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NOW CLOSED Take a look at the E.ON Rewards loyalty scheme and share your thoughts to be in with a chance of winning a £250 JL voucher

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Apr-13 10:06:29

E.ON has a loyalty reward scheme which rewards customers for staying with them.
Here's what E.ON says about the scheme: "If you're an E.ON customer and you've been with E.ON for a year or more you could be rewarded for staying with us. You have a choice of taking rewards as Tesco Clubcard points or money off your bill. Further rewards are on offer for managing your account online or taking both fuels from E.ON. All you need to do is change to one of E.ON's tariffs with rewards."

E.ON would like you to visit their website and read the information on their rewards.
Here's the Link:

Please then return to this thread and tell us what you think, in particular:
- What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?
- What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

Everyone who adds a comment to this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will receive a £250 John Lewis voucher.

Thanks and good luck,


BornToFolk Wed 24-Apr-13 10:32:58

- What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?
I don't really see the point for electricity and gas. I buy electricity and gas mostly based on what it costs. The service I get from a company does come into it but I've never had particularly bad service from any energy supplier so it doesn't really affect my decision.
I've just done a rough quote with E.ON (based on estimated energy use) and they are over £400 per year more than I'm currently paying (with EDF) so the £20 reward they are offering does not really entice me to move...

- What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

If I was a current E.ON customer, I'd like them but as stated above, it's not going to make me switch suppliers unless the price is less than I'm currently paying. I think I'd actually prefer Tesco points as I tend to use my Tesco points in the voucher exchange or to buy tickets for days out etc so I get more for my voucher than the cover value. £20 off the bill would just get swallowed up in household expenditure but £20 of Tesco points could be exchanged for £40 of vouchers which would make a difference to the Christmas shopping!

PiHigh Wed 24-Apr-13 10:43:29

What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?

Tbh I tend to compare the cost of utilities over full year (I use meter readings when I can be arsed digging them out possible). I generally go for the cheapest overall but if there are a couple with very little difference in price and one has a better incentive (e.g. cashback) then I might choose that one. I'm not really fussed about loyalty rewards as I always expect I'm paying for it one way or another.

What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

As above I don't really see it as much of an incentive. I'd still compare the prices to other companies and a reward from E.ON would only be counted as part of that comparison. I wouldn't choose to pay more just because it looks like I'm getting a discount.

Out of the two options I'd prefer the money off the bill as we don't shop at Tesco so they'd be the only points we got.

JedwardScissorhands Wed 24-Apr-13 10:49:55

Loyalty schemes in general
Depends on the scheme. Boots has a very transparent, easy to understand 1 point = 1p. Nectar points not worth less than this, so largely don't bother and consequently doesn't make me "loyal". I will however factor Boots points into their price aas a sort of discount, and am therefore more likely to shop there.

For energy suppliers, unlikely to be a deciding factor.

Eon rewards.
The loyalty discounts seem tiny to be honest. I'd get a much bigger "loyalty" bonus by not being loyal and switching supplier; there are always incentives on sites such as quidco to do this.

Would prefer points to discount, but would be nice to have a choice ; my nearest Tesco is 30 miles away, I don't shop there.

MissRee Wed 24-Apr-13 11:51:02

- What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?

I honestly don't think its enough of an incentive to move. If they were drastically cheaper than my current tariff (British Gas) then I might consider it but it would need to be pretty drastic as I like the fact that I can collect Nectar points with BG - in fact I switched to BG from EDF when the Nectar points changed over.

- What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

As said above, it really isn't enough to get me to switch. If I had to though, I would prefer money off my bill - I hate the way that Tesco points work.

FreckledLeopard Wed 24-Apr-13 11:53:36

In general, I love loyalty schemes, particularly Tesco clubcard. I always shop to maximise clubcard points and then use Clubcard Exchange to increase face value of vouchers. Boots is good too.

E.ON, though, doesn't seem very inspiring. The reward is pretty minimal - unless it was something like £50 in clubcard vouchers in the first year, then I doubt I would be incentivised to sign up or swap providers.

nannynick Wed 24-Apr-13 12:43:34

Loyalty schemes are only good if they truely reward loyalty.
As an Eco7 user I have no gas so I do not qualify for the dual fuel discount. As I use a lot of overnight elec shoul I not also get a discount, or will Eco7 rate be lowered so eco7 customers get the £10 a year off as well?

The dual fuel discount is instead of the previous discount, 2%. So those people who use over £500 a year would be better staying with the 2% but would they then get the loyalty points?

Prefer money off as do not shop often at Tesco.

Loyalty schemes need to be easy to use, which this scheme appears to be, no complex claim procedure for redeaming the points.

Would it really stop people switching. Couldn't all customers just get billed less. No gimics, no costly advertising, just great rates and only a couple of tarrifs?

Tortington Wed 24-Apr-13 12:45:00

I think its a gimmicky way of getting customers

just make the bills lower

slug Wed 24-Apr-13 13:00:59

- What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?

As a rule I'm not particularly fond of loyalty schemes. I'm uncomfortable with my personal details and buying habits being collected and used by companies for the purpose of data mining. Call me old fashioned, but my shopping habits are not for consumption or sale by third parties.

- What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

Given E.ON have twice attempted to switch me without my permission I wouldn't touch with a barge pole anything offered by them.

asuwere Wed 24-Apr-13 14:27:49

- What do you think about loyalty schemes in general?

I do have point cards for various shops - they don't make me loyal though but I feel I may as well use them when I do use the shops as I might get benefit. I am very aware that the companies generally benefit more from the schemes than I do though - they can get all sorts of info from them on shopping habits etc.

- What do you think about EON rewards? Would you prefer money off bill or tesco points?

I would only switch utility provider based on cost of the actual utility as the reward wouldn't be guaranteed so don't like the idea of this. If they want to reward people, give a decent price instead. 'loyal' customers who don't change to one of these tariffs but have been 'loyal' for years will get nothing which seems to negate the whole idea of loyalty rewards. Don't set up specific tariffs - just give 'rewards' if you want to.

charlieandlola Wed 24-Apr-13 14:38:41

I think Eon could reward loyal customers by price matching the most competitive deal on the market place at the end of their tarrif, rather than faffing about with £20 either in cash or Vouchers.

If Eon really want to reward loyalty, then they have to earn it.

HeathRobinson Wed 24-Apr-13 14:48:34

What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?

I'd rather have cheaper prices. I use Nectar, because I shop at Sainsbury's and Homebase. But equally shop at Asda and Lidl, either for price or convenience. So I suppose I'm not that loyal! grin

- What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

I'm actually with E.ON and don't think much of these rewards! I would much prefer money off the bill. As said above, I use Nectar, I don't use Tesco so that's not an incentive at all.

The best way to generate loyalty is to have good service, good communication, including VERY CLEAR bills and to be cheap.

It's not that hard...

flamingtoaster Wed 24-Apr-13 15:20:46

What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?

Might as well join the scheme if you are shopping regularly somewhere anyway. I use the Tesco clubcard points on the clubcard exchange which is on periodically.

What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

The rewards are small and E.ON would be better reducing their prices as a small incentive will not be enough to retain customers if there is a large price differential between them and another provider. Having said that it's nice to see any provider giving something back to the customer! I would tend to go for Clubcard points so I could double the value on Exchange or use on a deal to get 4 times the value.

whattodoo Wed 24-Apr-13 16:29:47

1. I'm a sucker for a loyalty scheme, but stick to a few so that I can collect points quickly to exchange for reward (days out, air miles, money off etc). I am aware that they operate primarily for the benefit of the retailer, so will shop around and find the best deal - rewards are a bonus.

Eon rewards look OK, and I like that they are offering a reward for loyalty rather than locking you into a contract.

I would take tesco points personally, because I'm saving them up to pay for a honeymoon!

Nerfmother Wed 24-Apr-13 16:35:19

Loyalty schemes in general - they need to be meaningful and add something to my life. I only stick to ones where I can actually get a decent reward. So I use boots a lost, and I m reluctant to leave sky as I love the free cinema tickets.
Eom looks okay, enough to make me stay but not necessarily enough to make me join. However I am thinking of leaving Scottish power, and there is nothing keeping me there!
I prefer rewArds to be meaningful and would rather have money off the bill, provided there was a significant difference.

RedKites Wed 24-Apr-13 17:15:32

1. I like loyalty schemes, but they have to be giving me something I value in return for me being prepared to share my details with them.

2. I am happy to be told I have misunderstood, but I don't really like the look of EON's 'reward scheme'. You only appear to qualify if you switch to a tariff with at least a one year minimum term, and people who can't/won't are also being excluded from other discounts which are normally not attached to being in a 'loyalty scheme' such as dual fuel and online discounts.

LtGreggs Wed 24-Apr-13 17:26:40

- What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?

I'd be unlikely to make the decision based on this (price would be most important - and I'd be suspicious that a loyalty scheme would be enough to compensate for any significant price difference), but would sign up & use a loyalty scheme if it were there. I suppose if loyalty scheme were very generous I'd factor it in to the decision.

- What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points

I regularly shop at Tesco, so would take either. (Tesco might theoretically be better value because of all the 2x, 4x offers etc - but I find I hardly ever want to take advantage of the stuff offered on those deals anyway.)

If it were points for somewhere that I don't already shop, I'd take the £.

gazzalw Wed 24-Apr-13 18:08:33

What do you think about loyalty reward schemes generally?

Some are a lot better than others. Boots is a good one although now we no longer have babies/toddlers in the house we don't accrue points there very often. Sainsbury's to my mind is rubbish - we do loads of £20 + top up shops and over the course of a year are lucky if we get more than £12.50 worth of Nectar Points. Tesco Clubcard ones are very good and seem to add up quickly if only because they seem to be a lot more generous and do regular extra points on online shops etc...

I am not entirely sold on them though but every bit does help and it's lovely if you can treat the family to a free day/meal out - yes, some might prefer to save the money in the first place but to my mind it's easier to spend loyalty points on treats than saving £10 a month equivalent for a treat!

- What do you think about E.ON rewards? Would you prefer money off your bill or Tesco points?

Well it seems like a good idea in theory but we are already tied into some type of long-term deal with them until 2014. Would like to know if we will benefit - somehow my cynical side says not as presumably it's to lure people into this type of long-term loyalty rather than rewarding those already loyal to the brand.

But if we do qualify I certainly won't be complaining grin!

CarrieDon Wed 24-Apr-13 19:36:55

We would always go for the cheapest deal rather than hope that hanging on for several years with the same utility company would eventually reward us financially.

We're on our local council scheme which groups together residents to try to get a cheaper bulk deal for everyone, though we're still better off sticking with our current supplier at the moment. Moneysavingexpert can take your details and advise you of the best utility deals on an ongoing basis. To be honest, I would rather have the flexibility of shopping around every year than have loyalty rewards.

Tesco Points are brilliant - we get the Rewards at 3x face value, and it's nice to treat yourself rather than have money off.

Snog Wed 24-Apr-13 19:44:09

I like loyalty schemes generally, but the EON one would make me (cynically) think I wasn't on their best tariff.
I would prefer cash to Tesco vouchers

Barbabeau Wed 24-Apr-13 20:22:06

I go for deals with the cheapest prices so generally I don't stay with a particular supplier for more than a couple of years. The way the market is set up you tend to pay over the odds unless you switch frequently. The rewards are not big enough to compensate for the loss of savings elsewhere.

missorinoco Wed 24-Apr-13 20:30:04

What do think about loyalty schemes in general? I am deeply cynical, and avoid them in most shops as I don't want my shopping habits logged. This would not be the case here, clearly.

Generally, they remnd me to go looking to see if I can get a better deal and are therefore counterproductive.

I am with Eon, and pay £41 a month. £10-20 discount a year would not prompt me to stay with them if I had a better price elsewhere.

I would rather have money off then Tesco vouchers. If you are going to give me vouchers, make it something like LovetoShop, then I won't feel as if you are joining with another store to keep my money between you.

ThePskettiIncident Wed 24-Apr-13 20:46:45

Loyalty schemes can be worthwhile, but this one is no where near good enough. I can get more in cash back deal by switching. And, I cn change tariff, whereas with this scheme you can't. Egrinn put bills up by 8% this year; that's more than a tenner! And they made bumper profits.

I'd want tesco points from tesco for using my clubcard in their shop. I don't think egrinn piggy backing on their scheme and brand is good.

Sorry, but this is definitely a "must try better"

ThePskettiIncident Wed 24-Apr-13 20:47:24

And sorry for smilies! Eon is obviously funny to my phone!

TotallyEggFlipped Wed 24-Apr-13 21:11:19

In general I like loyalty programmes. It wouldn't necessarily make me loyal to a particular shop, but if there's a bonus to be had, I like to be in on it.
I don't see the point of loyalty points for fuel providers. I'd always compare costs, so I might factor the loyalty points into the equation, but I don't think this programme is particularly good value. The E.ON rewards wouldn't entice me to switch to E.ON unless the prices for fuel worked out competitive to other providers.
I don't like the idea of big companies joining forces.

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