit and yogurt, sometimes porridge or a bacon sandwich but she will never leave the house without breakfast whereas I never eat before 11am unless I'm working

Doogle2 Mon 13-May-13 15:29:28

We always do a different breakfast at the weekends as we have more time to make it. It gives us all a break from cereal and the children love it. A favourite here is smoked salmon scrambled egg on toast. smile

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