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NOW CLOSED Can you think of a winning slogan for the new Cadbury Egg n Spoon? Watch the video and share your thoughts. There's £250 JL voucher to be won

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Mar-13 10:02:27

You may have seen a few egg-citing threads on MN recently, showcasing the new Kids' Easter treat from Cadbury - the Egg n Spoon. It's now time for you all to put your egg heads on and post your best Egg n Spoon puns below. What slogan/tag line would you use to sell the Cadbury Egg n Spoon to your friends?

If you haven't tried the Egg n Spoon, you can watch the video of MNers' day at Cadbury World and read the feedback thread to see what the testers thought. Then come back to this thread and give us your best shot at a comical/clever slogan to promote the Cadbury Egg n Spoon.

Everyone who posts a comment on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will receive a £250 John Lewis voucher.

NB This is just for fun, we cannot guarantee Cadbury will use any of the suggestions but we're sure they'll enjoy reading them grin

Thanks and good luck,


KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 25-Mar-13 15:39:56

Thanks for all your comments - there are some egg-cellent suggestions wish I'd thought of them grin

The winner of the prize draw is....


Congratulations, I'll PM you for your details.

CandyCrushed Mon 25-Mar-13 09:09:52

Cadbury's Egg N Spoon.

Spoon The Egg.

couldn't think of a slogan so I copied the one they are already using

<<completely pointless post>>

poorbutrich Sun 24-Mar-13 21:56:03

It's a tug'o'war for the egg'n'spoon!

rootypig Sun 24-Mar-13 19:47:34

Egg and spoon, no toast required smile

ThreeBecomeFour Sun 24-Mar-13 18:58:48

Why just use a spoon?

MAsMum Sat 23-Mar-13 20:54:56

Egg 'n' Spoon - Gone too soon!

elienn79 Sat 23-Mar-13 19:31:26

Cadbury Egg n Spoon race - no eggsercise required...

BoyMeetsWorld Sat 23-Mar-13 17:36:58

Join The Race

On your marks...get set...GOO!

LadyApricot Sat 23-Mar-13 17:30:45

The mousse is the juice that the egg wants loose!

Snog Sat 23-Mar-13 12:00:22

Beg & Swoon for Egg n spoon

Egg n Spoon - Eggsellent for NOT sharing!

Crazybit Fri 22-Mar-13 18:32:19

You've gotta dip it, and you gotta lick it, mmmm.

Blatherskite Fri 22-Mar-13 18:25:36

Share? You mousse-t be yolking!"

MysteriousHamster Fri 22-Mar-13 17:52:32

For the race that's worth wrecking...

DameEdnaBeverage Fri 22-Mar-13 15:06:15

A slight amendment to one of my previous suggestions:
It's the mousse that made the golden egg!

DreamySleepyNightySnoozySnooze Fri 22-Mar-13 13:53:52

Choc, choc, choc, choc, chicken,
Lay a chocolate egg for me.

Crack the top and spoon the choc.

nicolacoggs Fri 22-Mar-13 13:49:22

A truly egciting treat to satisfy your brood.

Lent1l Fri 22-Mar-13 12:42:43

Eggstra Special Easter Treat
Dig in with the sppon whilst you put up your feet
Cadbury chocolate to smash straight through
Cadbury mousse within as a treat for you

westcoastnortherner Fri 22-Mar-13 01:41:57

Eat 'em quick before the chickens find out!

eteo Thu 21-Mar-13 22:34:01

cracking egg!

Doogle2 Thu 21-Mar-13 19:20:33

Eggsellent chocolate, eggsellent fun. An Easter treat that pleases the tongue!

LineRunner Thu 21-Mar-13 16:43:17



Leaves the soldiers spare for more important things <cuts to image of khaki clad gods with perfect chests giving foot massages to MNers>

LineRunner Thu 21-Mar-13 16:40:24

Go on. Shove it in yer gob.

<to be voiced over by Peter Kay, obvs>

AWimbaWay Thu 21-Mar-13 13:15:41

BeCool my 5 yr old insists on using the spoon for cereal too, makes breakfast a very long process!

BonzoDooDah Thu 21-Mar-13 13:02:45

And they're off!

(or was that the horse thread?)

BeCool Thu 21-Mar-13 11:36:44

I feel quite humbled in the presence of all the above brilliance.

All I can say is they are bloody lovely! And strangely, the cute little purple egg carton they come is part of the appeal (though none of the taste).

The tiny spoons are perfect for the eggs, though not for eating cereal which is what my 5yo repeatedly tries to do!

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