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NOW CLOSED Tell Clarks about your child's first steps and be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher

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AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Mar-13 15:32:42

Clarks have just released their latest First Shoes range here and to coincide they would love to hear about your DCs first steps.

So what do you remember about your child(ren)s first attempts to negotiate the world on two feet?

~ How old were they?

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

Everyone who shares their thoughts on this thread will be entered into a prize draw, where one MNer will win a £100 Clarks voucher.

Thanks and good luck,


BettyStogs Thu 21-Mar-13 10:30:03

DS took his first independent steps a week before he turned 11 months. He had spent weeks walking round holding on to 2 of my fingers, then just 1 finger.

He walked 2 or 3 steps from the sofa to the coffee table, then spent some time going back and forward between me and DH. He was delighted with his new skill, and was really steady on his feet straight away, probably from the endless weeks of finger walking allowing him to practice his balance.

I remember thinking it looked really strange seeing him walk on his own, but I was so pleased he started then as he was due to start nursery so was worried I'd miss his first steps, luckily DH and I were both there to see him.

elizaco Thu 21-Mar-13 13:49:22

Both daughters were around 16-17 months old before they took their first steps. I remember thinking at the time they were way behind their little pals, and being desperate for them to start tottering about. Of course they all do it in their own time :-)

mindingalongtime Thu 21-Mar-13 14:25:11

How old - 8 months with an old fashioned wooden walker weighted with (house)bricks, an inherited Christmas present.

Where - Christmas day at home with all the rellies clapping!

Walked unaided at 9 months, had size 3( shhhh.....Startrite )Mary Janes from Harrods blush

Relieved as it meant that as DS was due in 3 months, and that I wouldn't need a double buggy! I didn't DH and I used 2 singles if out and on my own used a sling if DD got tired!

danmoore00 Thu 21-Mar-13 15:16:35

My DD 1st steps where 2 days before her 2nd birthday - she had hip dysplasia and had undergone operations at Great Ormond Street. She walked across the living room - really scary moment as not sure what to expect from her due to her hip condition. We flew to Thailand on her 2nd birthday and she hated sand and refused to put her feet in the sand for the 2.5 weeks we were there!

miaowmix Thu 21-Mar-13 15:19:21

After doing a weird crab like crawl from the age of 6 months, then scooting around the room holding onto furniture, DD took her first steps at 14 months. She just stood up and ran across the room - no tentative, wobbly steps, just ran! It was most peculiar but very sweet smile.

Carolra Thu 21-Mar-13 15:36:35

My dd took her first steps at around 11 months old. She had been cruising around the furniture for weeks and weeks, she was stood at the sofa and I'd left the room. When I came back in, she just let go of the sofa and tottered towards me for a hug. Best moment ever. My mum came with us to buy her first pair of shoes a couple of weeks later, mum insisted on paying for them so she'd always be able to say she'd bought her her first shoes!

chrisrobin Thu 21-Mar-13 15:49:51

My DS took his first steps at 16mths old. I was playing with him at the one end of the living room when he noticed his dad sitting at the dining table (long room with living area one end and dining area the other) holding a biscuit. He stood up, ran over to his father and took the biscuit. It was quite a distance and shocked us both as he had shown no signs of wanting to walk unaided until then. My DH grabbed the video camera and started recording him toddling around- once he was off there was no stopping him! Unfortunately we were burgled a few weeks later and the theives stole the video camera with the footage of DS walking that day- we hadn't had chance to back it up so it was gone for good.

MsMarple Thu 21-Mar-13 18:32:07

DS1 was 13 months. We were in my parents garden, I popped inside for 5 minutes, during which time he stood up and walked a few steps towards my Dad. He was tentative for a couple of days but after that there was no stopping him.

DS2 is only 9 months and still cruising, but my Dad also was the first one to see his first proper forward crawling.

Babycarmen Thu 21-Mar-13 20:05:07

~ How old were they?
DD1 was 15 months and DD2 was 9 months!!

~ Do you remember where you were at the time?
In the living room of our home, with both girls.

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on?
DD1 took a long time to adjust, a few steps each day whereas DD2 just seemed to get up and get on with it! She couldn't wait to catch up with her big sister smile

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?
Overjoyed with DD1 as it felt like it was NEVER going to happen, everyone elses baby was walking way before her. With DD2 I was really shocked as she was so young, and scared because I knew what trouble she could get into now wink

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Thu 21-Mar-13 20:17:40

Both of my DDs were 14.5 months when they started to walk. They both did exactly the same:

Spent months standing for ages, looking as if they were going to take their first steps but never did! DD1 would stand and cry confused but DD2 would stand and clap her hands, sometimes even dance on the spot but neither would take a step. Then one day they just walked across the living room!

They are 2 and 5 now smile.

RobbinyoureastereggsSparkles Thu 21-Mar-13 20:22:03

Posted too soon!

DD1 spent ages walking with her arms above her head to keep her balance. It was so cute smile. I was overjoyed that she was walking as, although she wasn't particularly a late walker, all the babies at her baby group walked before her and I was getting a bit tired of the comments.

DD2 spent a lot of time still crawling and gradually walked more and more. She is my last baby so I was happy for her not to walk so quickly as I wanted her to stay a baby longer smile.

nextphase Thu 21-Mar-13 21:19:55

Both boys first steps were at home, and followed a similar path.
pulling up on the furniture and cruising at just past 7 months, and then took til 13 months to go free style.
DS1 let go and walked to me. He then took a while to get confident. We bought his first shoes on my birthday, so he was 15 months.
DS2 let go, and tried to catch his older brother! We put him in the softest pair of shoes we had from DS1, and walked to the park that afternoon!

eteo Thu 21-Mar-13 22:32:19

my son first walk at 13 month. i was so excited. we took a video and make a clip to show to my family in singapore. he just stand up and walk. it is easy peasy to him.

rachyrah Fri 22-Mar-13 06:45:29

My DS1 was a contented baby and in no hurry to move about. Why walk when a charming smile and a gurgle got things bought over?! My mum had a grand idea. She took him to a Clarks and bought him a pair of little red crawling shoes. They had a photo taken together in the shop, a little 'first shoes' certificate and generally a fuss made. The next few days saw DS1 cruising about! It really worked, well done Clarks. Also the first shoes certificate gave my mum a memorable moment with DS1 to share :-)

DS2 was the polar opposite. We thought we'd try the same 'first shoes' trick with DS2 as soon as he showed signs of cruising, so there I was peering into numerous boxes of tiny shoes. DS2 was in his push chair happily waving a toy around and managed to bash it onto the strap-release button. The next moment saw shoe boxes temporarily abandoned as the lovely staff member and I watched him toddle his way out of the shop! He was just nine months..

Dontbugmemalone Fri 22-Mar-13 10:08:21

-DS1 was 11 months when he took his first steps unaided.

-He'd been cruising along the furniture since he was 9 months so he was keep to start walking on his own.

-I felt overjoyed, luckily both me and my DH were there to enjoy the special moment. It did slowly dawn on me that he was growing up quickly but he's been getting up to things he shouldn't since he starting crawling smile

soontobeslendergirl Fri 22-Mar-13 11:00:17

Both my boys took their first proper steps a week after their 1st birthday. As a working Mum, I was glad they waited for the weekend so that we could both be there to see them.

For quite a while prior to walking my eldest could get himself to standing, in the middle of the room with no support, and stand there by himself for ages. He would not however walk. He would get down and crawl between any gaps. We started making the gaps smaller so he could hold on between them and then gradually moved things further apart. he got fed up getting down to crawl and back up for such a small gap so just decided to walk. By the end of the day he was walking all the time an never looked back. Being due a baby 3 weeks later and having hip problems we were really happy that he was walking. We had already taught him to come down the stairs backwards on his tummy so he was very independent once he was walking! Handy with a new born on the way smile

My younger son did pretty much the same thing. We were about to move to a new build house and would have no carpets for a couple of weeks so we really wanted him walking before the move so he wasn't crawling through dust all day. He obliged at exactly the same stage as his brother and again never looked back. They both took size 5 and half shoes as their first ones and got trainers. I still have the photo that my youngest got taken at Clarks on his first fitting - I didn't get one with my eldest, I think they were just too busy sad

My mum says that we all (I am youngest of 7) walked before we were one so she considers my two late! She bought their first shoes. One of my brothers walked at 8 months - his grandson followed suit!

daimbardiva Fri 22-Mar-13 11:40:45

My first child, my ds, took his first steps on the lawn outside our local theatre. He just suddenly struck out determinedly across the grass and looked like he'd never stop...and pretty much hasn't! I was so proud of my little boy - it was my birthday too, so was all the sweeter.

My dd is 18 mo and took her first steps 2 weeks ago - on mother's day! She is totally different though, much more tentative and taking her time and still prefers super speedy crawling for generally getting around.

TeaAndCakeOrDeath Fri 22-Mar-13 11:45:43

~How old were they? DS was 11 months old, always been keen to get moving so had been cruising 2 months before that..

~ Do you remember where you were at the time? Yep, in the living room. DS stood up holding onto the sofa, checked he had an audience (me and DP) and then marched 3/4 steps towards us before falling over

~ Did they take time to adjust, or were they keen to get a move on? Not a chance of staying still! As soon he figured out he could move, he was getting on ith it!

~ How did it feel? Were you overjoyed or just slightly terrified at how quickly they were growing up and what they could now get up to!?

Pleased he did it while we were both there to see it, not terribly suprised as he'd be pulling up/cruising for a while and definately concerned at how much he could know get into and how quickly!

EarnestDullard Fri 22-Mar-13 12:27:11

I remember it, and we have it captured on video grin DD1 had been an early crawler (6mo) but didn't walk till almost 16mo. It was on a holiday at about 15mo that she started taking an interest in walking while holding someone's hand. Then about a month later she took her first steps unaided. She walked from DH to me, across the living room, about 6 steps. It was lovely smile After that there was no stopping her, although she was a bit wobbly at first. I remember having been worried that she was late to walk, so we were thrilled when she finally did it.

Piffpaffpoff Fri 22-Mar-13 12:27:57

Both my DCs were late walkers, they were about 16mo when they finally did it. Dd was more memorable as it was Boxing Day and she suddenly took two or three steps at Granny's house. Both of them were off like rockets once they got going though. I was delighted because I was getting fed up of people commenting on them not walking at such a late age angry.

Lent1l Fri 22-Mar-13 12:28:28

MY DD took her first solo steps just two weeks ago in the week before her first birthday. We were on holiday in France and the lounge was set up as a nice little paly area for her. She decided she wanted to cross from the sofa to the coffee table and four short steps later she was there. Although she repeated this a few times during the week, since we've been home she's not repeated the effort, much to Nana's annoynace (if Nana doesn't see it it hasn't happened!).

She's a speed demon walking with her little truck of bricks, but she's just waiting until she's ready before she really goes for walking full time on her own.

It is nerve-wracking watching her and trying not to have the worried look about possible tumbles, but that is all aprt of growing up - both her and me!!

Shaz04 Fri 22-Mar-13 13:16:25

Ds1 took his outdoors as he lived in our garden at the time..they were a bit wobbly as its was on a slope but the look on his face was amazing as he managed it on his own, Ds2 was at a mums and tots group and just let go of the walker he was pushing ... Neglectful mummy I was didn't notice at first at it was my friends that noticed...Dd1 was when we forgot the buggy..and it gave her the boost she needed to walk and finally got the magic of first steps back with Dd2 in our garden again (this time a flatter surface so a bit easier for her) - all the fretting seems forgotten now as they were all over 12 months and everyone was full of advice..but in the end they all learnt to walk, run and generally cause havoc ;)

Clary Fri 22-Mar-13 13:31:59

DS2 (third child) was the sweetest. Unlike my other 2 he was an early crawler (<6mo) and stood early too. So we were waiting for him to start walking - it was Christmas time, but he missed the Big Day, New Year, my January birthday...

Finally on my sister's b/day, also in January, he was 9mo old, we were at toddler group and he was standing at the table leg - I held out a biscuit (NTC syndrome - biscuits at 9mo!) and he took two steps to get it.

It was so lovely! He was so pleased with himself too smile
After that he was away, climbing up and down the stairs in the house and at the park, kicking a football before he turned one...

Even now (he is almost 10) it's all about the gross motor with him, he plays footie and cricket, swims, dives, runs and does gymnastics.

BikeRunSki Fri 22-Mar-13 13:34:38

DS walked 3 weeks after his birthday - so they tell me! We were at at friend's house, I'd popped to the toilet and he walked across the room. I didn't see it. He did it again the next day at nursery. After a week of everyone telling me that DS could walk, I finally saw it when he walked over to meet me when I went to pick him up from nursery.

DD walked at 11 months, she was desperate to keep up with her big brother and had been cruising for weeks! We were at a birthday party where we only knew the birthday boy when she took her first steps by herself. I think she was encouraged by all the space in the church hall we were in! As there was no one there that we knew (even the birthday boy's mum had gone to get changed because a child had been sick on her) I was desperately texting DH and my mum and friends - I had to share the news with someone!

Tortington Fri 22-Mar-13 13:44:05

DS took his first steps aged 10 months. He is now 23 on temporary contracts with work for 2 days a week if he can get it. That he did start to walk aged 10 months was no indication of how intellectual he was or how wonderful his life would turn out. Clearly.

I can't remember the twins first steps. I can't remember as I might have been at work.

The emphasis to watch your child's first steps is over egged. Your kid is walking - unless a disability is involved, i cannot see the big deal.

I hate this social expectation on mothers to know the first words / steps / haircut / poo.

nope.... no idea - did they say nanananananananananana or mamamamamamam or dadadadadadadada?


and it doesn't matter

not holding my breath for the vouchers

love custy

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