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NOW CLOSED Chance to win a copy of Warburtons new and exclusive breakfast handbook or a hamper of breakfast goodies...

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-May-13 14:18:57

Following on from the survey and thread at Christmas Warburtons have been back in touch with us and are pleased to announce their new breakfast handbook has now been published on a limited edition run.
The team at Warburtons say "We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but making sure the whole family has eaten something tasty and nutritious before leaving the house can often seem a mammoth task.
"What's more, Warburtons understands that getting the balance right between a tasty and healthy breakfast, which is also quick and easy to make, can often be a struggle. That's why it has teamed up with child psychologist Tanya Byron to create Breakfast: From Our Family to Yours 'Making Breakfast Easy'.
The books is the culmination of a large-scale study, which involved a mix of 2,000 mums - including 1,000 Mumsnetters ), over 50,000 Facebook fans and focus groups up and down Britain. The handbook includes hundreds of helpful hints, tips and recipes to help you tackle the weekday breakfast rush. Whether it's a top tip on how to entice the kids out of bed, helpful hints on getting the whole family involved in the morning routine, or a delicious recipe, there's something in it for everyone".

Warburtons would love to hear from you again. Share on this thread how you (or your partner) get the family up and out in the mornings and you'll be entered into a prize draw where three lucky MNers will win a Warburtons hamper full of Warburtons product as well as other goodies worth £45 in total.

In addition, there are 100 copies of the book up for grabs: add your details here and 100 MNers selected at random will receive a book.

Warburtons also say: "if you're not lucky enough to win a copy of the book here then do head over to where Warburtons is running another free prize draw".

Good luck!


Bananasinfadedpjs Mon 13-May-13 15:39:47

During the week we get up at 7, DH gets ready for work, while I wake DD1 up, help her with her teeth and hair, and repeatedly remind her to get dressed. DD2 is usually awake by then running around playing, but we don't wake her up if she isn't. We live close to the village church, and the church bells start to chime at 7am, so it's as good as an alarm clock (though DH has an alarm as a back up as well).
DH and DD1 leave at 7.45, DD1 has breakfast provided at school.

DD2 and I have breakfast together at 8, then get dressed afterwards. I usually have tea and toast with marmite. DD2 likes cheese on toast followed by a banana, but she sometimes has cereal or yoghurt instead.

On Saturdays, DH usually gets the DC up and ready, and I get the luxury of an uninterrupted shower. We try to have a special breakfast on Sundays, pancakes or croissants or something.

MakeTeaNotWar Mon 13-May-13 16:16:51

DH is hardest to get up in the morning - he sets his alarm for 7am then snoozes until 8 which is infuriating so the only way I can get him out of bed is to lie about the time and pretend it's later than it really is but he's getting wise to this. 2 year old DD has a gro clock so she isn't allowed out of bed until Mr Sun shows himself at 7.30. 7 month old DS gets up at 5.30am so we have the opposite problem with him and need to keep him in bed!

Bosgrove Mon 13-May-13 16:50:14

For us weekday mornings are all the same. I start waking them up oldest first and then down in order to the youngest. Then I dress the youngest and go back up helping the older children dress. Usually but the time I get back to the oldest he is still hidding under the blankets.

In the meantime DH is downstairs giving them all their choice of cereal as they arrive. Usually followed by yogurt and toast. If we are running late we skip the toast and go straight onto washing and teeth cleaning.

I cut the toast up and put it into sandwich bags which they then eat on the way to school.

Weekends are a lot calmer, byt I try and hide in bed while they eat their breakfast in their pjs.

aristocat Mon 13-May-13 18:31:56

My DH has already left for work when I get up at 7am and DS (almost 11yo) is usually awake too. I do check on DS thta he is awake and he washes/dresses immediately.

DD (almost 9yo) sleeps a little longer, but only until 7:15-7:30ish. She is independent too and comes downstairs washed and ready for school.

I make them breakfast ~ usually toast or crumpets for DS and DD will have either toast, cereal or fruit. DS hoovers his food up and often asks for more hmm I am sure he would eat whatever I put in front of him .......

At 8:30 it is time for teeth brushing and hair, and then we walk to school. I like to leave at 8:40 but it is only 10mins away so we can allow extra time if needed.

Weekends are much more relaxed unless we are going somewhere.

cather Mon 13-May-13 18:56:42

My husband leaves before 7 and has breakfast at work so I get the children up and dressed and then we sit and eat breakfast together at the kitchen table. They then get the school bus and I go to work

ouryve Mon 13-May-13 19:11:47

All the boys, DH included, tend to be early riser - I'm the one who has trouble getting out of bed!

The boys tend to need to eat straight away, when they get up, so we always have fruit bread and/or hot cross buns to hand, or else DH will make them a quick slice of toast. DH makes porridge for himself and DS2 at around 7-ish and brings me a cup of chamomile tea to help my body to come to terms with being awake and upright. Once that's drunk and I've washed down some painkillers, I stumble downstairs and make breakfast for DS1 and me and DH leaves for work. DS1 won't touch cereals and really needs some protein for breakfast, so tends to either have a ham, cheese or fish finger sarnie to set him up for the morning. He used to have a fried egg, but went off that, as he does. At the same time, I nuke a big bowl of porridge for myself and make myself some proper coffee.

With that inside me, I no longer need to think so hard in order to funsction and spend the next hour washing and dressing the boys, and me, and walking them to school.

ilikeyoursleeves Mon 13-May-13 19:19:01

On the days I'm working dh and I share the duties of getting the kids up and ready. I get the baby dressed, fed and off to nursery on my way to work, while he gets the two older Dc's fed, dressed and off to school.

The baby has porridge with fruit purée mixed in it and the two older boys have cereal. If there's enough time we have toast too. I have cereal too obviously!

I prepare everything the night before- school uniform out and nursery gear out. I hang them over the bannister so daddy doesn't need to think too hard about what to dress them in. The bannister then becomes 'the robot dressing station' in the morning where dh takes the boys to it and dresses them while they all pretend to be robots grin. Packed lunch boxes are prepared the night before too. Plus my work bag is at the door so I don't run about looking for it in the morning.

With enough planning and sanity the morning rush isn't too stressful (most of the time anyway!)

chocolateshoes Mon 13-May-13 20:11:01

I make healthy muffins for DS to start his breakfast with wholemeal flour, blueberries, coconut and oatbran. They freeze brilliantly so I make a big batch to last a few weeks. He loves them slightly warm. Then DS will ususally have either and egg or porridge. As neither DH or I are big breakfast eaters we have really had to try to get into a routine of healthy filling breakfasts to help DS concentrate at school (he was struggling to do this and has inproved since we re-thought the whole breakfast thing!). Ds will then usually have a wholemeal pitta bread. Meanwhile I have half a grapefruit and a coffee as does DH!

If I'm working I'm out of the house before DS & DH get up so everything is well organised the night before. If I have a later start its sooooo much less hassle as we only live 2 minutes walk form school so have loads of time.

BornToFolk Mon 13-May-13 20:42:47

DS and I are big breakfast fans! We usually have cereal or porridge and then toast. At the weekend DS is allowed more "treat" things like pancakes or chocolate spread on his toast!

My trick to the mornings is to do everything in the same way everyday so that DS knows exactly what to do.

ginauk84 Mon 13-May-13 20:47:07

I go and let the dogs out and put the kettle on. A bacon and egg sandwich for my hubby and a sausage and egg sarnie for me. I like fresh white fluffy bread but hubby likes his fried on one side. Lashings of ketchup and a coffee and we're set for the day! We have to avoid the longing looks from the dogs while we devour our breakfast sandwiches smile

chocolateshoes Mon 13-May-13 20:58:08

should have also said that at the weekend DH & DS make breakfast in bed - pain au chocolat and croissant. Yum!

VirtuallyHere Mon 13-May-13 21:14:27

On a school weekday we leap out of bed and eat breakfast cereal in our pyjamas before getting quickly ready and out of the door. In holidays/weekends at home (if not a school holiday club day) we are more leisurely lying in bed talking and getting up lazily to have breakfast which we may cook.

Yeh BornTo we often have more treaty things at weekends too, like pain au chocolat (from the new bakery at LIDL). At DM's in the hols we have scrambled eggs on toast. Funny how these little traditions develop !

madmonstermum Tue 14-May-13 00:08:59

I get up: let the dog out, scramble into the shower and then start trying to wake up the kids. This consists of nicely waking, then tugging duvets, then shouting, then pulling duvets off. Everyone then moans that they don't have time to eat properly (which is what I've been saying for the previous half hour), littlest grabs a banana and a yoghurt and some toast and eldest says he will get something in the school canteen and then we rush out the door. Weekends, I'm lucky if they get up before lunch!

Leafmould Tue 14-May-13 00:10:07

Divide and rule. One kid eats breakfast first while the other gets dressed and does teeth, then they swap.

My breakfast happens FIRST on a good day... It may seem selfish, but i am ratty before I get a cuppa and a slice of toast, and my bad mood spreads rapidly. If I can sort myself out first then I can focus 100% on the kids, and everyone is happier. I always think of the instruction on the airline... Fasten your own oxygen mask on before assisting others!

lorisparkle Tue 14-May-13 00:12:19

With three young DS it is rare that our alarm wakes us up but random which DS is the first through our bedroom door. Our rule in the week is that everyone is dressed before breakfast and definately before cbeebies goes on. Mornings were a nightmare before this was introduced. I try and get clothes ready the night before but this does not always happen. DS2 is usually starving first thing and loves apples so the boys have one whilst waiting for their breakfast. At the moment porridge is the thing - with a squirt of maple syrup, honey and if I am feeling generous some sprinkles! For a special treat on weekends we sometimes have pancakes or a full english but this turns into brunch! At the moment I am trying to encourage all the DS to make their own beds. The all the DS want to help in the kitchen but ours is too small but they take it in turns to put the toast in and they all have to take their plates out.

Gracelo Tue 14-May-13 09:31:06

Our morning routine looks really rubbish compared to everyone else's on here blush.
I usually get up when ds (5) wakes up which is usually way too early. He wants some milk first and then eats either rice krispies or honey shreddies. I have a cup of tea and some cereal or a yoghurt while checking emails. ds watches some TV. At some point dd (8) comes down and has some porridge or a bun with butter while I have a shower, prepare my lunch to take to work, the children's packed lunches if they are not having school dinners, sign consent forms, find school clothes, panic a bit....
I leave around 8am, I tell dp (who really isn't a lark) that I'm leaving, tell the children to go and wake their father if he is not down in 5 min, kiss them good bye and let dp deal with the rest which involves, so I'm told, quite a bit of prodding and shouting to get them dressed and to the bus.
We never have breakfast together around the table (we eat dinner together at the table though) except when we have guests staying.

choccyp1g Tue 14-May-13 09:42:05

My biggest principle is that you set the alarm for the latest time possible and get up instantly. If you keep pressing the snooze button you aren't getting real sleep so you might as well get moving.

The other rule is to get stuff ready the night before, including knowing what you are planning for breakfast.

My regular tip is to freeze sliced bread in packs of 4, zig-zagged in a bag so they come apart easily to toast from frozen.

And my best tip, learnt this morning. if you bought some reduced bread on the sell-by date and you spot some mould, while you are eating it, only 2 days later, say nothing and hope nobody else notices

florencebabyjo Tue 14-May-13 15:03:29

I get up at 6 and cook bacon and eggs for DH before he goes off to work. He makes the coffee! The DC's all get up around 7 so I make a mountain of eggy bread and let them gobble that up before they have fruit and yogurts. The 2 eldest then empty the dishwasher and two of the younger ones make the sandwiches and pack the lunchboxes, choosing fruit, yogurts and cake etc ready for school. They take turns in choosing sandwich fillings and like the responsibility of making up and packing them. Even the youngest DD likes to help to clear up after breakfast and puts things back in the cupboard. It helps them grow as a team and see responsibility for the morning routine as belonging to the whole family, rather than just me.

Pluckybird Wed 15-May-13 12:04:36

We don't allow the tv on until our 7 year old is already to walk out of the door - this includes breakfast, hair, shoes/ coat etc...makes for a more cooperative morning!

yawningbear Wed 15-May-13 17:46:26

DS is only 2 and an early riser. I actually usually really enjoy that time with him. If he wakes up before 6 I try and get him back to sleep but from 6 onwards I get up with him and I warm him some milk and make myself a proper coffee and then we snuggle up on the sofa and watch a DVD or read stories for a while. When DD joins us we have breakfast and they often 'help' getting it ready. Then they get dressed, DD herself and DS with some help and then watch some c beebies whilst I get ready. I try and get them out of the door on the days I work by 8am but that doesn't always work out!

elizaco Thu 16-May-13 16:17:02

As a farmer, my husband is first up in a morning - usually around 6/6.30. He has cereals and tea then and toast and coffee at about 10. I'm next up at about 7 - I have cereals then and toast later on, when the girls have gone to school. I wake my eldest daughter at 7.15 and she catches the schoolbus at 8.10 - as she's got older (she's 11 now), it's become more of a battle to get her to eat breakfast. More often than not, it's either a brioche or breakfast bar. Finally if she's not already up, I wake my youngest daughter (who's 9) at 8, and take her to school for 9. She enjoys cereal and toast. So I'm afraid breakfast in our household is a little disjointed - certainly no sitting round the table all together and chatting!

stephgr Thu 16-May-13 23:05:14

getting the family up isn't an issue in our house - I'm the only one who finds it difficult to get up! Getting out is an issue in the winter when it's cold so the children have to wrap up and I lay out all their clothes the night before.

DontMeanToBeRudeBut Sat 18-May-13 15:45:21

Generally 6mo DD wakes me up at 6am by demanding milk. I feed her back to sleep and then get myself up, which wakes up DH. I get myself showered and dressed and then wake up 3yo DS, get him dressed and then take him downstairs for breakfast. We have breakfast together then he can play while I get DD up and dressed. After that it's all systems go to put shoes on and get out of the door for nursery. I can't believe it takes so long!

beanandspud Sat 18-May-13 23:54:38

On school days mornings are a military operation! DH and I get up around 6:40am which gives us chance to shower before DS wakes at 7:00 am. He has his breakfast - cereal, smoothie and fruit, watches a bit of tv and I dry hair and get dressed, chuck bags in car etc. Then I help DS get dressed and we leave the house at 7:45 am.

My only rule is that DS doesn't leave the kitchen! His clothes are on the radiator ready and breakfast is at the kitchen table. If he goes anywhere else he gets distracted and all is lost! grin

Weekends are generally much more relaxed. We all cuddle up in bed, chat, watch something on the iPad with a coffee and juice and this morning didn't actually get up until 10:00am - bliss!

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